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Guides to Buying Toddler Bed Rails

A toddler bed is mainly designed for the toddlers as they need a bed which is in between infant bed and ordinary bed. These beds consist of low side rails which can be removed whenever required. These bed rails are available to prevent sudden fall of the child from the bed when he is sleeping. But it is not fully closed as in case of infant bed.

It is also closer to the ground so that the child can easily get on and out of the bed. Even if the rails are removed and if the baby falls, it won’t hurt him much because it is closer to ground. The mattress which is available with a toddler bed is same as infant bed.

Whether you should by a toddler bed rail or not, should be decided only when your child is at least two years old. Some kids are hyper active, while some are not. So observe your kids behavior and decide whether you need a toddler bed rail or not.

Every child is different and some children even if they sleep on crib mattresses which are the lowest beds, the child will climb up and over the rails and may even fall head over heels before you even realize and try to save them.

A toddler is mostly benefited from bed rails when there is a need for twin size bed. These beds have more height and are combined with box spring and mattress. This mainly indicates the longer distance to fall. So, toddler needs rails for safety at this stage.

Models which are found for toddler bed rails are combination of box spring and mattress which have L-shape variation.  The height of the rail differs and may be affected by the depth of your toddler mattress. It is also important that you look at the size of the rail because if it is lower than the bed then your child can roll to top or bottom and may fall in middle of sleep.

The other difference can be construction. Toddlers sometimes get irritable and have chances to bang their head to the rails and can hurt themselves. For this, you can select padded rails which are covered for extra protection.

Measure the bed height and mattress depth before you go to purchase bed rail.  Compare the offers provided by different manufacturers of rails, along with padding, transport facility and easy use.

Types of bed rails

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To add more safety while we sleep, bed rails may be installed in beds especially for children, sick people, adults, as well as the elderly. There are many types of bed rails available. They can be classified in two: types of bed rails depending on what they are made of as well as types of bed rails depending on their function or purpose.

Types of Bed Rails Based on Material

Bed rails may be classified depending on the material they are made of. Usually, bed rails are made of metal but they can also be made of wood and durable plastic.

  • Metal Bed Rails

toddler bed rails

Metal bed rails are the most common bed safety rail today. They are sturdier and more protected from wear and tear compared to wood or plastic. These are mostly used in hospitals and other facilities that require intensive security against accidental falls.

  • Wooden Bed Rails

toddler bed rails

Wooden child safety rails on the other hand may be installed in beds used in houses. These kinds of railings look unique and cozy as they can be decorated or be fashioned to follow the theme of the house. Wooden bed rails are also sturdy however; they can deteriorate faster than metal.

  • Plastic Bed Rails

toddler bed rails
Some hospitals and institutions where bed railings are needed, utilize plastic bed rails. These are at times preferred than metal rails and wooden ones since these are lighter types of side rails for beds. However, they may not be that durable compared to metal and wood crafted. Though that is the case, in terms of wear and tear, plastic bed rails are definitely more durable than wood.

Types of Bed Rails Based on Function and Purpose

Bed railings may also be classified depending on their function and purpose. Here are some examples of the types of bed rails based on function and purpose.

These bed rails for kids are mainly installed in beds to enhance safety while sleeping. These are usually installed in children’s beds and the elderly people’s bed so as not to encounter accident falls or slips that can injure them. There are many types of this kind of safety bed rails, which includes adjustable bed rails, double sided bed rails, summer bed rails, and others.

Adjustable bed safety rails are side rails for beds that can be attuned to the needs of the users. The user can adjust the length or height of the bed rails. This is a good type of bed rail for growing children as well as for the elderly people. These are commonly made from wood or metal and are quite secure.

Double sided bed rails work much like the other bed rail except that both sides of the bed have railings installed in them. Other bed rails only secure on one side especially if the bed of the user is pressed to the wall. These are useful for restless sleepers whose bed is centered in their room or if it is not pressed to the wall. Most of these kinds of rails can be swung so it may be hidden or kept once the user wakes up.

These bed rails are often used for children who are training or learning to sleep in a bed without being too restless. Using these bed rails, children are trained to consciously discipline themselves so they will not fall off the bed when they are sleeping. These are very useful and inexpensive since you can just deflate them if they are no longer needed. Inflatable bed rail also do not need any installation so the bed will not be damaged when used.

Based from the name of this bed rail, portable bed rails are meant to be used as security when sleeping or lying in bed with the additional function of being portable. These bed rails are affixed beneath the beds so they will not fall off too easily. They are also made in varying sizes and materials and may or may not follow the usual bed railing material of common bed rails. One such example of this would be the inflatable bed rails.

Why You Should Consider Buying Toddler Bed Rails

toddler bed rails guideToddler infants can be unmanageable. They usually want to do stuff that put their little bodies from risks. These types of babies help to make their mothers worry even while sleeping. These people lead an energetic lifestyle. Consequently, they can very easily roll from their bedrooms trying to get away nicely.

Only at that age, infants think they are able to do anything the same as mom and dad. Consequently, you have to manage their actions especially, in the event that, they can damage themselves. The bed safeguard rail is the item you have to restrict infants in bed before you are ready to have them.
Even when resting, most kids keep moving. When in the deep sleep, babies can’t sense the risk of slipping. Some of them drop off their own beds without having realizing this. You will only locate them sleeping on the ground in the morning.

Constant falls aren’t good for anybody. This is exactly the key reason why bed rails can be found. They have to end up being strong enough to resist the weight from the baby. In reality, some of the obtainable products are junks. Your child will roll-up against all of them and they will flex.
If this continues, this mattress guard train will break apart and you will have to go shopping once again. There are also rails for adults available online.

Usually, this particular item consists of lightweight supplies such as wooden or froth. In particular, portable designs are made of light-weight materials to make vacationing trouble-free. They also have a folding style and this can make storage handy. Another thing you have to pay attention to while you figure out which product to buy is simple of set up. Read item features and outline parts to find out which type of bedrooms a given train guard suits.

Observe that some products are not the very best you can find, however they function correctly and are less expensive. If you are on a tight budget, such type of a mattress guard train is better than getting none whatsoever. As long as it will ensure security of your kid, invest in this the little dollars you might have right now.

If you want high-end items which can last lengthier, you can easily locate them on the Internet too. Again, don’t ignore reading through product reviews simply because even costly items can be quite useless. You needn’t make a error of buying a substandard product whenever someone else is actually kind sufficient to alert you about this.


Advice on Buying Toddler Bed Rails

When you plan to move your baby from his crib to toddler bed, you may want to find toddler bed rails to ensure the baby does not fall off the bed. Choose the correct bed rail for your toddler will not only   to protect your baby in danger, but also guarantee that your baby has a high-quality sleep. However, there is a wide variety of bed rails, so choose the correct toddler bed rails is not easy. This means that you need some help and advice to buy toddler bed rails. However, you do not have to worry about that, because we will provide good advice to help you buy a toddler bed rail.

When you go to buy child bed rail, then you need to remember that bed rails not only ensure the baby’s security. In fact, it also can be used as the water, books and baby toys bracket. May have some bracket or some other accessories, will allow all these close to your baby. There may be a night-light also on the bed rail, but it depends on whether you want your baby bed rail need for these features. So here are some help and advice to buy child bed rails.

First of all, you need to conceive the station where your baby’s bed will be set in the room. If you want it leaning against the wall, you can just pay for single rail else you need to buy two rails for your baby.

  • Try to buy the rail which is strong enough to hold the child without scraping.
  • There should be no distance between the rails and the sides of the bed, when you install the bed rail, because it will make your baby fall down.
  • These do not allow your baby through their frames better than those with a large space, and easy for baby cross.
  • Check the corner of toddler bed rails, and to ensure that it has a smooth surface, in order to avoid babies being scratched.
  • If you wanted to have another baby in the future, to save money, the best bed rail is easy to install and move.
  • If you like traveling with your baby, then you should buy toddler bed rails, which are easily folded, to be taken elsewhere.

This is all about buying toddler bed rails with the help and advice. However, the best safety of the toddler bed rails depends on the railing installation. If you according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to install a toddler bed rail, then there will be a good outcome.

Twin Bed Rails

When it comes to the well-being and safety of your toddler, you will ultimately have to consider using twin bed rails. Your toddler will reach a certain age where you will have to decide to move them from the crib to a regular bed. The big issue is which is the better option – a toddler bed or a twin bed?  You must have to decide on this at the most appropriate time since your toddler becomes more active and mobile as he comes of age; and the risk of them falling and hurting themselves also increases.

Being a responsible and well-informed parent, it is incumbent upon you to take into account critical variables when deciding whether to transition to a toddler bed or go straight to a regular twin bed for your young kid. The use of twin bed rails becomes a necessity once you decide to go for regular sized beds.

Level of Readiness of your kid

There are kids who encounter difficulty transitioning from crib to a regular bed while others go though it without much fuss. If your kid seems to be a bit reluctant in giving up his crib for a regular-sized bed, then you may have to gradually introduce the change by opting for a toddler bed instead of a twin bed.

One of the main reasons why kids find it difficult to sleep in twin beds is the size factor. They have developed a certain level of comfort sleeping in a crib and might find it uncomfortable and difficult to sleep with the added space provided by twin beds. Nonetheless, you will have to use twin bed rails to prevent your kid from falling.

Level of Independence and physical capacity of your kid

The first thing that you have to understand when choosing between toddler bed and twin bed is the difference in their standard heights. Toddler beds are of lower profile than their regular-sized counterparts for obvious reasons. Your kid may not be able to get on and off a regular sized bed on his own. If, for practical reasons, you opt for a twin bed, make sure to check the height of the bed from the mattress.

Practical considerations in choosing twin beds instead of toddler beds

If there are no limitations, parents will definitely go for twin beds instead of toddler beds for practical reasons. Toddler beds, at best, are good for short term use. You will ultimately have to transition your kid to regular-sized or twin beds once they reach 5 years old. This means that if you expect your child to outgrow the toddler bed on the shorter term, then you might have to go for twin size bed instead. Simply consider the amount you save by comparing the cost of a toddler bed and the additional cost you will incur when outfitting the regular bed with twin bed rails.

How should you handled the transition from crib to bed?

  1. Make sure you have a good bedtime routine established before you make the transition. Once your toddler is in a bigger bed she will be able to get in and out on her own. If you have a good bedtime routine you won’t have to worry about your toddler getting out of bed as soon as you tuck her in. It will be easier on her to understand that it is time for her to sleep.
  2. Don’t make the transition if there are other major changes going on in your toddler life at the moment. As soon as you know you are expecting another baby, make the transition as soon as possible if your toddler is ready so that it doesn’t occur close to the birth of her new sibling.
  3. Do move your toddler into a big bed if they are climbing in or out of their crib. Crib falls from curious toddlers can be dangerous!
  4. It’s a personal choice whether to buy a toddler bed or to use a big bed with bed rails. Some parents think that their toddlers will feel more safe and secure in a toddler bed (and they are so cute!). However you may want to consider skipping the toddler bed altogether because it won’t last more than a few years and it will save you the extra expense.
  5. If possible, keep the linens the same during the transition. If your toddler is used to a certain blanket, comforter, or stuffed animal, use that in the big bed. Even though the fitted sheet won’t fit a bigger bed, you can still use the top sheet for a few weeks.

Bunk Bed Safety Rails

toddler bed rails guideBunk bed safety rails are add-ons that provide a physical barrier to prevent children from falling out of the bed. The rails may be made of plastic or wood and attach to the bed in various manners depending on the style. Often, rails for bunk beds are used for training purposes until the child is used to sleeping in the bed.

Which Kids Should Use Bunk Bed Rails

There’s no specific age limit on who should use a bunk bed safety rail. Any child that has never slept in a bunk bed has the potential to fall out of it. Typically, beds that are not placed against a wall have a higher instance of falls.

In general, younger children are more susceptible to falling out of bed. The increased height of a bunk bed makes falling more dangerous. Often, younger children are more mobile in their sleep, which increases the odds of falling out of bed.

Types of Bunk Bed Safety Rails

There are several types of bunk bed rails on the market. The type that you should use depends on your bed and your child. A bunk bed designed for younger kids may come with bunk bed side bed rails already built into the design. Beds for older children or vintage pieces may require you to add your own bed rails for bunk beds.

Built-in styles are often made of wood. They typically match the finish of the rest of the bed and are either integrated into the design or are made to be bolted on to the bed. In addition to wooden bunk bed rails, plastic rails are also available. These pieces secure to the mattress to stay in place and are typically higher than built-in rails. They are constructed with durable piping and a mesh guard panel that keeps the child in place.

How Long to Use Rails for Bunk Beds

The length of time that you keep your rails in place will depend on your child and the style of the bed. Not all bunk beds allow for the removal of the rails. Many styles have a built in bunk bed safety rail that cannot be removed without compromising the integrity of the structure.

Other beds allow for the rails for bunk beds to be removed after the child grows accustomed to the bed. Plastic rails can always be removed by unstrapping them from around the mattress. If you have removable rails for bunk beds, you’ll need to decide when an appropriate time to remove the rail.

Typically, once the child stops sleeping against the rail and no longer bumps into the bunk bed rails during the night, they are ready for them to be removed. This may take longer for younger children. Kids under the age of 5 should not sleep in a bed without rails. If you have rails for bunk beds on both sides of the top bunk, the rails should be removed one at a time to slowly reduce the child’s dependence on the rails.

Bunk bed safety rails are a great way to keep your kids safe while they get used to their new beds. Many beds come with the rails, while others require you to purchase them separately. A little bit of prevention in the beginning will prevent your kids from sustaining unnecessary injuries due to falling out of a raised bed.


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