Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to Happen to Your Newborn

How to Prevent SIDS

The mysterious killer among infants today is called SIDS. Otherwise called as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is most feared among parents to happen to their young. This mysterious killer has been most unexplained in the medical field and scene investigations. You can prevent it from happening to your newborn with some helpful tips in this article.

1. Prevent SIDS from happening to your newborn with good prenatal care. Nurture your baby well with proper nutrition and care while he/she is still in your womb. Low birth weight babies are sometimes linked to it. While you are pregnant, avoid any harmful vices such as smoke, drugs and alcohol. It is not advisable to have two babies in one year since your second child is likely to be prone to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

2. Your baby’s crib bedding matter a lot. Provide your infant with a firm mattress with a well-fitted bed sheet to match. Facilitate good ventilation to avoid baby from suffocation with the crib’s comforter and bumper pads. It is also important to let your baby sleep on their back instead of having them sleep on their stomach. It is also smarter to let them wear sleepers or baby slacks for cold nights instead of giving them a blanket. Do not bundle them up with too many layers of clothing on warm weathers.

3. Give your baby a pacifier as it prevents them from suffocating. With a pacifier, your baby’s air passage is open and is unlikely to have SIDS.

4. Prevent your newborn from inhaling second-hand smoke. Studies from the Surgeon General revealed that “infants who die from SIDS tend to have higher concentration of nicotine in their lungs and higher levels of nicotine (a biological marker for second-hand smoke exposure) than infants who die from other causes.”

5. While breastfeeding gives your baby plenty of nutrients, it also helps them avoid the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Compared to formula-fed infants, breast-fed babies rarely have respiratory and gastrointestinal infections that trigger SIDS.

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