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Finding a great baby diaper bag that balances practical use with great style can sometimes be a challenge. Not content with cutsey diaper bags patterns that don’t suit the modern family, many parents are looking for a designer diaper bag alternative. Fortunately, many trend setting designers are taking note, and the options for a unique baby diaper bag are plentiful.

Whether it’s a trendy new designer diaper bag or a tried and true classic, a great baby diaper bag is an essential piece of gear for every parent.

Many parents will go through a number of diaper bags before finding one that best suits them. By taking time to consider your family’s lifestyle and travel habits, you will be better prepared to select a baby diaper bag that serves you well over the long haul, saving you time, money and an aching back.

A diaper bag is more than a cute accessory. It is a lifesaving carry-all that allows you the freedom to be out and about with baby. Many moms find it easier to use their baby diaper bag as a handbag as well and want a bag that is not only comfortable to carry but stylish and versatile. Dads weigh in on the list of things to consider as well, since few men are happy carrying a pastel colored baby bag covered in kiddie cartoons.

The first step in determining which baby diaper bag is right for your family, is to evaluate what types of diaper bags are available and which style is most effective for your busy lifestyle.

Types of Diaper Bag

JuJuBe Diaper Bags


JuJuBe diaper bags were built to handle more! More bottles, more clothes, more baby gear for all activities away from home. So whether you are heading to the beach, mall, or park, loading your baby essentials wont be a problem anymore. Heck, there’s even space for mom’s stuff too!

Plus features include, a super-cushy changing pad and thick adjustable straps that lets you decide which carrying option is most comfortable or convenient for you. Machine washable fabric helps keep bag tidy and clean. And that’s not all…here are some more fantastic features to know about:

Tons of Storage Space

JuJuBe diaper bags are one the of the best diaper bags in today’s baby market and really standout not only for their trendy designs, but for their roominess. Zippered pockets keep key items in place when traveling. Extra large, expandable compartments hold baby clothes, diapers, toys, binkies, blankies, activity gear and more when on the go. Mommy pocket holds cell phones, ipods, keys, sunglasses and most anything else mom needs to bring along.

Teflon Coating for Extra Protection

JuJuBe diaper bags’ outer fabric are protected with the industry’s most recognized and leading fabric protector—Teflon. Teflon keeps textiles looking newer longer. This durable stain and soil protector encapsulates each fabric fiber with an invisible molecular barrier and protects it against stubborn stains, dust and soil. You get all this protection, without impacting the look, touch, feel, color or breathablity of the fabric.

Agion Keeps the Cooties Out!

Here’s one bag millions of icky germs and crumbs will say NO to! JuJuBe diaper bags’ inner linings are treated with Agion anti-microcbial protection. Agion anti-microbial protection works 24/7. Surfaces incorporated with Agion resist the growth of bacteria and nasty microbes like mildew, mold, fungus and yeast. Additionally, the protection last for the life of the product.

And for those pesky crumbs, from baby’s favorites treats, laying at the bottom of your bag, now you can conveniently scoot them out without emptying the contents of your baby bag. Simply let crumbs out using JuJuBe’s smart bag feature–the crumb drains, found at the bottom of bag. A genius idea!

Insulated Bottle Pockets with 3M Thinsulate

Keeping baby liquids or foods fresh away from home is easy. JuJuBe diaper bags offer insulated bottle pockets lined with 3M Thinsulate. 3M Thinsulated will keep liquids cool or warm for up to 3 or 4 hours and gives moms more space for bottles or sippy cups without the bulk of thick thermal lining.

Light-Colored, Water-Proof Linings

Another great feature JuJuBe diaper bags offer are light-colored interior linings that are waterproof. No more endless searching in your diaper bag or peering down into a “black hole” when looking for baby items or gear in a hurry. The light-colored lining makes keeping track of baby items simple and the waterproof protection makes clean up a cinch.

All Metal Hardware and Self-healing Coil Zippers

For durability the JuJube Company uses all metal hardware on their diaper bags, rather than plastic. No more startling baby, whether asleep or awake, with loud crunching, swish noises from Velcro snaps. JuJuBe diaper bags offer quiet magnets that serve as closures instead of noisy Velcro. D-rings on bag are ready for the “BeConnected” stroller hook system, which is sold separately. Zippers used in bags are coil type and self-healing, meaning if a crimp should occur in one of the coils simply move zipper tab over the crimp (in a back and forth motion) until the zipper coil or coils straighten themselves out.


5 Trendy Diaper Bags for Fashionable Moms and Dads

Juba Plus Charcoal Diaper Bag

This ultra stylish diaper bag has multiple compartments, a large shoulder strap, and two smaller straps for stroller attachment. It is very versatile and has a sporty design. The diaper bag backpack features a very roomy interior with several storage compartments including a cell phone holder. It comes with a fold out changing mat and insulated bottle holder.

JJ Cole Mode Diaper Tote Bag

This fashionable diaper tote bag by JJ Cole includes twelve interior and exterior pockets for organizing. Wallet, cell phone and keys can be stored in the outside pockets. You can carry the bag in three ways. The bag comes with two tote straps, a padded shoulder strap that can be detached, or stroller attachments to your stroller handle. The diaper bag comes in laminated canvas and is easy to clean.

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag

This backpack diaper bag is the perfect accessory for trendy moms and dads. It can be converted quickly from a diaper bag to a stroller bag. Eleven pockets help you organize all your necessities. The side pockets can hold bottles and sippy cups. There’s a cell phone pocket and zippered personal pocket. The diaper bag is water resistant and made of durable poly-canvas that is easy to wipe clean. Magnetic closures keep the bag fastened. A cushioned changing pad comes with the bag. It comes in different prints and colors including black, ice blue, apple green, red, camo green and ocean stripe.

Gerber Stripe Nylon Diaper Tote

Roomy and extremely fashionable, the Gerber Stripe Nylon Diaper Tote provides a stylish way to get your baby’s essentials organized. The bag is made of nylon, making it easy to wipe clean. It comes with a changing pad and a diaper wipes case. Two exterior zippered pockets provide extra storage while over-the-shoulder straps allow easy portability.

DadGear Courier Diaper Bag

This daddy diaper bag is designed after the classic style messenger bag. It has a quick-access wipes window, two large interior pockets for diapers and food, and two bottle pockets. A separate pocket holds the changing pad that comes with it. The bag is easy to clean and is made of materials of the highest quality.

Fleurville Diaper Bags

As a company, Fleurville is focused on providing products that are designed for intelligent functionality, durability and strong fashion sense for modern parents. Their products use environmentally-friendly fabrics and technologies that are PVC-free and lead-free.

Fleurville diaper bags are stylishly designed and constructed from eco-friendly materials like Green-Lam, a polyurethane laminate with superior qualities such as moisture-repellency, UV resistance and durability. Smart moms and dads, including celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah Winfrey and Ben Affleck, love Fleurville diaper bags.

Fleurville diaper bags are designed with the eco-conscious mom and dad in mind. Strong and durable, the bags could pass for designer handbags. But inside the stylish exterior are useful features that modern parents on the go can appreciate: zipper pockets, waterproofed seams and fleece-lined scratch guard pockets to protect sunglasses and cell phones. Check out their best-selling bags below.

Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag – Botanical Azure

Functional, roomy and stylish is the best way to describe the Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag. The bottom is sturdy with 4 metal pegs so that the bag will stand up and stay open, convenient for getting stuff while you change nappies or grab a bottle. This bag is great for all day trips, caregivers with more than one child, or anytime you need to carry a lot of stuff with you. The padded shoulder strap is skid free. The bag comes with a changing pad, insulated bottle holder, cinch sack, see-through wipe case, and several interior and exterior pockets. It is made of PVC-free and Teflon-free material.

Fleurville Sling Tote

The Fleurville Sling Tote is one of the company’s best-selling diaper bags. The bag is extra roomy and can be carried in three different ways: as a shoulder bag (tote), as a messenger bag using its removable strap, or attached to a stroller. The Sling Tote features an insulated bottle holder, changing cloth, translucent wipes case, carabineer/key-clip, a zippered pocket for storing valuables, and multiple pockets including two fleece-lined pockets to help guard against scratching cell phones, sunglasses or iPods.

OiOi Diaper Bags

Stylish and innovative, OiOi Diaper Bags are synonymous with superb quality, practicality and reliability. From a single bag in 1997, there are now more than 40 styles available. OiOi Diaper Bags are known for their incomparable design, colorful fabrics and functional designs. Utterly sophisticated, OiOi baby bags continue to set the standards by which other diaper bags are gauged.

OiOi bags are the most popular diaper bags in Australia. Celebrity and star moms in Australia, UK and the USA are now fans of OiOi bags, including Rachel Griffiths, Cate Blanchette and Lisa McCune. Take a look at some of the popular designer bags that moms love.

Giraffe Tote Diaper Bag

Very cool look. The interior pocket holds diapers, wipes and other baby essentials. You can keep your wallet, keys and cell phone in the outer pocket. The web shoulder strap is adjustable. The interior is lined with nylon and protective feet are attached to the base. An insulated bottle holder keeps baby formula warm for hours. The diaper bag comes with a large microfiber changing pad. You will appreciate the zip top wet bag and wipes case. Check out our review on the Oioi Giraffe Tote.

Red Cargo Drill Messenger Diaper Bag

Stylish and practical, this messenger diaper bag goes for about $80. It features insulated side pockets for feeding bottles and snacks. Outer pockets can hold a wallet, keys and cell phone. The interior pocket holds diapers and baby wipes. The diaper bag has a magnetic snap closure and nylon lining. A large padded microfiber changing pad, zip top wet bag and wipes case come with the bag.

Black Floral Jacquard Carry All

Voted a customer favorite, this OiOi diaper bag can be had for about $160. It is made of woven microfiber and has a deep back pocket with magnetic snap. This spacious carry-all can hold all your outing needs with baby. Interior pockets hold all of baby’s essentials and the insulated bottle holder keeps formula warm.

Side pockets can accommodate keys, cell phone and important accessories. It also comes with a changing pad and PVC mess/wipes bag.

OiOi Dot Hobo Diaper Bag

The Dot Hobo diaper bag is a best seller. It is spacious, stylish and practical. The charcoal-hued microfiber construction is easy to clean. Internal and side pockets make it easy to organize baby’s accessories. The insulated bottle pocket keeps baby formula warm. You can keep your wallet and cell phone in the side pocket. The bag comes with a large padded changing mat.


Why You Need a Stylish Diaper Bag

Stylish Diaper BagWe pay more attention on the functionality while shopping for a diaper bag. Can we put all things about the baby in it?Does it easy to clean? Does it last longer after ordering? To find a diaper bag can meet all needs above is very important, While we can not forget the appearance that can really impact our mood. You will carry the diaper bag outside for next years, and you surely dont want people think that your bag is ugly.

Hopefully, Itt not a hard job to buy a stylish diaper bag.Perhaps three decades ago, This job would be very difficulty as most of diaper bags are pastel pink and blue designs. The prints would be ABC blocks, , baby bottles, rattles You would not like that? Do u?

However, those diaper bags still exist today, But, If you are looking for a trendy bag, dont touch them.Now, just like the moms, more and more dads would like to take care of the baby that means that the man use diaper bag is popular around the world. Not only color and print, thousands of bags have the many designs. You can find the backpacks and messenger bags are bestsellers in bag stores on the internet.

Dont be tricked by those ugly but well organized diaper bag, as They are very traditional bags. Of course, you can find several compartments like an ordinary diaper bag, but we can find the better one.The demand of stylish diaper bag can be very high. Thats why the supplier has been pushing out new design of diaper bag every week. So that, it is really easy to find a good design diaper.

There is no need to say that the best place for buying the diaper bag is the internet, As you can discover amazing designs all over the world. Definitely, we can compare the diaper bag with materials and price without leaving home.But Online shopping has some bad points, one of them is you can check the diaper bag personally so choose a reputable store like Amazon is necessary.

How to Pick the Best Diaper Bag

It is important to get a diaper bag that meets your requirements and lifestyle. And how can you choose the one thats suitable for you? There are various things that need to be considered for find the best diaper bag.

Who love the bag? if you and your partner do not like brown bag, to order the one you and your friends both like, maybe the pink, is necessary.

Is your baby a daycare or sitter ? If he/she is a daycare baby, you should buy a diaper bag with a number of room to load all babies things. Guarantee to fit several diapers, like the bottles, wipe case, a change of baby clothes, and some toys in it.
A short trip or like stay at home? If you like the quick trip, to get a small bag that can carry a few diapers is enought, ofcourse, some quick change of clothes and a journey pack of wipes are essential.

For breast. If your are breast feeding that need to bring a pump, take the extra pockets required for it under consideration.
For you own. Be certain that the diaper bag has a few pockets can organize your things like laptop, camera, phone and wallets.
Dont for get the price. there is no need to spend thounds of dollars on a diaper. Dont settle for the first bag you see that fits your budget though, look until you find one that fits all your needs and your budget! Keep the good quality. finding a better diaper bag with a discounted price is a good solution.

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