Benefits of Co-Sleeping for Baby

Despite all the criticisms, co-sleeping has proved to yield benefits and has gained popularity in the United States for many years now. Most studies claim that co-sleeping is dangerous for the baby. However, this became the norm in the States since the 1800’s and has been practiced in other countries too.

It was also in the 1800’s when science discovered about germs and this led to the theory that less contact with others keeps people healthier. This idea also served as a guide in raising children. Just like the manufacture of formula milk that reduced the amount of mothers who breastfeed their babies. But as people realize the benefits of co-sleeping it has become normal for most families that how others see it.

Safety measures should be looked into among parents when thinking about the idea of co-sleeping.  Foremost, your bed should be baby-proof. It should have a firm mattress instead of opting for soft mattresses or waterbeds. Co-sleeping is not advised for obese parents or mothers or even to those who use sleep aids. Have your baby sleep on the outside edge of the bed with a safety railing. You can also purchase a co-sleeper that attaches to the bed. This is most preferred among parents without the need of having to take each one’s space on the bed. Your baby has his own space on the co-sleeper while parents are free to move on the bed. Fluffy comforters are not necessary for added safety.

co-sleepingCo-sleeping allows you to easily feed your baby at night. This is the best benefit co-sleeping gives. Mother and baby will have longer hours of sleep at night without any disruptions while nursing.

Another benefit in co-sleeping is it promotes breastfeeding. It’s easier to latch your baby while they are beside you than getting up in the middle of the night to prepare formula milk. Breastfeeding prevents your baby from the mysterious killer called SIDS. Plus, it also encourages better breathing as mother and baby’s breathing are in sync.

It was reported that babies who co-sleep grow up to be independent individuals. It gives them the idea to rely on their parents and establish a close bond with them. Did you know that studies reported that children who co-sleep perform better in school? For parents, they are happier to have extra time to share with their children after a long day’s work away from home.

Co-sleeping benefits tend to outweigh perceived problems. It is best to ensure precautionary measures when you decide to co-sleep. While this idea isn’t for every family, others still do it and discovered that it actually solves seemingly endless cries in the middle of the night. In fact, the whole family benefits from it.

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