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Moms Find Comfort with Sleep Bras for Large Breasts

It is essential that pregnant and nursing women have supportive and a comfortable sleep bras. During this time, a woman’s breasts are constantly changing. Besides fuller breasts, your expanding belly will require you to wear a sleep bra with a larger band size.

Your breast size will change from day to day when you’re first nursing but will soon go back to a normal size once nursing is on a regular schedule. If you are large breasted, its better you wear a non-underwire bra. Non-underwire bras are great during the third trimester. A maternity sleep bra should be supportive and comfortable to prevent back pain.

Purchasing a maternity sleep bra to fit your expanding size may become overpriced. One tip to saving money is to wear nursing bras after the seventh month. Nursing bras provide many of the same benefits as maternity sleep bra and can be used after the birth.

One of the argues women should wear a maternity sleep bra is the comfort level. A maternity sleep bra will help support your growing breasts as well as prevent back pain and even reduce stretch marks.

Because your breasts are at their heaviest during pregnancy and nursing, it is especially essential to wear a bra that fits. Many maternity sleep bras are well fashion-designed, free of allergens and toxins for sensitive skin.


Types of Sleep Bra


1.      Leading Lady Front Close Sleep & Leisure Bra

sleep bra
Leading Lady Front Close Sleep & Leisure Bra is known to be the most comfortable sleeping bras in America. It is made from combined spandex and cotton to give you full support during your sleep time.

Its Leotard back design will add you more comfort and gentle support, with its wide and padded straps which is an added advantage.

This cotton-made bra is light and breathable hence perfect when you’re sleeping or during leisure time.

Features of this sleep bra

  • Made from combined cotton and spandex
  • Soft and breathable
  • Padded and wide straps for comfort
  • It is hand washed only
  • Front closure and a unique design

The bra also has stretchable cups to support the breasts expanding size, hence can be recommendable to nursing mothers as well as moms to be. It will not only be comfortable to them but also easy-to-access when breastfeeding due to the front closure.

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2.      Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity – White, L


sleep bra

Lamaze sleep bra is made from cotton and spandex to support you perfectly when sleeping especially during maternity or the nursing period.

Its surplice neckline and leotard back gives it a unique design to give you more comfort and support during this special time. It also ensures convenience when nursing during the night without much struggle, making it a good sleep bra for nursing and maternity.


  • Its machine washable
  • Made from cotton and spandex
  • Surplice neckline
  • Very convenient when nursing
  • Leotard back for more support

The cotton spandex sleep bra machine washable hence easy and faster to clean since it will save you time. Consider trying this sleep bra out for more comfort when nursing during late nights!

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3.      Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra

sleep bra

The Kindered Bravely sleep bra is designed for maternity and nursing moms whose breasts sizes are fluctuating, to give them full support during this special time. It’s also perfect for just anybody, whether nursing or not, or when you’re travelling or doing yoga.

Its ultra- soft organic cotton material makes it easy for easy access and you can move with it comfortably during the day or night time. It has no underwire making it comfortable during pregnancy or nursing.


  • Machine washable
  • It Is 100 Percent satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made from Ultra soft organic cotton for more comfort
  • No clasps or hooks hence easy to pull aside and easy access
  • Offers wire free support
  • Designed for fluctuating breasts sizes hence suitable for maternity and nursing moms
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4.      3 Pack Womens Lace Wirefree Sleep Bra Large Blue Pink Purple

sleep bra

This wirefree sleep bra will give you the comfort and support you need with the best fashion and style! It’s made from nylon and elastane which makes it stretchable for easy to wear and take off.

The inner cup lining is made from a 100% cotton fabric which is soft and breathable and absorbent. It is easily adjustable with removable padding which will enable you to remove or replace the pads of your choice whenever you want.

The wireless bra is of multiple use hence can be worn as a sports bra, sleep bra as well as a bra for everyday leisure. It has no hook or eye back closure, which gives it a perfect appearance on your back with wide straps that gives you more satisfaction.

Features of this bra

  • Made from nylon and elastane with 100% cotton inner cup lining
  • Has a pull-on closure for easy to wear and take off
  • Removable pads
  • No hook or eye
  • Perfect for sleep, leisure and sports


The bra is super comfy and well adjustable perfect wear for sleeping and it fits nicely. Consider buying this sleep bra for comfort and support when sleeping.

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5.    Medela Sleep Maternity & Nursing Bra – Nude, Large

sleep bra
The Medela Nursing Sleep Bra is perfect for sleeping due to its comfort and support. The bra is made from cotton and spandex hence light and makes it easy when nursing during night time.

Many moms like the sleep bra due to its racerback design which keeps the straps in place as well as holding the nursing pads in place to avoid leaks during the night.

Its drawback design makes it easy for you when nursing at night, no clasps to give you discomforts.The bra supports machine wash making it easy to clean.


  • Made from cotton and spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Very convenient
  • Light for more comfort during sleep
  • No claps, no-tag design to give you comfort
  • Soft and comfortable

For nursing moms who needs much comfort and easy-to-access sleep bra should consider buying this bra from and you’ll be so amazed!

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Tips to Know Before Buying a Nursing Sleep Bra

It could be best for you if you buy your first nursing bra at 30 to 32 weeks. Most women are around the same bra size they were at 30 weeks following engorgement; this is a great time to measure yourself. Your first breastfeeding bras should be soft cup bras.

These are non-underwire bras and provide room for your growing breasts – the flexible sizing will help you stay cozy. You should also have two soft cup nursing bras – they will last longer if you alternate use. Also, once your cup size goes down, you can use these bras as sleep bras.

Modern maternity sleep bras come in a variety of colors and styles – you can feel and look sexy! Most women can also wear an underwire nursing bra during this time. Underwire nursing bras will provide best support for heavy breasts but it’s essential you’re wearing the correct size.

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, a couple of well-fitting bras for pregnancy should be top on your list of things to purchase. You should start shopping for a maternity sleep bra as soon as your regular bras start to feel too tight.

If you have a specialist pregnancy bra fitting service available to you, take advantage of it. Most general bra fitters are not trained in fitting maternity sleep bras however, so bear this in mind.

Measure your band size by holding a tape measure around your chest, directly under your breasts. Well-fitting maternity sleep bras should support your breasts without feeling tight or uncomfortable.

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