10 Best Best Baby Rectal Thermometer

Baby thermometer will help since your baby can’t tell you when they are feeling unwell or running a fever and they have less control over their body temperature compared to adults. So, it is very important to be able to be able to accurately check your baby’s temperature. For this you need the best baby thermometer which is easy to use and will give you a precise reading in as short a time as possible.

There are so many different types of baby thermometer, finding the one best suited for your baby can be a daunting task. This is due to the fact that there are many different ways of taking a baby’s temperature, the most common methods being from the ear, forehead, armpit or orally – thankfully rectal baby thermometer is a thing of the past.

Finding the right thermometer for you baby, infant, or child can be a difficult task for many parents to achieve. There is not a single ‘best’ baby thermometer – the best one depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.

Types of Best Baby thermometer


1.      Infrared Family Ear Thermometer TS-110 with 1 second reading


best baby thermometerTaking the temperature of a sick child can be difficult. In the past parents often found themselves fighting with the child to keep the best baby thermometer in the mouth or under the arm, but with the innovative technology used in models like the Infrared Family Ear Thermometer, it can be as simple as a swipe across the temple to get an accurate and fast temperature reading of everyone in the family.

This infrared thermometer is easy to use and can provide a temperature reading in as little as one second over the swipe of the temple. Beginning closer to the back of the head and moving forwards towards the forehead, parents can get an accurate response without disturbing the child that is resting or sleeping.


Features of the Gurin Infrared Family Ear Thermometer TS-110

  • Suitable for everyone in the family from infants, toddlers and children to parents that are feeling under the weather
  • One second reading provides a quick and accurate temperature reading
  • Low battery indicator makes it simple to know when the batteries need to be replaced to ensure accurate readings
  • Power saving capabilities include the power-saving auto power-off option to save battery power
  • Takes readings in easy to read Fahrenheit temperature
  • Large LCD display makes it easy to read temperatures, especially in low light without disturbing sleeping infants and children

Saving money has never been easier as there are no probes that are required like traditional thermometers. Without probes, the waterproof thermometer can be easily wiped clean after being used to reduce the contact with germs.

The budget friendly price tag of this infrared thermometer makes it a great choice for families searching for an easy and accurate way to take temperatures at home.


2.      Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice 8 Second Digital Thermometer


best baby thermometerThere are certain items that are a must-have when bringing home an infant. Best baby thermometer used to read elevated temperatures is one of these items. A standard thermometer is the best choice for infants, as it can be used to read an oral or underarm temperature and provide the most accurate readings for concerned parents.

The Safety 1st Hospital’s choice 8 second digital thermometer provides accurate results for parents searching for a way to tackle an accurate temperature for infants and toddlers. The budget friendly price tag makes it a great choice for parents that are looking for an affordable way to get the must-have item for baby.


Features of the Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Digital Thermometer include:

  • Easy to read 8 second reading that provides results quickly to make it simple for the parent to take the temperature of a squirming infant
  • The fold up design makes it simple to put away in the medicine cabinet or even stash in the diaper bag for on the go temperature readings
  • Water resistant probe creates a durable thermometer that can accommodate infants, toddlers and children
  • Light up display makes it simple to read the temperature in low light and throughout the night without disturbing the infant
  • Memory of last reading taken to determine the progress of the increasing or decreasing temperature of the infant
  • Smooth, flexible tip makes it simple to take the temperature of the infant orally, rectally and underarm in as little as eight seconds
  • Indicator signals to parent once the temperature reading is complete to ensure that the full process creates an accurate reading


Choosing a thermometer that can be easily stashed in the diaper bag is a must-have for on-the-go parents. The easy to fold design makes it simple to place it one of the diaper bag pockets to record and read temperatures of infants that are not at home.

The thermometer can be used for infants and children and the long-lasting battery is included in the thermometer is sure to outlast other brands on the market in terms of quality making it a quality and budget friendly choice for new parents.


3.      Santamedical 2 In 1 Professional Clinical Large Lcd Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


best baby thermometerIn less than one second, the professional clinical  Large LCD Non-contact infrared thermometer – taken on the forehead, can create an accurate temperature reading without even coming in contact with the infant.

Using the temperature reading that is taken close to the tear ducts, parents are able to determine whether the infant or child has a fever, without actually touching the child.

Through the infrared measures that are used in the thermometer, readings within .3 degrees accuracy are obtained. Parents can ensure that they are getting the right temperature measure each time that the temperature is taken, and can avoid those pesky false high temperatures that are obtained with other models of thermometers.

Advantages of this baby thermometer

With the ability to take more than one thousand temperature readings without requiring battery changes, and the ability to store up to thirty-two temperatures throughout the course of the readings – parents can rest assured that they are going to have a reliable thermometer that isn’t going to require batteries after a couple of illnesses into flu season.

The thirty-two stored temperature readings that the Professional Clinical large LCB non-contact infrared thermometer is capable of can be an effective way to determine the pattern of the fever, determine which medications are working to reduce the fever and to determine whether additional medical intervention is required for the infant or child with the fever.

There is no reason to disturb the sleeping child with a fever just to take the temperature when there are products that can gain an accurate reading with a simple point of the infrared beam. Using the non-invasive thermometers, parents and children can get the rest that can help to combat the infection the fever is fighting.


4.      FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-contact Infrared Thermometer – Forehead


best baby thermometerOne of the biggest things to be concerned about when the temperatures of multiple people are taken, in a family or group setting, is the instance of spreading around the infection causing the fever through the thermometers and other items that are shared among the group.

Using the Fever Watch Professional Clinical Non-contact Infrared Thermometer, it is simple to avoid contaminating the thermometer and passing the infection as the thermometer does not come into contact with the ears, mouth or skin.

Using the thermometer, areas of the face around the tear ducts are scanned for the temperature, and accurate results are provided. Taken from one to four inches away from the individual, this ensures that the thermometer is going to remain sterile – and can ensure that the most accurate temperatures are received.

Parents and health care professionals that are using the thermometer can use the setting on the thermometer to create a threshold, causing an adjustable alarm to sound once a certain reading has been obtained. This can allow parents to easily identify fever and infection, without having to confirm the temperature that is considered a fever in infants and children.

The non-invasive temperature taking methods can allow parents to take the temperature of infants without disturbing the infants, allowing the infant or child to remain sleeping and get the rest that is needed to fight infections.

The thermometer has the ability to scan the temperature of the individual in only one second and provide accurate and proven results that are within .3 of a degree, ensuring that accurate results from the reading are taken every single time, and the parents can obtain the peace of mind knowing the right temperature has been reported.


5.      Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner


best baby thermometerUsing the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer allows the person taking the temperature reading to create one thousand scans per second, which are synthesized with the ambient body temperature to obtain an accurate reading of the temperature, to determine whether a fever is present. Using this one of the best baby thermometer, the accurate reading is easily obtained, as there are no probes required to get the temperature in reading in infants, children and adults.

To ensure for accurate results, the person having the temperature reading completed should be in a room that is not excessively hot or cool. Parents should avoid using the temperature is steamy bathrooms, as well as near open windows as it can change the accuracy of the reading that is being taken and can cause false results.

The thermometer measures the heat from the arterial blood supply, allowing for one of the most accurate readings of the temperature in infants and children, without having to wait for the probe to create a reading through a traditional oral thermometer, an ear thermometer or a rectal thermometer.

Parents can easily take the temperature of the child while they are resting, while they are sleeping or even while they are being soothed or medication is being given. With the versatility of the thermometer, it helps to alleviate the fight that comes with traditional temperature-taking devices.


For parents that have purchased the thermometer or parents that are interested in purchasing the thermometer be sure to check out the education booklet, as there is a mail in rebate for five dollars that has been included in the booklet and can be a great way to reduce the price of the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer. This mail in rebate can also be found online, and can be printed and sent into the company.


6.      Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer


best baby thermometerWhile taking the temperature of the child, it can be difficult to know when the fever is present with some thermometers. Parents can avoid all of these while using the Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer, as the indicator light will demonstrate when a fever is present in the temperature that is being recorded.

Backed up with the traditional temperature measure, parents can determine whether a fever is present without waking the child or disturbing the child with the bright lights of the bedroom.

The 1-second ear thermometer ensures that an accurate reading is taken, but also that it is taken quickly. To ensure the accurate and fast results, parents should gently pull back the earlobe of the child and insert the probe into the ear. Once the one-second indication has passed the temperature will be determined and displayed in an easy-to-read manner on the thermometer.

The red light-up bar that is found throughout the thermometer ensures that parents can know when a fever is present, in any light. Peace of mind can come from those routine readings for infants, when the light is not present.

The accurate display can allow the parents to access the last twelve readings that have been taken with the thermometer ensuring that the fever is being treated and managed.

Also, the twelve readings can help ensure that accurate measures are being given to health care professionals in the instance that additional management and care is required.


The Fever Light 1-Second Ear Thermometer is a great choice for parents to obtain accurate temperature readings for infants, infants and the entire family. It can be an effective way for parents to get the results they need from the thermometer, when they are needed most – throughout the late evenings when those late-night fever symptoms seem to appear.


7.      Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green


best baby thermometerGetting the water temperature right for bathing your little one is important to create the safest possible environment. It can be difficult to determine the right temperature from touching the water, so Aquatopia has created an easy to use thermometer that has the ability to measure the temperature of the water – ensuring the safety of the infant or toddler in the water.

The style of this thermometer creates a fun environment in the bath tub which allows parents to easily read the temperature while providing visual stimulation for the baby being bathed.

Features of the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm include:

  • No buttons to push and easy to use technology
  • Automatically activated once the water is added to the bath tub
  • Bath tub temperature changes are recorded using readings that are reported to the parent every two-seconds
  • If the water is too hot or too cold an alarm will sound to warn the parent

The durable construction makes it a great option for the bath tub, as it can double as a toy to stimulate the child while in the bath

If the water reaches a temperature that is higher than 100.4 degrees, the easy to hear alarm will sound warning to the parents that indicates the water is too hot and the little one is in danger of becoming overheated, or have the delicate skin burned. On the other end of the spectrum, if the water is measured as being too cold, less than 89.6 degrees, the alarm will sound warning the parent that the water is too cool. A great feature that many love to have.

This easy-to-use bath thermometer is also easy on batteries. Once the thermometer is removed from the water, the automatic shut-off occurs to save the battery power and ensure that the thermometer is going to be ready to be used for the next bath time

An affordable option to increase the safety of bath time, the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Thermometer Infant Alarm makes a great choice for a baby shower gift or for parents to cross off of their list of things needed to bring the infant home to a safe environment.


8.     Best Digital Medical Thermometer


best baby thermometerThis digital thermometer will give you accurate readings within 10 seconds – oral and rectal readings are still some of the most accurate methods of taking the temperature of infants and children and can give parents the peace of mind knowing that an accurate reading has been obtained from the thermometer.

The last temperature is automatically recorded when the thermometer is being used. This way, parents don’t have to worry about the stress of trying to recall the last temperature, they can see it displayed each time that the repeat temperature is taken.

As one of the most accurate measures to take the temperature, it’s a great choice for parents that are seeking rectal or oral temperatures for the children and adults, with fever indicator. The accurate readings through the traditional measure of the oral temperature can ensure that the right results are obtained, every single time.

The basic thermometer is an affordable option that is priced around sixteen dollars and available through online stores such as Amazon.com, health and drug stores, and even through retail and department stores. The leading brand is easy to find, easy to use and portrays one of the most accurate temperatures of the other methods of temperature-taking that are available.


For parents that are seeking a compatible option that requires few battery changes, and a thermometer that is going to provide accurate readings, the Best Digital Medical Thermometer is the perfect choice for home, the diaper bag, and traveling.


9.      Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer


best baby thermometerA raised temperature in infants can be quite alarming in parents – and many times, the raised temperature is due to a false reading in the case that the temperature had been taken incorrectly or using an improper type of thermometer.

The most accurate way for parents to measure the temperature of infants is through the use of a rectal thermometer – available through leading brands.

The Vicks Baby Rectal thermometer is unique, in the fact that it has been designed for just that. Since parents are able to operate the basic thermometer with one hand, it can leave the other hand available to soothe the child as the temperature is being taken.

The design is easy to use and provides as much comfort for the child as possible while the reading is being taken. The flexible tip, ergonomic design and compact size make it a popular choice for new parents that are seeking an accurate temperature reading for the infant.

Rectal thermometers provide the most accurate reading for parents, and therefore can provide some of the quickest results, allowing the parent to determine the temperature, medicate and determine the course of action. The rectal thermometer from Vicks can provide the peace of mind that parents are getting an accurate reading when it matters most.


Parents choose the Vicks rectal thermometer as the premier choice for infants to children that are under the age of two years old. As one of the most cost effective thermometers, and easy to find models that are available, parents can be sure that they are going to get an accurate reading and quality product for the money being spent.


10.  Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer


best baby thermometersOne of the biggest hurdles that come with taking the temperature of an infant is trying to encourage and soothe the infant while sitting still to take an accurate temperature reading. Many thermometers require the infant to remain in place for upwards of ten seconds – that is until the development of the Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer.

The one-second ear thermometer offers parents a quick temperature reading with 512 scans per second, giving parents the reading of the highest temperature through the course of the one second reading.

With the ability to recall the last ten readings, parents can rest assured that they are able to track temperatures of infants with a fever or even complete a second check of the temperature to confirm a higher than average reading.

No more tracking the temperatures through scraps of paper around the home, they can be easily tracked and scanned, as well as conveyed to nurses and doctors through the ten easy to recall previous readings.

The auto-shutoff of the jumbo light and LCD screen that provides the reading helps to preserve the battery life of the Graco 1-second ear thermometer, because the last thing that parents want to have to worry about is finding the off switch of the thermometer while trying to comfort and soothe a sick infant.

The accurate readings available through the ear thermometer ensure that the temperature is taken correctly. Parents should ensure that the ear lobe of the infant or child is pulled back to take the temperature – and understand that for infants under the age of one year, the ear thermometer is not always the most accurate choice for temperature readings.


With the comfortable design, this can often be completed while the child is sleeping! The quick reading allows parents to easily take the temperature of the child without disturbing them.

Best Baby Thermometers Compared

We aim to make the choice of baby thermometer easier for you by first listing the different types of thermometers you can buy together with their pros and cons. Secondly we have compared the best-selling thermometers for each type – we even tell you where to buy them online to get the best deal.

Ear Baby Thermometer

Becoming more common as prices fall, ear thermometers are fast and accurate but they can be tricky and uncomfortable to use giving an inaccurate reading if not positioned in the ear correctly.


  • The most accurate (used almost exclusively in hospitals)
  • Fast (giving a reading in under 2 seconds)


Not easy to use correctly at first giving inaccurate results.

Can be uncomfortable for the patient.

Can be expensive although prices have fallen recently

Oral Thermometers

Possibly the most common type of thermometer, oral baby thermometers offer great value for money. They can give you an accurate reading but it can take up to a minute to get it.


  • Inexpensive and small (great for traveling).
  • Accurate when used correctly


Not ideal for babies, more suited for children over 3 years

Slow (usually takes over 30 second to get a reading)

Strip Forehead Baby Thermometer

Held against you baby’s forehead for a few second plastic strip thermometers are cheap and very easy to use. accuracy can be an issue if there is perspiration on your baby’s forehead.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to use


Possibly the least accurate type of baby thermometer.

Perspiration is an issue (not uncommon when your baby has a high temperature)

Digital Forehead Baby Thermometer

If your baby doesn’t like being disturbed forehead baby thermometer isideal. They are fast but not quite as accurate as oral or ear thermometers and like the strip type perspiration can alter the reading.


  • Fast (you get a reading in less than 2 seconds)
  • Easy to use (can even be used while you baby sleeps)


Can give a slightly low reading especially if you baby is perspiring

Currently quite expensive


Which type is the best baby thermometer for you?

Well this really depends on many things: how much you are willing to spend, the age of your child, how tolerant you baby or child is to being poked and prodded etc. Generally, it is recommended to avoid mercury thermometers due to the danger of leakage and oral digital thermometers are now cheap, fast and accurate.

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