how mothers help stop colic pain in baby

Colic Baby-What Breastfeeding Mothers Can do to Stop Colic Pain

Many women assume that breastfeeding will prevent colic and many other belly problems for their baby. However this is not true. Whether you breast or bottle feed your baby, or use a combination of both feeding methods, you still can have a colic baby. Fortunately, there are other things that you can do as a mothers to help stop or at least lessen the pain for your baby.

A mother’s options and ways to relieve her baby’s pain are sort of hit and miss because colic is still somehow a medical mystery. Some things may only work some of the time and some things may not work at all. Mothers need to keep trying different things until they uncover what works to bring some relief to their colic baby. Sometimes mothers can get significant relief by changing what they are doing just a little bit.

Here are some points you mothers out there, might want to try:

soothing a colic baby

  • Try to burp your baby. It’s fallacious that a lot of mothers who breastfeed assume that they do not have to burp their baby because they get less air than babies that are bottle feed. Babies are still prone eating quickly and gulping, that is why you should burp before you start feeding, after your child nurses on one breast, and then again after your child nurses on the second breast. It will help lessen the amount of air trapped in the innards.
  • Eliminate dairy products and caffeine in your diet. Through breast milk, a mother can pass to her child proteins that can result to allergies and irritations. If you stop or minimize eating dairy products for a week or two, you’ll see a huge difference in your child’s colicky behavior. Sometimes, just cutting down on how much you are eating works, you’ll just have to experiment. As what I said earlier, it’s a hit and miss. Many babies become terribly irritable from caffeine so try eliminating or reducing the amount of caffeine you are consuming.
  • Hold your baby more. This is another thing that you might want to do to keep away your baby’s suffering. Babies that are held more than three hours per day are proven to have fewer problems with colic.
  • Release any stress or tension you are feeling. Every emotion you are feeling is passed on to your baby and internalized, so try relaxing. Tension often causes colic, better get some help from your spouse, family, friends, or a babysitter for some assistance in taking care of your baby.
  • Get some rest. It is stressful being a mother, especially in the first weeks after delivery. When you are trying to get into a routine or readopting the new environment and new you. Not only your hormones are raging, and you probably aren’t getting much sleep because you are still recovering from pregnancy and delivery. Get some help from your spouse, family, friends, or a babysitter.
  • Continue to breast feed your child. It is the best thing you can do as you’ll both benefit from the nearness this fosters.

You’ll likely see a huge change in the colic behavior of your baby with these few points I gave. Get motivated to make some small changes. Breastfeeding and motherhood are rough, but they only get more difficult with colic and hopefully colic will become a thing of the past.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Looking After Yourself!

soothing a colic babyColic is a condition that affects almost half of the baby’s population.  Because of this, many manufacturers and companies are trying to find solution for this condition which occurs when the baby turns about three weeks old.

There is so much emphasis in what the baby needs and has overlooked how much it also affects the parents. Stress has been the silent killer of most people who die.

To some working parents, having a colic baby could easily add stress to the individual.  Not everyday in the office is always a good day.  With these conditions, it will turn your bad day into the worst.  Whether we like it or not, it is very irritating. This combined with the feeling of helplessness and worthlessness, will add-up to more stress.

On a bad day you will even find yourself thinking that it is better for you not to have a baby. Do not worry, this is a common response, and is just an emotional reaction to the stress of having a baby frequently crying and not sleeping, when you yourself are feeling exhausted and stressed.

It is good to remember that “sorrow shared is half a sorrow”.  You need to have friends you can confide to.  You need to have someone you can cry on and talk to lessen the burden a bit.  It is also best to understand that the existence of your children depends on you.  You need to be strong for your baby because your baby depends on you.  It is also best to understand that when baby cries it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent.  As long as you comfort your baby when it cries.  There are just babies who cry a lot.  So don’t beat yourself  up about a condition that your child will grow out of.

Sometimes when we can’t stop the excessive crying and screaming, it is good to have MP3 player and get a head set so you can listen to some soothing music that will calm you down.  Take a walk and take time to smell the flowers. Get ear plugs if necessary.

If you are focusing too much on what the baby is going through this will cause you more stress.  You need to understand you are important to the baby.  You can do more if you are composed.  Remember that your baby is totally dependent on you and if you give-in to stress and forget your needs, you’re doing more harm to the baby, then good.  Take care of yourself, to take care of your baby.

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