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Best Booster Seat Reviews That Are on Sale

If you have a growing child at home, then you will certainly need a booster seat. You cannot compromise about this if you are somebody who wants to safeguard the safety of your little darling. You would make a mistake if you believed that a toddler seat will do just fine. Do remember here, infants grow up very fast, and because of this, the toddler seat may not be adequate after a few months.

A booster seat can certainly help here – this seat will allow your growing baby to sit comfortably and it will keep the infant safe as well. A lot of parents across the US and in other parts of the world know this already, and many of them are thus making the switch-over at just the right time. You should do this as well.

You will be happy to know there are many booster seat products that are available now. They look attractive, are extremely comfortable to sit on, and are made with durable materials as well to enable you to travel with your baby. But most importantly, these seats keep your baby safe. But do not purchase yourbooster seat as soon as you find the first product. It is important that you do some research on your own to find the best product available out there. Read up a few booster seat reviews, learn about the products and take an informed decision. This is the way in which you should always buy.

Here are some of the more popular booster seat products you will find. These products are all available at the online store. You need to go through each of them before taking a decision.


Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat

booster seat review
There are two main features of this seat that makes it stand out from most others. This is an extremely comfortable seat and it can be adjusted easily. Its height can be adjusted, and so, you will be able to adjust it as your baby grows. This means that, you will be able to use this booster seat for a long time.

Don’t throw away your money just like that. Get a seat that you can use for some time. You will be able to remove the back of this seat as well if you need to. The pivoting armrests are extremely comfortable here. There are two cup holders in this model as well. This allows your baby to have a drink while she is traveling with you.

The Evenflo seat is good for babies who are up to 57 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 110 pounds.

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High Back Car Seat from Graco

booster seat review
Graco makes some of the best booster seat products you can ever find. All over the US, thousands of parents have depended on a Graco product, and they have been completely satisfied with their purchase.

The Turbo Booster High Back model is often the favorite among the kids too. There are good reasons for this. They love the cup holders that can be hidden away (the fun element in these seats), and the comforts it offers. The armrests have extra padding to make it really comfortable.

It has been crash tested rigorously, and so you can depend on this to provide the safety you are looking for. The open belt loop positions ensure that the seat belts are always properly fixed. You will be able to convert this into a backless unit as well with ease.

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Britax Frontier Booster Seat

booster seat review
This model ranks among the best products in Amazon at this time. There are five harness points here, and it can take in babies who weigh up to 120 pounds, which is more than what most other models allow.

There are side impact protect features that distribute the force efficiently. It contains the body and head to protect the spine and neck region. Because of this, injuries can be limited to a large extent.

Its tether webbing anchors top portion of the seat and minimizes any forward movement, if there is a crash. Because of the multiple harness positions, this seat is completely tangle free. Your child will remain as secure as possible. Its design is truly unique. In fact, part of this is even patented. You cannot be unhappy with this.

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Cosco Highback Seat

booster seat review
It may be lightweight and thin in appearance, but this is a really sturdy product. It has specially designed with the safety and comfort of your child in mind. This seat has a combination of best positioning and high back design.

There is a latch that helps you install this seat easily. Most parents find it very easy because of this great feature. And thus, it takes into account parent convenience as well.

This model also has a 5 point harness system. It is meant for kids who are up to 40 pounds, but just adjust the belt position, and you will be able to carry a child who weighs between 40 and 80 pounds.

This is an advanced model from Cosco that also includes a cup holder that can be removed easily when needed. The seat pads have extra padding for sitting comfort.

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Cosco Alpha Omega

This seat is perhaps your best value of all of the car seats mentioned on this site since it can be used in all three stages. It can be used rear facing for infants up to 35 pounds, then turned around and used forward facing for toddlers until they reach 40 pounds when you can remove the harness system and use this seat as a belt positioning booster until they reach 80 pounds. There are four harness positions so the seat will grow with your child and the best part is that you can raise the harness position without having to rethread it.

The headrest is adjustable and it has a three position recline. This seat also comes with a tether and it has belt-positioning guides to ensure that your child is buckled properly when using the seat as a booster. The only drawback that we have heard about this seat is that it does not recline enough in the rear facing position.

Cosco Eddie Bauer High Back Booster

This attractive toddler/booster seat can be used forward facing until your child reaches 40 pounds and can then be converted to a belt-positioning booster that will accommodate your child until they reach 80 pounds. You are certain to get the vehicle seat belt on correctly because they provide three- position shoulder belt guides. The plastic mesh pockets on the side are just right for storing all of your toddlers favorite car toys so you wont have to search the car and hunt them down before every trip anymore. This seat is also sold with a tether. Aside from offering a more attractive design, The Eddie Bauer High Back Booster also improves on the basic design by providing front adjustable straps. However, this may not be a good choice if your child is tall because the harness straps are not very high.

Century Breverra Classic

This basic toddler seat/ booster features a tether for optimal safe installation and a five-point harness. Parents who own this seat have commented in particular that it is both sturdy and lightweight. Access to harness adjustment and vehicle belt routing flap is in the front, which makes adjustments a snap. The seat has ample cushioning and it’s high back design offers comfort and cushioning for your child’s head. The biggest complaint that we have had about this seat is that there are no sides so when your child falls asleep in the car they cannot rest their head on the side of the seat, which may cause some discomfort. It is a great value, especially when you consider how long you will utilize it since it can be used as a forward facing car seat and later as a belt positioning booster.

Graco Booster Seat – Perhaps The Best Product You Can Find

If you have kids at home who are between thirty and one hundred pounds, and are between 38 inches and 57 inches tall, then what you need is a Graco booster seat. As a family, you will certainly be traveling often, particularly during the weekend and in the evenings. And when you do, you will definitely be doing so with your baby. The Graco booster seat will protect your child when you do. Yes, there are certainly other car seats as well. But the fact remains that, you will rarely find anything that is as good as this one from Graco. That’s precisely why Graco has become such a huge company that has thousands of happy customers from all across the United States. Thousands of customers have trusted the Graco name – you can too.


What Makes These Products So Good?

These products have become quite a rage now, and one reason for this is that, they come with all safety features that as a parent you expect to find. But that’s not all. These products have the all important fun element too that has been nicely blended in the designing. It might not seem too important to you, but do consider the target audience, or those for whom they are meant. These seats are meant for kids, and to them at least, anything that includes the fun element is a big hit. Naturally, they love these Graco products, and not wary of using them. This helps the parents in convincing their children as well, and that’s how they gain from this aspect.

Graco Booster Seat Reviews

Here’s a Listing of What Makes the Graco Booster Seat Such a Great Product

  • It is a comfortably padded seat. It wraps around the side wings of the body, and this is what makes the kid or infant feel extremely comfortable. The young person can just sit back to enjoy his or her ride.
  • Height of the armrests can be easily adjusted. They actually grow as your child grows,
  • Height of the headrest can also be adjusted easily. The foam can absorb energy. It supports the head at the correct height.
  • There are two side pillows for the head. They are placed at either side of the head. It supports your child when the little person is sleeping.
  • There are five harness points that keeps the child positioned properly, and that too, without causing any problems in natural movement.
  • There is a belt that can help you position the seat of your automobile correctly.
  • The seat weighs a mere nine pounds.
  • The cushions of the seat are machine washable. They are thus easy to maintain. They are made with durable materials, and so you can be sure that they will last for many years.
  • The Graco booster seat comes with cup holders. These holders can be hidden when the child is not using them. And when in use, they are really very handy.

You are sure to find the Graco booster seat most useful – so go ahead, try one today.


Booster Seat Requirements For The Safety Of Your Child

If you have an infant, and if you are driving an automobile, then it is absolutely essential that you are aware about the booster seat requirements. Actually, this is an area where you can never make any compromises. Just follow the national statistics, and you will be able to easily find out why. These booster seats have become extremely popular in recent times and for good reasons too.

Experts tell us that these seats, if the requirements or regulations are met, can effectively prevent an injury when there is an accident. And accidents do happen, and that’s precisely why you should always be careful about what you are doing when you are driving, particularly when you are doing so with an infant. According to statistics, one in every 10 kid in the US who is between the age of 4 and 8 years are using these car seats too. The number is growing with every day.

Booster Seat Requirements – Why Everybody Is Worried

Young kids need special attention when they are traveling, and since they are so helpless, they cannot obviously look after themselves. As a parent, it is primarily your responsibility to safeguard the safety of your infant or kid. You should realize that the seat belt for your automobile will not adequately protect the baby if there is a crash. Almost always the belt will ride above the pelvic region, and this can potentially cause a terrible internal injury. It is certainly not good. The booster seat will minimize any injury. It will also help the child reach out towards the window.

Not only parents, even the local as well as the state authorities are worried about road accidents, and the impact they can have on little babies. They are thus promoting the use of these booster seats. However, these authorities are not just content with this. They have gone a step ahead and issued several booster seat requirements. These requirements are nothing but guidance’s and regulations on how these seats should be, and how they should be used. All seat makers and users are asked to comply with these regulations and suggestions. Even the automobile manufacturers are covered under this, particularly for those vehicles that have hit the road after 2002. It is certainly a welcome move.

Booster Seat Requirements For The Safety Of Your Child

And thus, you will today find booster seat requirements in almost all states across the United States. These regulations all look almost the same from one state to another, with a few exceptions. These exceptions sometimes depend on the accident record in the state and how serious the threat is. You are certainly required to comply with them. Do remember here, these regulations are for your own good, and for the welfare of your child. And so, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be following the directives.

Beginner’s Guide to Car Seat Safety

Unsafe Baby Without Car SeatHopefully you’re well aware of this if you’re getting close to your due date. Car seats are now mandatory in all 50 states. This means if you want to bring your baby home from the hospital, you need to have a car seat installed. Correctly. You can check your own state’s laws for more detail.

So, as you may expect, a car seat will probably be one of your first purchases as an expecting Mom. If you haven’t decided on a car seat yet, read our reviews and recommendations of the best infant car seats or convertible car seats. If you’re still not sure which car seat to buy, rentals are available, but they will quickly start taking a toll on your wallet.

Car Seat Purchasing Tips

  1. When purchasing a new seat, as well as any baby product, make sure you take the time to fill out the registration card so that the manufacturer can contact you in the event of a recall.
  2. Never put an infant or a young child in the front seat, regardless of whether or not they are in a child safety seat. This is especially dangerous in cars with airbags. Proper placement of the seat is in the back of your car in the middle of the seat, if possible.
  3. Never buy a used car seat. Without knowing the accident history or information about prior recalls, you could be creating a dangerous situation for your baby. Also, keep in mind car seats manufactured before 1981 do not meet today’s safety standards.
  4. Some health insurance companies offer free car seats or discounted prices for expectant parents who agree to attend safety seminars.
  5. Make sure the car seat is an appropriate fit for your car. Not all car seats fit well in all vehicles. To test the fit, install the seat and pull the base side to side and back and forth. If it budges more than an inch in either direction, exchange the seat for an alternate.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Car Seat

  1. Is this the right size car seat for my child?  It’s best to keep your child in a rear facing seat for as long as possible.  When your child outgrows their rear facing seat, they can be moved up to a forward facing seat.  When they are too big for the forward facing, it’s time for a booster seat.
  2. How easily do the belts and straps adjust? You will be making adjustments constantly. Not just to accommodate your growing child but variations in clothing as well. The best car seats allow you to make the adjustments from the front, while others have auto adjustment options, just like regular car seat belts.
  3. Is the pad cover machine washable? Like everything your baby touches, car seats can get dirty very quickly, so make sure it can be easily washed.
  4. Does the seat need to be installed with each use or is the car seat permanently installed in the car? Again, with infant car seats, many come with autobases that allow mom and dad to just click in the seat and go.
  5. Is the car seat appropriate for your child’s weight and height? Always read and follow all of the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Explanation of Harness Systems

5 Point Harness System

The 5 point harness system is the kind used by race car drivers in their vehicles. The belt supports your baby at 5 points, 2 over the shoulder, 2 across the hips, and 1 at the crotch. This system provides the best support with the least amount of pressure put on the baby. The 5 point harness is best, especially for infants. This configuration is found in many infant and convertible seats.

T Shield

The T Shield is good for children 6 months and older. It locks down between the baby’s legs, making it more convenient to use.

3 Point Retractable Harness with Shield

This harness is pulled over the baby and straps between the baby’s legs. Attached to the harness is a flat piece of plastic (shield) that covers the abdomen and protects it by distributing the force of impact in a crash. One benefit of this system is that it is supposed to be easier to use than the 5 point system while still providing adequate protection. The harness is retractable and gives when the child moves forward and gets snug again when they move back.

Get Your Car Seat Inspected

Whether you read the installation instructions or not, it’s a good idea to get your car seat inspected before strapping your baby in for their first car ride. Head to your nearest Fire Station or use the Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator to find the closest inspection location for a care seat inspection. It’s almost always free and you may be surprised what the experts find. Now there’s no excuse for an improperly installed car seat!

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