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Best Baby Safety Gates Reviews

Safety gates are always important since youngsters are all driven by their curious minds. So, it shouldn’t surprise you to view them trying out the electrical sockets, stove, fire place, along with other potentially harmful things. There won’t be this type of problem if you are planning to have the ability to watch their every move and show them the risks of what they might be exposed to.

However, you can protect them by using baby safety gates to fence them around their play area. This will prevent them from going to unnecessary places that may cause them harm such as fire place, stairs and places with electrical products and sockets.

Choosing child safety gates means checking if they’re licensed and also have the certification seal to prove it. This could tell you just how they’ve met the quality and safety standards and therefore are the most secure ones to make use of to protect your child. Old child safety gates could be used again so long as they do not have gaps which are large enough for children’s head and neck to fit through. Otherwise, they’d only defeat their intentions.

Type of Baby Gates

1.      North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate

best safety gatesWhen it comes to your children, you can never be too safe. That’s why getting something like the North States Superyard 3 in 1 metal gate can be extremely useful and important for your little one.

For one thing, this gate is great for both small children and small pets. This makes it very flexible so you should not be worried about it becoming completely obsolete once your child grows a little older. If you have a small pet or plan on getting one, you can still use this to keep them confined to a small area whenever you want.

Another advantage of this system is that you can use it both inside or outside. A lot of playpens are only meant to be used inside which is great but is not always convenient. If you have a little one or a pet running around and you want to enjoy the great outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to have a playpen like this where they can be safe but also be outside with you.

The North States Superyard comes with a double locking system so that your child cannot open it. It is very childproof to make sure that once your baby is in there, you do not have to worry about them getting out unless you want them to!  The entire unit is a very heavy duty met metal and has one walk-through panel to get in or out.

If you choose to use this pen inside, you do not have to be worried about it scratching up your floor. It comes with small rubber pads that are meant to prevent scratching or tearing up carpet. This is very useful if you have nice hardwood floors or carpet that you have to protect.

2.      North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate

best safety gatesOne of the best manufacturers of gates for little children is North States. This gate can be used for a number of different things. One of the most common is to simply form it into a circle and place your child or pet in there. This allows you to know that they are safe and not going to wander into things that could be harmful to them.

Another great way to use the North States bronze Superyard is to not form a circle, but instead make it form a square with a corner or a wall. This is probably the best way to use it because you are going to be a lot more room with the same amount of materials. Even though this means that you have to attach it to the wall, it still can be worth having the extra space in the pen.

This gate includes one sheet panel that has a double locking system. This double locking system is to make it nearly impossible for your child to unlock it. This is for safety reasons because many times a child is able to unlock the simpler gate systems.

This particular gate panel includes a stay open feature and a self-closing feature. This is nice because if you want to leave the gate open for some reason or another, it is very easy to change a setting. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that it always closes behind you in case you forget, you can just put it on that setting.

Included with this kit are six removable and adjustable panels. The top is curved to make it a bit fancier than some of the other gates out there. Even the aesthetics are not everything; it definitely helps to have a nice-looking set of panels for your place.

3.      Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White

best safety gatesThis gate provides a larger space for your child to play since it encloses 19 square ft area. It can be shaped in different varieties and sizes to be used for different purposes, such as enclosing wide openings, fire place, stairway, as well as acting as a play yard.

Regalo Wide gate can also be used for small pets at home to keep them on one place at your home. It is PVC free, made of steel which provides more support, keeping your child safe.

This gate is easy to set up hence no much struggle. It also comes with a 90-day warranty. Consider buying this wide gate and your baby will be much safe!

4.      KidCo Auto close Hearth Gate, black, G3100

best safety gatesOne reason why this playpen is so great is that it is very flexible since can be used for different purposes. For example, you can create a small circular playpen for your pet or child.

The walls are high enough that the kids or pets will not escape so you can be rest assured that they will be very safe hence you don’t need to watch them all the time or maybe when you’re working or busy doing something else, watching television or reading a book.

Another way that you can use the KitCo Hearth Gate is to make a 90° angle and put it up against a corner of the room. This ensure it doesn’t interfere with much space in your home.

Finally, a great way to use this gate is to put in front of places that you do not want your child to get into contact with, such as fire place, In fact, protecting the fireplace is one of the Main reason why it was created, and that is why it is called the Hearth Gate.

The gate is hardware mounted which means it is very sturdy. The metal is a very strong so you do not have to worry about it breaking or your child getting hurt on one of the corners. The finish is actually a non-toxic plastic which is nice to help protect the gate from rust or other wear and tear.

It includes one gate that can swing open in both directions. This is nice because it means you do not have to worry about where you place the gate in relation to other nearby things.


5.       Kidco Auto Close ConfigureGate White 84″ x 31″ – G3000, Basic Gate

best safety gatesThe KIDCO auto close gate is constructed using a heavy-duty metal hence strong to ensure more safety. Some of the most popular places to use gates like these are in front of stairs, the woodstove, or a fireplace. Basically, you want to put something like this anywhere where you do not want your little ones to go.

This particular gate is specifically designed to work for irregularly shaped areas. Even though some gate systems need a certain set up such as 2 walls that are close together, the good thing about this one is that there are a lot of different places where you can put it. It does not necessarily have to be next to two walls that are very close together or some other type of restriction.

The opening panel is very easy to use. You only need one hand to operate it, so this is a nice system in case you are walking around with food, your child, or something else in your arms. Having such a simple system saves you from having to put whatever’s in your arms down and use both hands. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you are going in and out of the gate throughout the day you would definitely get tired of having to use both hands.

The fact that the gate can swing open in any direction is a nice feature. It means that no matter which way you are working, you can just unlock the gate and push it in front of you. This saves you from having to take a few steps back while you swing it opened towards you, but you can do that if you so choose.

6.      Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Lights and Sounds

best safety gatesThe Friendly Toys Little Playzone is a bit different than the other playpens that I have talked about. Even though this pen can be used for a number of different things, it’s specifically designed to be a play area for your little one.

This pen is made up of several different colors which make it attractive for children hence they’ll like it.. The materials in the Friendly Toys Little Playzone are thicker, more “blocky”, and overall designed to be used around little children. One quicker note is that the surfaces are very easy to clean and are non-toxic.

Another thing that makes this play pen nice is that you can quickly change it into different configurations. In other words, you can place it in an L shape on the corner of a wall to maximize the space or you can place it in the middle of the room and form a square or circle. This flexibility is nice if you don’t want to leave it in a permanent setup or if you are taking the pen somewhere besides it’s normal location.

As you might expect, this play pen comes with a safety lock on the door to get in and out. Small children will not be able to unlock it without your help. If you are thinking of buying the Friendly Toys Little Playzone, check it out on They have a pretty good price, it ships for free, and it lets you see customer reviews before you buy.

Benefits of Using Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates are very important to have in a household where there are children because they can help prevent them from harm. With these safety gates around, a child won’t get into dangerous zones in the house, and they are not in danger of falling off danger heights like from the top of staircases.

There are many different types of safetygates and one can choose according to their personal preference. However, there are baby gates which are best suited for children who are a little bit taller and for places which have wider openings. These gates have been used for many years and parents always testify to how they have been of great help.

Baby safety gates can be found in a wide variety on the internet where there are different colors, sizes and designs. Moreover, these safety gates are usually made of good quality material which is very strong to support any child playing against it. Furthermore, these gates are not very expensive and as soon as one places an order online, delivery is done in a few days.

However, one should be sure of the measurements of the lengths and widths of the section that they want to place the gate in their house so that it is not too big or too small. Every child reaches a point in their life where they just want to play freely, therefore each parent should do them a great favor and just buy baby safety gates so that they can play freely and they are still safe from danger.

Baby safety gates also help prevent the children from reaching out to pets which could be there for example cats and dogs. Moreover, they also prevent them from reaching out to important documents that may be on a table, cables which are exposed, dining or an entertainment table.


Baby Safety Gates with Alarm


There is a chance that you can purchase the baby safety gates with alarm of lightweight patterns which are easy to fix just here. These safety gates are usually made from the best raw materials, making them good selections for people who hope to give their babies safe walking on high stairs.

The baby safety gates are the favorite gates among the shoppers since they are simple to lock and push. They are also from reputable brands like GMI and Richell, which means you won’t regret for your options. If you desire to have the ones that can bring you the flexible operations if your baby walk through with you, then the baby gates are the best alternatives.

If you play with your child, the safetygates could help you protect your baby from dangerous conditions. Though the baby gates are typically not the cheapest models, they are worthier of purchasing due to their diverse colors and fabrics. These baby gates always feature safe or robust designs, which makes them even more appealing.

Make sure to pick up the ones that are soft to hold and efficient to open if you plan on making clever choices. They are also ideal for helping you to relish the playing time on the corridors with your baby on sunny days.


GMI GuardMaster IV Extra Tall Hardware and Pressure Mount Steel Slat Gate with Alarm

best safety gates

VersaGate Custom Safety Gate 30.5 inch

best safety gates

Dynamic Accents 42624 32in Walk-Through 3 Panel Free Standing Gate Artisan Bronze

best safety gates

Munchkin Auto-Close Designer Safety Gate, Dark Wood

best safety gates


Retractable Baby Safety Gates

best safety gatesThe safety of your children, especially toddlers, is paramount and as such, you should be careful of where your kids go and what they do. When a baby starts to crawl around the house, it is exposed to many risks some of which can be very severe to even cause its death.

For example, your kid could be crawling to the kitchen hence exposing himself to the dangers of getting burned or hurt by falling objects. This can however be prevented by employing preventive measures such as the use of baby gates that are meant to deter the kid from moving around the house without your attention.

There are different types of baby safety gates that a parent can fix to protect his children against the dangers that emanate kids making unsafe movements around the house. One of the common baby gates is the retractable baby gate. These gates are somehow different from the others in several ways. They use screens made of polyester instead of the usual wood pickets.

You close the safety gates by pulling the screen across the gates opening. When your baby gate is put in the open, the screen can be retracted to become a roller that will make it more convenient during storage.

The retractable baby safety gates are more portable than the others and they become more ideal in situations where they will be supposed to be moved from one position to the another. You may also want to carry them when going on a journey. They are the most recommended because of their safety and simplicity. Next time you are thinking of how to improve the safety of your child make sure that you include these baby safety gates in your budget.

Baby Gates for Stairs

best safety gatesAs a parent, the safety of your baby should be your first priority. It is not an easy task to keep watch over the baby all through especially when you have other equally important things to do around the house.

It can be even challenging preventing the movement of your baby within the house. Stairs can even be a nightmare when it comes to causing accidental falls. Stair baby gates come in handy when looking for a solution to preventing you baby from falling down the stairs. Here we look at how to get the best baby gates for stairs.

Bearing in mind that the baby safety gates will be mounted on top of the stairs, you will want to consider material used. Hardware mounted baby gates are preferably as such will provide for a firm barrier that will not be easily loosened by the baby shaking. The concept here is to get baby gates that will not go trampling down at the slightest provocation. Movable baby gates can also be as effective but such are easy to push around.

The height of the get can seem not such a big deal for many parents. However, consider a situation whereby your baby tries to roll over to the other side. Definitely, this will lead to a fall that can be very dangerous. It is advisable to get baby gets not lesser than ¾ of the height of you baby. You can even get very tall baby gates if you so desire.

Just like any other baby safety gates, stair baby gates should also be of the right width to prevent the baby from passing through the gates slats. All in all, not even the best baby gates will guarantee 100% protection for your baby. Therefore, baby safety gates should not be a substitute to you caring for and protecting your baby.

The Safety and Importance of Baby Gates

Whenever you think of your child, what normally comes to your mind? Many people would tell you that they believe child’s safety is anything to do with preventing your child from diseases and other risks that seem natural in nature. They therefore forget an equally important protective measure of child proofing their houses.

Child proofing a house can be done in several ways but the most common one is the use of the baby gates that protect your kids from moving around the house without your attention which exposes them to dangers such as getting into the kitchen where they can easily get burnt.

It normally takes a fraction of a second to expose your child to very serious risks that can even lead to their death. It is therefore of utmost importance for every parent to install these baby gates in the house so that he or she can control the movements of the toddler around the house.

Baby gates offer protection to your children especially when you are busy with the other household chores. Since your house is also as important as your child, it can at times be very hard for you to pay attention to your child’s movements throughout the day. You need some time to cook and clean the house.

At such a situation, baby gates come in handy to guarantee you the safety of your child even without your attention. They allow you to control your kid’s movement in the house even when you are outside tending to other matters. This therefore renders the baby gates extremely important regardless of the size. These baby gates are mostly used in protecting your kid from falling down on the stair cases and other hard grounds.

The best thing about these baby gates is that they are designed in a very simple way to ensure that they are easy to operate and safe for your child.

However, you should first know where you intend to install the baby gates because they are not meant for all places. If you intend to place your baby gate in a place where there is too much human traffic, you need to consider using a retractable baby gate because they are the best. Sometimes your family members can see these baby gates as distractions and of no use in the house but you should let them know that the safety of your child is invariably on top of everything else.

Considerations for buying baby gates

The baby gates can keep your baby safe and protected in dangerous sections of your home such as stairs. These gates should be bought in order to protect the baby from falling or accidents within the home. There can be different kinds of baby gates that can fit in nicely on the stairs or the doors. However, besides the kind of safety gates for the baby, there are other considerations to be kept in mind.

  • Buy new baby gates

Do not compromise on your child’s safety! It is always good to buy the new safety gates so that the baby remains safe. Do not go for the second-hand safety gates because most often the old accordion-style baby gates are not at all safe. They have larger V-shape spaces which increase the risk of baby putting his/her head in these spaces. It can be highly dangerous because they tend to “trap” the babies. Make sure that the baby gates you buy should be as per the latest technology and not too older than the 5-years’ time.

  • Check toe-holds

Before buying the baby gates it is very important that you should consider the toe-holds. It is important to check that there are not any horizontal pieces in between the top as well as the bottom rails. Checking for the toe-holds is important for the baby’s safety, again!

  • Ease of using the baby gates

Safety of the baby is of course the first factor that should be considered, but apart from that you should also check for the ease of using these baby gates. You should check that installation and opening and closing of the gates are easy. Sometimes, it might be too difficult for you to open the gates. So, it is important to ensure that the baby gates are easy to open, but only for you; not for the baby!

  • Styles of gates

There can be different materials used for baby gates. Economical plastic, sleek metal or traditional wooden styles are easily available these days. In fact, a lot of baby gates come with different patterns or colors too. You can always the pick the one that is suitable as per the décor, and also covers all other crucial aspects.

In case you are unable to gate stairway or doorway

A lot of modern homes come with the open-floor plans and so this does not leave a lot of options to gate the stairways or the doorways. In such a case, the segments of baby gates can be used for creating the gated area.

Before you buy the baby gates, it is extremely important that you should keep these considerations in mind so that the perfect shield can be created for your baby.

What to “do” and “not to do” with the Baby Gates

There can be a lot of aspects which should be considered when you go out to buy the baby gates. The overall aspects of buying the baby gates can be segregated into the do’s and don’ts of the baby gates.

Do’s of using the baby gates

  • Do the baby gates which are huge so that the baby remains safe within it. Make sure that it should be bought as per the height and it should be noted that the baby should not outgrow the gate after only some time.
  • Do ensure that the installation guide given by the manufacturer is read properly. The baby gates have to be installed properly and so, it is important that the gates should be fitted properly and in a secure way in the stairway or the doorway.
  • Do ensure that the baby gates are locked properly. This is especially important if the baby is sleeping in some other room.
  • Do ensure that you get into the habit of the baby gates even before the baby starts walking or crawling. Habit will help you in being efficient in using these safety gates for your babies.
  • Do buy the baby gates which are modern and as per the latest technology. Older baby gates should be completely avoided because they might not be as per the safety norms.

Don’ts of using the baby gates

  • Don’t try to set a poor example for your baby by climbing over the gates. Kids catch your action faster, so do not set a model that is risky for the baby.
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended simply because you have the baby gates. The baby gates simply act as shield, but the task done by you is solely yours! The safety gates are not movable or humans and so, you should not rely on them completely.
  • Don’t every buy a second-hand safety gate to save money. Remember, safety of a baby is more important. The older baby gates might not be as per the safety norms.
  • Don’t use the pressure-mounted baby gates on the stairs because the baby might try to push them and cause an accident. They can be loose and are not fit for the stairs.
  • Don’t forget that the baby gate should be checked continuously. You should keep checking for the faults, damages or any other repairs, if required.

Understanding these do’s and don’ts is very important so that you can keep your baby absolutely safe.

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