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Best Baby Walker 2018 Reviews

A baby walker is a great way to allow your little one to develop the confidence to explore their living area on their own. Rather than being guided by parents and assisted while walking and exploring and moving the child from activity to activity, the child is able to explore on their own, choosing what they would like to examine and what they are interested in at that particular moment.

Baby walkers are one of those items of baby gear that some parents claim they can’t live without. For other parents, they are a simply unnecessary part of raising the infant into toddlerhood. With the varying opinions that are out there, one of the resonating opinions is that parents feel the baby walkers are unsafe.

Baby walkers are available from leading brands and allow the child that is able to sit upright to sit within the popular piece of baby gear and propel themselves through their environment, exploring everything at their level without requiring the parents to guide the play. This way, the child can learn to play independently and even be stimulated by the activities that are attached to the front of the baby walker.

With so many cute baby walkers to choose from, parents should compare the features of each walker when making the decision.

Types of Best Baby Walker

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

 Fisher price provides the support needed for children learning to walk through the sturdy baby walker that can help to encourage those first steps. The popular style of walker is bound to capture the attention of the child, with the classic busy toys that can help to stimulate the child, while providing a sturdy platform for the child to grasp while taking those first steps.

baby walker reviews

There are flipping doors, sliding beads, and gears that can be turned on the colorful baby walker. Complimented with bright stickers and a colorful spinning ball in the center of the walker, the child can be entertained long after the baby walker is being used to encourage first steps in the child.

The plastic design is durable enough for young infants to use for play, and transition into a walking tool and even for toddlers that are learning to identify numbers and colors. The design is a versatile choice for parents that are looking for a toy and walker that can be used for multiple children, as the classic design is easily passed throughout family members and used for boys, as well as girls.

The sturdy design of the walker is completed with an ergonomic handle that allows the child a textured grasp on the walker. This can help to encourage confidence, but can also be an effective way for the child to have a firm hold on the walker. This way, the child can be encouraged to take those steps.

The secure grasp is the perfect height for infants that are learning to stand upright, learning to walk and infants that are simply beginning to notice the various textures and movements that can be made in their environment.

With classic colors and designs, this walker is a learning tool for parents – and all of this comes at an affordable price. Available for just over thirty dollars, the activity walker is an investment that can be made by parents for multiple stages, through multiple children.

The Bright Starts Activity Walker is the perfect choice for parents, and available through retail locations, department stores and even through online stores that sell Fisher Price products.

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Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

baby walker reviews
For parents seeking a bright and colorful walker that is bound to grab the attention of your little one while stimulating the senses, the Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout walker is a great option. The combination of yellow and turquoise is a great option for little girls, as well as little boys and has attached toys to ensure entertainment while walking about.

The pricing point of the Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout Walker is nothing short of impressive and costs less than forty dollars to bring it home as a part of your must-have baby gear. The pricing point makes it simple to afford the baby walker, and all of the other baby gear that is on the new parent’s must have list. Affordable and stylish, it is bound to make its way on to that popular list.

One of the common issues that are seen with baby walkers is the walkers themselves being too heavy for small infants to be able to propel around the room and explore, especially on surfaces like uneven tile or carpet. The Bright Starts Walk-a-Bout Walker solves that problem by using a light frame to allow the child to easily move, with wheels that will propel in all the directions that the child would like to go.

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is a great choice for a versatile piece of baby gear that is moved about from room to room. Since the baby walker’s front tray has toys that can be played with, there doesn’t always have to be a reason to move. Those sensory toys are developed to occupy and amuse the child, while also teaching about colors and textures through touch and feel. This way, the toys aren’t going to be strewn on the ground around the walker, and the parent can choose an easy activity without clean up.

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 This Baby Walker is a perfect for parents that are seeking an alternative option to the traditional plastic baby walkers that are currently available from other brands. Plan Toy baby walker is greatly designed with features that allow it to be adjustable based on height and stiffness. Your little ones can learn to walk while playing and engaging with the simple block shapes included at the base of the walker.

plan toy baby walker

Features of the Plan Toy Baby Walker

  • Created from Eco-friendly wooden design without the potential toxins that are found in traditional plastic toys
  • Designed to encourage those first steps in infants
  • Handle can be easily adjusted to suit infants of different heights, as well as being adjustable to varying stiffness to change the stability of the walker
  • Recommended for infants between the ages of ten months to three years of age
  • Organic and recycled rubber are used to create a safe and healthy activity walker that includes wooden blocks for entertainment
  • Blocks can be used to encourage development and growth in the infant
  • Years of use from the natural wooden materials offer the parent the option to choose more blocks to add to the collection in the future

Baby Walkers are a great way to encourage those first steps for your baby. They are made to encourage infants to develop through the use of toys and interactive features, while providing the support needed to take those first little steps.

Included in this baby walker are  twenty four colored and original block shapes, allowing it to be used while the infant is learning to take those first few steps, but also used throughout toddler-hood to encourage development through play as the blocks are used to discover shapes, colors, counting, and other essential motor skills.

This popular walker from Plan Toy’s is one of the most popular products available through the brand for parents that are seeking a high quality walker design that is going to offer much more than the traditional walker that one may be used to.

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Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino 

baby walker reviews
The Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker is a cute, dinosaur themed baby walker that is our 2nd pick! It comes standard with a machine-washable padded seat that’s easy to clean, along with a 3-position height adjustment setting that allows you to fit it to your baby properly. On top of that, it folds quickly and compacts for easy storage! A great, affordable, and SAFE walker that your baby will love!

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baby walker reviews
Are you looking for a walker that is going to keep up with your little one while encouraging them to go faster and develop those leg muscles? The Chicco Baby Jogging Walker will have the infant running in no time with features like lights and sounds that go quicker to match the movement of the infant using the walker.

Used to encourage movement in the infant, infants can use the walker while they are learning to stand for the first time, learning to take those first few assisted steps and while learning to run. The versatile walker is a great choice for families that are looking for a baby walker toy that is going to last clear through the infant and toddler years – as well as lasting for multiple children in the family.

What are the features of the Chicco Baby Jogging Walker?

  • Encourages the infant to take those first steps through gentle encouragement and natural movements while providing support
  • 6 different positions throughout the walker are used to encourage the infant to walk at every stage of development
  • Encourages the infant to walk through natural lights and sounds displayed on the walker
  • The light and sounds are dependent on the speed of the walker and the speed that the child pushes
  • Bright colored design is a great option for parents seeking a gender-neutral design that can be used for multiple children

The durable construction and colorful design of the Chicco Baby Jogging Walker make it a great choice for parents that are seeking to invest only once in baby gear and use the items for multiple children in the family or even use the items for hand-me-downs.

The bright design will remain a classic for all children using it – and will quickly become one of the most popular interactive toys in the rotation.


The Chicco brand has been associated with style and quality for all of the products that are available in the line. This style and quality is also an affordable option for parents that are searching for activity walkers.

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Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

baby walker reviews
Baby gear must be versatile. Toys and items that have the ability to move and change between the various stages of infants, babies and toddlers are a great way to invest in toys that aren’t going to have to be constantly replaced and break the budget.

These toys are also a great option for families that are considering multiple children, as the toys are going to be able to adapt to multiple children, for each of their stages.

The Vtech Sit to Stand learning walker has the ability to do just that, adapt while the child is learning how to sit up, provide sensory development and stimulation and eventually assist the child in developing the motor skills that are going to be used for walking.


Features that are included in the Vtech Sit-to-Stand learning walker includes colors and bright bold designs of various textures for the child to learn to grasp on to while sitting and standing. Also integrated into the design are various sound stimulations to help the child to learn about the toy.

These features come together to create a design that is sure to arouse attention from infants that are just learning about the world around them, but also to provide enough stimulation for toddlers that are learning their shapes, colors and how all of the elements of the sit to stand walkers come together.

Final Verdict

Since the child is able to push the walker along with the easy guide handle, they are able to have the security of something to grasp on to as they walk. This can help to increase the confidence that is needed to take those first steps unassisted, but for now, it can help the child get across the room or across the home, giving them the confidence to get where they want to go without the assistance of mom or dad.

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Push Along Baby Walker

Push along baby walkers are favorable for children above nine months and this is an age when the child becomes very aggressive. It is also an age where the child has already gained an upright posture and ready to walk. Therefore, this is a good model for such babies because they use the aid of these walkers to propel and learn how to walk.

baby walker reviews

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For the push along baby walkers, a walker wagon is a good category and one which is used most often by parents for their children. It is very effective because it even aids two children to ride on it simultaneously as they enjoy time together. The walkers also have sufficient places where the baby can store bits and bobs or other play items and therefore serve multipurpose roles.

There have been recent inventions and these relate to a dual function type of walkers. In them, a supporting frame is well mounted at the top of a walker base seat which is disposed directly to the bottom of the walker’s upper housing seat. The chamber might include a chair where the baby can rest and allow the legs to touch the ground.

At the same time, a detachment can be done when the bay is standing so that a handle is provided to help the baby use it as a push along type of baby walker. This means that at all stages the walker can be used to aid the baby in walking.

About Push Along Baby Walkers

Normally, babies will not use this walker for long because they already have enough energy to stand on their own and what remains is propelling and moving their legs, which usually takes a very short time. It is therefore advisable to take that dual option of the walker because it works best and reduces the cost of having two types of walkers to be used in these different stages.

The respective factors of baby walkers are very necessary when it comes to choosing these models because you need to check out on some elements. For instance, the height of the walker is very necessary since it needs to be only sufficiently high than the child to avoid blocking their visibility. It is quite necessary to have an average walker which will fit the kid and allow easy use.

There is another factor to keep a check on for this model of baby walker and this is to do with the weight and easy motion of the equipment. At times, the wheels of the walker might be very rigid and they strain the kid in movement and this eventually discourages them from using the same. You need to make sure that the walker is of average weight and it can be easily moved by the baby without requiring any assistance to get around.

Disadvantage of these baby walkers

However, this model is very dangerous and can easily injure the child. This is because their movement is random and there is no specific direction set for the baby. They therefore must be used under close observation by the parent to avoid such occurrences.

This model also requires a large space – the space facilitates ease of movement and optimizes the enjoyment of the baby doing so. The space must also be free from any obstructions because they limit the mobility of the baby.

This model is at times a risk to the baby because it can cause pinches. Pinch injuries are therefore most common when it comes to the use of such walkers. It is very easy for the babies to injure their toes and fingers when walking along using this model.

This is why precaution is also needed and urgent attention required in case a baby seems uncomfortable when pushing the walker around.

When using a push along baby walker, it is good to note that children at this age are usually very observant and they are really risk takers. This means that they can abandon the walker thinking that they are doing the walking on their own and as such fall easily. This is all more the reason why you need safe surroundings and putting away all items which can potentially harm the child.


There is an option for those who feel that walkers at this stage are irrelevant. Parents can invest in stationary activity centers where the children can enjoy playing as they learn how to effectively walk, something which is usually done unconsciously.

In there, the child is provided with toys and they are well entertained which is very good in stimulating their minds. To make it much better, there is no random movement from one room to the other and therefore the risks of injuries are by far reduced.


Baby Walker Safety

One great advantage of baby walkers is that they serve to teach a child more on mobility as the parent relaxes to do other things. In fact, it is more appealing to the baby who feels all the freedom to try things on its own. But the reality is, for the walkers to be safe for use, the parent has to keep on monitoring the child’s movements.

It therefore does not call for the parent to place their babies on the walkers and forget about them because they can easily land into problems and bring in major havoc which of course means danger to the baby.

Parents therefore need adequate education on ensuring baby walker safety so that they can apply the experiences learnt in using the walkers to help their children walk. There are tutorials which are available on this topic and these should be of considerable concern to parents. This is a good way of understanding about all the possible dangers involving these walkers and the way the same can be well controlled.

It has been revealed through different studies that out of the many baby equipment available, baby walkers take the largest blame portion of the injuries caused to babies. Mostly, the walkers are extremely dangerous when it comes to children aged 6 to 16 months old.

It is estimated that over 20,000 children usually succumb to such injuries and their treatments are treated as emergency cases all emanating from the baby walkers.

Out of the injuries caused through the walkers the two most common occurrences are falling either down a flight of stairs or accidentally falling on hot liquids which subsequently spill on the babies. They are therefore cases which are very serious making baby walker safety compromised and a subject of thought before you introduce your baby to their use.

The head is mostly the victim of these injuries and this makes it even worse because it is a very delicate part of the body and can easily be tampered with causing even death.


Baby Walker Safety Concerns


Baby walkers have also been known to facilitate the development of weak bones especially in the legs. This is because they do not have a firm and strong holding on the surface because they happen to be assisted.

As a result, they end up developing weak bones and leg muscles which is not favorable for their later life. They are subject to bone breakages and other weakness in the legs. Remember that legs are very important in motion and need to be fully developed when at a younger age.

There are other studies on walkers and their main argument is that the walkers are mostly to blame for back problems when the baby grows up. This is the reason why the walkers are mostly banned in many countries and they have strict regulations in their use.

To make the situation more serious, their sale is also banned from the market and stores do not stock these products. However, we cannot dispute the fact that the walkers are being used and providing tremendous results for many parents and their babies.

All you need however is a good follow up of your child if you still insist on the walker option. Make sure that checks and balances are applied so that your baby cannot fall victim to such problems or injuries and some developmental problems. At least monitor their use and probably time them with an average of 20 minutes being a good time limit for their use at a time.

Do Baby Walkers Work on Carpet?

Baby walkers make it simple for the baby to walk on the hardwood or laminate floors in the home. Baby walkers are often easier to use on hard surfaces like wood floors and tiles, but they can also be used on carpets.

As long as the carpets are created with a short length of fiber and are not similar to shag carpets and other styles of carpets, the child is still able to propel themselves and therefore able to move around in the space that has been created.

Considering the textiles that are in the house should help the parent to make the decision of whether a baby walker is going to suit the space.

There are indeed some types of carpets where the baby walker would be difficult to move and would therefore turn into a stationary toy while the child was in it.

There are commonly parts of the home that are created without carpet, like the kitchen and entryways. Most of these spaces allow the child to move freely when they are able and can therefore be a great choice for parents that would like to promote independence for the child.

If there is carpet in some areas of the home, the baby walker may simply remain stationary in these parts, while allowing the child to move in others.

Once the child is in the walker, it does make the walker heavier and therefore that much harder to move. It’s important to consider this when trying the walker out on carpet, before the child is in the walker.

Benefits of Baby Walkers

When considering if a baby walker is right for your family, parents might want to consider the benefits of the baby walker:

The baby walker can be a great way to promote independence in the child. Since the child is able to explore their environment without the parent, they can build the confidence that is required to gain this new sense of independence while also developing the social skills required for the future.

Baby walkers can encourage children to develop and use those leg muscles to learn to crawl, propel themselves and eventually walk. These muscles are first going to be built through the assisted movements that come with the baby walker, and eventually will allow the child to walk unassisted – helping to build these muscles sooner.

Baby walkers aren’t just for walking. There are many brands of baby walkers that include functions and features that can stimulate and engage the child that is sitting in the walker with lights and sounds, as well as allowing the child to bounce in the walker through the adjustable heights and functions of the walker.

Baby walkers can be a great tool for parents that are trying to find a few minutes in the day to make dinner or even answer emails. Using the baby walker, the parent is able to have those few minutes to complete the tasks that might be a little more difficult when the baby is being held.

Using the baby walker, parents can take advantage of the many benefits that are available. Since there are many styles and designs, parents are able to choose the style that is best suited to their needs, and of course, will stimulate the child.

Are Baby Walkers Safe?

Baby walkers are safe – as safe as the environment in which they are used and the steps that are taken to ensure that the child is going to remain safe while using the baby walker.

Parents need to ensure the environment where the baby walker is being used has been childproofed and ensure that any staircases have adequate gates, as well as all hazards are removed from the level of the child that becomes accessible as the child is walking about in the home.

To increase the safety of the child that is using the baby walker, parents may want to consider getting down at the level of the child that is going to be using the baby walker.

Getting down to the level of the child that is going to be using the walker can ensure that the parent can see firsthand any exposure to things like outlets, and also can ensure that the parent is going to be able to remove any potentially hazardous items that are found in cupboards, on tables and even unsecured furniture.

Parents that take these measures can increase the safety that comes with using the baby walkers, and can therefore ensure the child is going to remain safe and protected while building their independence in the home.

Baby walkers are a great choice for parents that are seeking to build the independence of the child in the home, allowing the child to explore the home without being forced to be held by the parent. They can be a great independence building tool for these children and when used in a safe manner they can be a great asset to the hordes of baby gear that are accumulated.

Since many baby walkers are multi-purpose and can also act as an entertainment center for the child, it can be a great investment piece for parents – to give those few minutes of independent play.

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