Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall: Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

Thanks for taking the time to visit my review post about energy pills that work like adderall .  I think you’ll agree that when we decide to purchase any type of product these days, it’s nice to be able to read a review from someone who has actually used the product.

Adderall is prescribed to patients who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or sleepiness (narcolepsy). This condition causes suffers to uncontrollably fall asleep during different time periods of the day. This can cause severe social problems, issues at work as well as problems in the love life of the sufferer. With Adderall can be taken orally and will should be taken an hour before you head off to work.

Adderall can become habit forming and may also decrease sleepiness, but will not cure narcolepsy. With this prescription drug, you should not discontinue use until your doctor recommends you to stop (even if you begin feeling better).

Side Effects of Adderall

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

In some cases, there may be Adderall side effects ranging from mild to severe. Individuals may experience a loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, nausea, dry mouth, headache, trouble sleeping, and general anxiety. If these side effects do occur, consulting with a doctor promptly is the recommended course of action. In most cases, individuals on Adderall will experience at least one side effect. Keep in mind that the doctor prescribing the medication has determined that the benefits of the ADHD medication are better than the potential side effects.

In addition to these side effects, some serious ones have also been observed. These include drastic behavior changes, uncontrolled movements, teeth grinding, outbursts of words, and changes in sexual ability or desire. While these are extremely rare, once again, seeing a doctor is important.

Long Term Adderall Side Effects

Individuals who take Adderall for a long period of time run the risk of more serious side effects and it can be damaging to the cardiovascular system over time. If experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, weakness on one side of the body, or confusion, this can be an Adderall side effect and is usually an indicator of a secondary condition.


There have been some documented cases in which patients experienced an allergic reaction to Adderall. This may include a rash, itching, dizziness, and trouble breathing. In this case, seek medical attention immediately without hesitating.

Due to these effects people have been deciding to go for Adderall Alternative since they are better with less effects and seems to perform the same job as Adderall.

Here is a comparison table for the most effective energy pills that work like adderall that you may be glad to use with less or no effects.

Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall Reviews

Product Image Name Ratings where to Buy
energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed Alpha Brain 3.4 Buy on Amazon
energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed Profiderall 3.3 Click to Buy
energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed 5 Hour Energy 4.6 Buy on Amazon
energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed Brain Alert 4.0 Click to Buy
energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed OptiMind 3.3. Buy on Amazon


energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewedenergy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

PROFIDERALL is the #1 Cognitive Energy Enhancer, and for good reason. It is the only product that gave me the combination of focus and energy I needed to keep me alert and on track. PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy Complex is just good as expected to be. I felt the effects within a few minutes after taking them and like Adderall I had lasting energy, focus, and total control over my day.

You can purchase PROFIDERALL directly on Amazon for a 74-capsule bottle, a little over a month’s worth if you take two pills a day, the recommended dosage.

PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy complex is based on the science of nootropics. And unlike most of the other products it actually contains nootropics – enough nootropics to make a difference. Together with a solid energy component, PROFIDERALL gave me almost instant focus and drive, very close to how I felt on Adderall.

And since I need mental focus at work and not just as a one-time shot, PROFIDERALL’s cumulative effects are nice… even on ‘off’ days I had better mental performance (unlike a couple of products that caused what can only be described as a mental crash on the days I didn’t use them).

PROFIDERALL does contains some caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins to provide the effective energy. And I can say that the energy lasts as long as the so-called energy drinks. But unlike drinks, there is no sugar or sugar substitute in PROFIDERALL, so the energy you feel is clean – no jitters, no crash.

For those of us who have taken Adderall in the past, I would describe the feeling of PROFIDERALL as a great mix between a long term slow-release capsule and a short term quick-release tablet. Meaning it has a relatively instant affect but isn’t a quick up followed by a quick (& miserable) crash. And it won’t keep you tossing and turning all night if you take it in the evening for a late night at the office followed by a meeting the next morning.


  • Enhanced mental function
  • Lots of energy
  • Mood stability – move past the stress and anxiety and just get the work done
  • Long-term cognitive benefits
  • Real nootropics used at clinical levels


  • Only available online
  • Might be a little expensive, but it’s worth the money


 After trying all of the top products on the market, PROFIDERALL is by far the best smart drug available. Based on the science of nootropics, the strength of the active ingredients in PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy Complex makes it the only product that truly provides both the focus and energy needed to be called an Adderall Alternative.

Click To Buy on Amazon



2.    Alpha Brain Review

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewedenergy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

Alpha Brain is one of the few products on the market that did its required nootropic homework. Since Alpha Brain is produced by Onnit Labs, a supplement company with numerous other products, it isn’t surprising that their product is well researched and properly formulated they have the resources and the budget to put out a decent product that truly supports neurological enhancement.

The product is available through Amazon and other online retailers, as well as sporadically across several states the website has a search option for more exact locations, but they are not extensive.

There is a definite clarity that comes with taking Alpha Brain as well as mood stability that allows for total concentration. But there is also what feels like a “waiting” period for full product effectiveness – the longer you take the product the more you notice the difference it makes in concentration and productivity; the instant effects exist but not as strong as one desires. With full effectiveness comes a downfall – once you stop taking the supplement, a day or two breaks, productivity becomes almost nonexistent.

Alpha Brain claims to increase acetylcholine which supports learning and memory as well as, oddly enough, lucid dreaming. But for me, and for other users of smart drugs, energy is more important than vibrant dreams. Alpha Brain doesn’t provide the energy needed to push through the day. No matter how mentally clear I am, if I’m not energized I’m not getting the work done. I’d rather skip the dreams and have a deep restful night’s sleep after a productive day.


  • Mental clarity
  • Attention and detail oriented
  • Mental and emotional stability – stress becomes a non-factor


  • No energy element – you can take it before bed specifically to have vivid dreams. Not a standard ‘smart drug’
  • Build up to full effectiveness
  • A single day without the product and productivity is worse than normal


If you are looking for enhanced focus and mental clarity, then Alpha Brain can work for you. But if you are like most and not only need the mental drive but also the physical push to last through the day focused and productive, then this supplement alone is not enough. Adderall is the “Holy Grail” of cognitive enhancement because it provides both mental and physical energy, so for those looking for a legitimate alternative Alpha Brain doesn’t fit the entire bill.

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3.      5 Hour Energy Shot

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewedenergy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

The 5 Hour Energy cannot be exactly considered as an alternative to Adderall, but that has never really been 5 Hour Energy’s game. It is produced as an energy enriched with B vitamins and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, offering the user alertness and energy in a matter of minutes without a sugar crash or the constant consumption of coffee.

Straight forward enough. But with the recent interest in nootropics and “brain enhancers” the curious public is trying anything and everything to feel the benefits of the hard to find, prescription drug, Adderall. Well, 5 Hour Energy has the energy, but none of the concentration, focus or mental clarity you expect from Adderall and its alternatives.

There are a few issues with the product however. While 5 Hour Energy touts its “sugar free” this claim is not entirely true. It does not contain any sucrose, or common table sugar, but it does contain the chemical sucralose, a common artificial, chemically created sweetener (Splenda). The funky aftertaste of 5 Hour Energy can be attributed to the artificial sweetener. Now, I’m all for sugar-free but that doesn’t mean natural sugar needs to be replaced with artificial ingredients, or at the expense of taste.

And there are no cognitive benefits, like other energy and Adderall alternatives. If I want energy, I also want mental focus and concentration – what’s the point of energy if I can’t focus long enough to get work done? I’ll grab five-hour energy when I need the push to get to the gym, but not when I have a presentation to prepare for.


  • Fast energy – You’ll feel the kick within 10 minutes
  • Portable – Keep a few in the car and one by your bedside and you’ll be ready for just about anything
  • Availability
  • Size Small but effective
  • B Vitamin energy doesn’t lead to a caffeine crash or headaches


  • No mental benefits – Energy without concentration
  • Taste – A distinctly vitamin, artificial sweetener taste
  • Cost For around $10 you can purchase a pound of decent coffee, have it last almost a month, set the coffee maker on a timer, and enjoy a hot and delicious beverage with similar side effects
  • Only lasts a few hours, definitely not 5


5 Hour Energy is a mainstream product for the times you need a cheap energy boost, and with its small and portable size, you don’t have to glug away at cans of soda, large energy drinks, or cups of coffee to feel more energized. But as far as a product to help high achievers perform better, there’s not much to offer. Most of the time, I want energy pills that work like adderall to accomplish more and that means more mental drive and focus instead of purely physical energy.

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4.      Brain Alert Review


energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewedenergy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

Brain Alert is yet another competitor in the booming ‘brain enhancement’ market; developed in 2005 the product claims to help with both long term cognitive health and emotional distress – reducing stress and anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, irritability, etc. With all the claims, it’s easy to question the effectiveness of the supplement.

Brain Alert also prides itself on their 24 effective ingredients, not a mere 12 like their competitors, who remain nameless. Now that’s all well and good but the cliché “quality over quantity” springs to mind; I don’t need an elaborate supplement, just an effective one.

Unlike traditional supplements, Brain Alert recommends using the product every day for five days with a two-day break, presumably the weekend, as to not build up a tolerance to the product. A tolerance to what is basically a vitamin makes no sense – seems like a marketing tool to attempt to link Brain Alert to more powerful drugs than anything else.

What the product lacks is a true mental and physical boost. Unlike other smart drugs there is no noticeable difference in focus, drive, and energy. With all the claims, this should be wunderkind supplement gave me no significant improvement in my concentration or cognitive function.

And unlike some other products, Brain Alert contains no caffeine or stimulants. Of course, that means to crashing or jitters, but also none of the necessary energy I want and need when I’m using a nootropic supplement.

The only true difference I noticed while taking Brain Alert was with my mood. I did seem more grounded, less irritable throughout regularly stressful situations, but I find similar effects with real energy pills that work like adderall – products that offer both stress and cognitive control.


  •  No stimulants
  • Good overall mental health supplement
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Mood improvement
  • Possible health benefits – neuron growth, better nutrient absorption, raised antioxidant levels, nerve regeneration


  •  No stimulants, low energy
  • Limited cognitive improvement
  • No enhanced focus if you want the benefits of Adderall without the prescription, there are better options


With all the vitamins and minerals in Brain Alert, the supplement is a good choice for a consumer looking for daily brain support but not for a consumer looking for significant, and fast, improvement in their concentration and cognitive function. Brain Alert acts more like a multi-vitamin than an alternative too hard to obtain Adderall.

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5.      OptiMind Review

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewedenergy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

OptiMind is a top competitor in the nootropics field, and thanks to a couple of news articles have been able to generate a lot of buzz. So, I was excited to try this one! But looking back, I see that the news articles are about the nootropic niche not really about the product Because the product itself is a VERY basic nootropic-stack.

The key nootropic in OptiMind is GABA. GABA is OK, but not nearly as effective as Picamilon. In fact, GABA is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, so there is a strong debate that supplementing with GABA is ineffective. It is much more efficient to take a precursor like Glutamine and allow your body to produce GABA naturally or better yet Picamilon which acts as a carrier for GABA and is able to cross the blood-brain carrier.

Phosphatidyl L-Serine is great, and probably their strongest ingredient, but it is known for relaxation and anti-anxiety not focus, motivation, or energy.

The rest of the stack simple and contains the building blocks of a good nootropic-stack: Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Caffeine, etc. They really do have a solid foundation for a great stack here. I just wish they would have finished it off with a powerful key ingredient! It is missing the Picamilon or Piracetam is needs to really be an A-list smart drug.

Felt a sort of a nice warm buzz from the product. More soothing than focused or motivated.


  • Great Website
  • Basic Nootropic-Stack
  • Easy Checkout Process


  • 32 CT Bottles
  • Monthly Subscription Service!
  • Free Samples leads to Monthly Billing
  • If you don’t cancel you will continue to be billed!


An overly simple nootropic formula disguised as something more with its flashy website. The company behind the product has done a really nice job with the marketing, but I wish they would have focused more on the actual product. And the automatic enrollment in monthly billing is a deal breaker for me!

Check The Latest Price on Amazon


Neural Fusion (Updated)


energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives Reviewed

If you’ve been struggling due to constant forgetfulness or memory loss on your daily chores or routine, then the neural fusion is the best for you!

Neural Fusion is a powerful nootropic that  boost the brain and helps in overcoming frequent memory loss in a more natural way. It also ensures better thinking and focusing on our daily tasks,

It contains some known powerful ingredients that incredibly helps with memory focus in both men and women of any age, Many users who’ve tried this product noticed great difference within a short period of time, 

Its ingredients include :

Caffeine which is a compound well known for stimulating brain 

Fish oil always known for brain boosting due to the omega 3 fatty acids that maintains the brain functioning

Resveratrol known  as an antioxidant that helps with memory and recalling things 

Creatine which is a natural substance that improves memory and better thinking skills 

The Advantages

Made in the USA and is approved by DMP and FDA hence safe to use

Ensures better memory throughout the day without getting tired

Provides higher energy levels due to the natural ingredients

Helps you solve both short term and long term memory problems

Made of natural ingredients hence less negative effects

Helps in promoting the growth of brain nerves


Boosting the brain will help us in many ways of memory and focus. With thee help of Neural Fusion we’ll be able to achieve the goal in solving memory issues and provide better concentration


Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives ReviewedWhen it comes time to focus on a particularly stressful project, it can be tempting to procrastinate. Procrastinating gives us temporary relief, but then it comes back in full force to slap you in the face. What if there was a way to eliminate procrastination? A way to enhance your focus so you can finish the task at hand? Well, there is. With the Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula, you can increase your cognitive function. This helps you think clearer, focus for longer periods of time, improve your energy levels, and increases your memory recall. With the Genbrain pills, you’ll be able to get everything that needs to get done, done. Click the image for your risk-free trial.

If you’ve been having trouble with concentration, or even remembering little things like where you left your keys, then you could benefit from Genbrain. This cognitive enhancement formula will help restore your sense of awareness by clearing mental fog. The powerful nootropic blend gives you enough energy and motivation to help you perform well all throughout the day, which is great for completing tasks.  If you are interested in an alternative made from all-natural ingredients and have minimal to no side effects, Genbrain may be right for you.

The ingredients include:

Ginkgo Biloba ; used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase brain functioning, improve memory recall and enhance memory and brain energy.

Natural Vinpocetine; protects brain cells from damage caused by free radicals, improves blood circulation, which increases the balance and harmony between the right and left hemisphere of the brain and enhances key neurotransmitters. It increases the body’s ability to deliver nutrients quickly and more effectively, which leads to higher IQ skills, memory recall, memory retention, attention span and capacity for learning.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine; improves the overall health of the brain. It increases and accelerates your capacity to learn new information and helps you recall it better and faster. It also contains anti-aging properties and protects from damage caused by free radicals.

Bacopa Monnieri;  derived from a plant and has been used for centuries to boost cognitive functioning, increase memory and augment overall brain health. It reduces anxiety, encourages a better mood and mindset and advances memory formation.

How Does It Work?

Genbrain is a powerful nootropic, meaning it contains a special formula that helps improve brain function. When you take this supplement daily, with a healthy diet, you can increase your memory recall, improve your energy, restore your focus, and improve your confidence. With more energy comes more motivation, which you can use to conquer your goals and avoid procrastination. The formula is also 100% natural, so it’s safe to use and has no negative side effects!

In addition to improving your mental clarity and focus, the Genbrain Focus Enhancer can also improve your mood. The ingredients stimulate the neurotransmitter in your brain known as serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for sending out ‘feel-good’ signals that can reduce stress and increase confidence. When this neurotransmitter is stimulated, you’ll feel more confident with yourself, and you’ll be less stressed throughout the day. Both of which help you concentrate even more!

Genbrain Formula Benefits:

    • Improves Overall Well-Being
    • Enhances Memory Recall
    • Increases Mood
    • Provides Better Overall Health
    • Helps Prevent Procrastination
    • Amplifies Energy Levels
How To Use The Genbrain Pills

Gen Brain is a dietary supplement, meaning you should take it alongside a healthy diet. Once you’ve created a diet regime that is right for your body, simply take one pill every morning with a full glass of water. That’s all you have to do on your end, because once you ingest the pill the active ingredients will do the rest of the work.




energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives ReviewedAddTabz is a quintessential quick profit product in the growing nootropics market.  The maker of AddTabz is a company called Gentech, which makes several other opportunistic products, like a phen-phen alternative. There is AddTabz and AddTabz RX, rx of course implying prescription – which it isn’t. (I thought it was illegal to use RX in this way?) This marketing ploy, along with the use of the Z in Tabz is a typical direct response, Billy Mays’ trick to catch a few unsuspecting consumers who might think they are actually getting phen-phen or some type of powerful prescription pill.

That’s just so old school. I wish they’d just be upfront. The company markets AddTabz in a way that makes the product sound almost ‘illegal’, claiming it is banned in a few countries or requires a prescription. Really? This snake oil idea is meant to specifically target young adults who, routinely, take substances thinking that because if they’re ‘illegal’ they must be good.

The main ingredient in AddTabz is something called Ampheta-CDP, a made-up herbal supplement that they claim is a synthetic amphetamine. Again, do you think such a miracle discovery would be legal these days? In fact, there is a debate about what Ampheta-CDP really is.  What I’m sure about is that this product contains no real nootropics and is about as effective for focus and cognitive function as a very, very expensive cup of coffee.


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t seem legitimate
  • Uses every online marketing trick in the book

Conclusion: If you want real energy pills that work like adderall, a product like AddTabz that contains a concoction of traditional supplements, is not the answer. AddTabz is the typical product from a hit-and-run internet retailer.

Adderall compared vs Addtabz

Many people are confused by the promises and hype of the product as an over the counter Adderall alternative for a long time. This probably started in the education system and workplace where many people have been abusing and using performance enhancing psychostimulant medications and narcotic grade drugs such as Adderall, Adderall XR, Ritalin and Vyvanse. These medications are incredibly potent and potential dangerous and as such is why they are illegal and controlled substances.

Addtabz compares to Adderall in the fact that it improves various mental and physical functions that Adderall and ADHD medications also do. Focus, concentration, memory, mental energy, mood and other physical effects are noted, yet in a much cleaner and safer way then the narcotics with Gentech’s Ampheta CDP formula.

Where To Purchase it Online?

The company conveniently offers an online store available to the general public where the sell addtabz at manufacturers pricing. You would be hard pressed to find a cheaper price tag than from buying addtabz online at the official store and I have yet to come across a retailer beating their prices. We will include a link below to the official shop of Gentech Pharmaceuticals for your convenience if you are looking to order some today. Buying direct like this also ensures the highest quality product and service, while getting the very freshest (ingredients deteriorate over time and local and retail stores may carry stock for a longer time) bottles out of production to ensure the best possible product.

Caffeine Compared to Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall

energy pills that work like adderall, Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall:  Adderall Alternatives ReviewedStudents studying for an examination are familiar with caffeine in many forms most notably coffee, but energy drinks have become popular as well. The problem with energy drinks is that they often contain both caffeine and sugar. These beverages will tap into your body’s reserve energy, but you will crash later. No bueno! You can only hope this does not happen when it’s time for the examination. Drinking coffee avoids this, but only when the coffee is prepared without sugar. Strong coffee has the side effect of making you jittery. Many students have found the way to get around the jitters is to drink green tea. When it is made strong, you can get the same dose of caffeine as coffee, but few people experience the jitters from green tea. It also has many health benefits as well.


Herbal ingredients can be safe and sane

There are many products that exist on the market claiming to boost brain function and memory; these are the products that can be healthy alternatives to Adderall. However, the ones that will be most effective are those that contain certain ingredients. One such ingredient is vinpocetine. This comes from the periwinkle plant and has been shown to increase mental focus by increasing blood flow in the brain.

Then there’s Citicoline – also known as Choline-CDP or cytidine diphosphate. This has been shown in tests to increase certain key neurotransmitters in the brain directly responsible for cognitive functions and mood. So it helps you retain things in your memory.

Methylhexanamine, commonly known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA, and sounding like something from the script of Breaking Bad is a popular ingredient in supplements that has been shown to provide a host of positive effects to brain function and aids in staying alert and helping students maintain focus.

There are many nootropics touting to help with study, and one of these that contains caffeine, citicoline and DMAA are ADDTabz.
Another alternative is Ginkgo biloba. This is an herb that has been successfully used for centuries to enhance memory. Memory, of course, is essential when taking an examination. It takes time for this herb to begin affecting your memory. Many students add it to their tea or energy drinks on a daily basis.

About me

I was prescribed Adderall during my second year in College. No, I don’t think I have ADD, but like a lot of people I liked the improved attention span and the ability to concentrate. So, I kept taking it, no problem.

After graduating college and finally started a new job, I realized I needed to work 90 days before my insurance would kick in and I could refill my prescription. (I should have known this but let’s be honest, planning isn’t a big part of our college years.) So, I began looking for the energy pills that work like adderall.

I’m not a coffee drinker and I can’t stand the jittery effects from energy drinks. Plus, I was looking for more than just energy – I needed something to help me focus.

After a bit of research, I discovered nootropics and smart drugs, and I began exploring my best options for energy pills that work like adderall – something with the same level of concentration but without the need for a prescription, the cost, the possible side-effects, etc.

Anyway, after trying most of the top products out there, I thought I’d save everyone else the time (and some money) and share my experiences… and maybe get you interested in the newest ways to improve your thinking/concentration skills.


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