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Baby Sling Wrap Review and Buying Guide 2018

What is a Baby Sling? This is the common question that rises in the minds of the freshly married couples that have their first baby. Baby slings are the best solution out there for mothers since they perform the role of the caregivers and they need to be in constant touch with their babies. A baby sling will help them keep the distance between them and their baby minimized.

Baby Sling Pattern for New Moms

The baby is made to sit down or lie on the pocket. There are many online sites that offer you free baby sling patterns that are quite safe for holding your baby. The patterns also come with full instructions and drawings. You can see different types of rings and fabrics and select the pattern that is safe and suitable for your baby. The size and age are very important considerations which will help you choose the best patterns.

Baby sling pattern with a sling ring can be used for carrying premature infants to provide the perfect skin-to-skin type of kangaroo care. The pattern is very versatile, as it can later be used to carry the baby either in the front or the back or even on the hip. You can also make a simple pouch sling with instructions. You can use heavy canvas or breezy cotton for this type of sling, and some people even make them from old sheets. But it should not be too flimsy, as it needs to hold the baby securely. Don’t use any stretchy material, such as knits or fleece, at least not if you are a beginner.

There are also baby sling patterns that are the wraparound type. They can be wrapped around the wearer and the baby as the name suggests. They are then tied in different ways, so that you can position the baby in the way you wish. They go over both the shoulders of the carrier and also around the waist. This offers a very good support and great security, because the weight of the baby is spread around the carrier’s hips, shoulders and the back. This is a one of the baby sling pattern that is very comfortable for the carrier. This pattern was very popular in Europe right from the 1970s and is offered as standard in many maternity institutions.

You must select baby sling patterns that are suitable for the age of the baby, as there have been several accidents involving babies where soft carriers and back packs have been used. In such patterns, the baby might shift to one side and slip through the leg opening and fall to the ground. Such patterns are not recommended for use with very young babies. However, when choosing the pattern, you should also look at the weight, as there are some weight limits for the baby slings.

Many new parents prefer a baby sling like the Mei Tai carrier. In this pattern, the baby can be carried in an ergonomic manner, which is ideal for both the child and the parent. The weight of the baby gets distributed in a balanced manner over both the shoulders. There is also a belt at the hip which takes a greater part of the weight. In such baby sling patterns, the baby can also be held close to the body of the carrier, so that there is less pressure on the neck and shoulders of the parent.


How To Wrap a Baby Sling


Benefits of Owning a Baby Sling:

When it comes to knowing about the benefits that can be seen among baby slings, these may include:

  • Easy baby carrying
  • Happier babies and Content mothers
  • Quicker Infant Development
  • Close attachment to the Mother

This does prove the reason behind the recent growth in the popularity among infant slings since they provide such benefits to both the caregiver and the caretaker. The main thing related to the baby sling is the understanding that the parents need to establish regarding the slings use and its benefits.


Best Ways of Acquiring a Good Baby Sling:

It is crucial for parents to understand the importance of a baby sling in their parenthood period.  The best way to get this done is to get the market analysis and to complete your homework regarding the baby slings that are available in the market. The important part comes in when your baby is at the age of 4 months and needs to be kept in the mother’s constant attention. Although the mothers do need to carry their babies around but the problem does arise when carrying them comes into question. There are a few things to be kept in mind when choosing baby slings.


Fabric Slings For babies:

The Fabric Slings are counted in one of the best sling options to go for newborns. These are highly recommended since they allow the baby to carry around near the waist. The concept is basically derived after watching the kangaroo style where the mother kangaroo carries the baby in her pocket around her waist. The Fabric sling does bring the same fashion for mothers and does come around for any baby size. They are adjustable and easily customizable enabling the mother to make use of them in any fashion. This sling does allow the carrier to see the child’s face to ensure their safety. Coming in different styles, these slings are present in warp style, ring style and ring style as well.


Ring Slings and Pouch Slings:

Ring Slings are among the best styles for newborns and quite necessary if they are to be breastfed. This is quite convenient since they help in keeping the baby upright or in reclined state, close enough for a mother to breast feed the child quite easily. Ring slings are among the best baby slings because they do allow the child to keep his/her face upright and avoid suffocation while the mother feeds them. These rings can be used for larger babies and toddlers as well.


Similarly the pouch style baby sling does bring in the same purpose although being quite simple to use. The pouch sling is a fabric worn over the shoulder with a pouch running around the mother’s chest to keep the baby close to be fed and in a perfect cushioned state. The pouch does allow the baby to keep his/her face up while being breastfed and avoids the chances of suffocation to take place. This is quite fitting choice for the mother as well.



While surveying for your babies need and buying a baby sling do know the best one that suits your need and fits in perfectly. Do look over the risks that are involved in buying certain slings with your baby. Educate yourself with the risks that are present with baby slings and if you think you can work around the problems than you will feel easy to carry the baby around and help nourish him/her through every stage of infancy.


Importance of Baby Sling in Parenthood


Have a newborn to take care of or need to be close to? Well this can be easily helped through the use of baby sling. These slings did gather up a lot of hype and popularity in the last decade, mothers all over the world have found them to be kept convenient and helpful in carrying their infants around while they work and get their work done with. It is speculated that the baby sling will gather up more fame with every house understanding its benefit and its purpose in their daily life.

Trouble does arise when parents are confused or find them fixated around the question of which baby sling to choose for their child. There numerous slings in the market now that do have different shapes and sizes and adjustable although they do differ in how well they keep the child and how the mother shall breastfeed their child with it. The main trouble with this can be that the child may suffer suffocation while being breastfed. To avoid this, parents need to look over the slings and their risks as well.

Baby Sling Types:

There are a few types that are present in the market as of now, as of now the types do include the fabric sling, ring sling and wrap sling as well as pouch sling. The fabric sling allows the mother to keep their child in a kangaroo style pouch. This is quite helpful in manner of moving around since the mother can get done with her chores while keeping the baby close to her at all times. The Ring sling and pouch sling is that sort of baby sling that allow the mother to carry the baby around and breastfeed the infant as well. These slings do vary in the shapes and the way in which the baby is positioned in them but they do serve the same purpose.

Is The Peanut Shell Baby Sling For You?

Carrying a baby for prolonged periods of time can be a tiresome and uncomfortable task, and that’s just for you. For a baby, you can imagine that it could be one of the most annoying, unsettling and uncomfortable experiences, especially because as soon as they become confortable, they will once again be moved to facilitate your comfort or movement. There are however, a number of various baby carrying techniques and devices that can ensure this task doesn’t have to be a pain. Having a well rested and comfortable baby is a simple means to a less stressful end, so finding the best carrying device for you might be very important.

Why you should use Peanut Shell Baby Sling?

One such device is the Peanut Shell Baby Sling, mainly because of its absolute simplicity and natural form. There are no buckles or bits of fabric that may annoy you, or the baby. It doesn’t twist or tighten in areas that might cause discomfort. Plus, it keeps the baby comfortably against your body curves and warmth, which makes it feel like a natural and comfortable position for the child, and gives them the feeling that they are being cradled, which in turn will allow them to sleep soundly and safely.

The Peanut Shell Baby Sling is a reversible sling, and therefore giving two different patterns and areas of use, should one happen to end up with a small amount of baby vomit on it for instance. Or maybe you simply want to change from the pattern side to the basic color side to suit your mood. They are also completely washable and easy to dry, coming with a little pocket inside to keep a small dummy or soft toy, should the need for one arise. While not exactly created as a fashion accessory, to be honest, they are pretty visually appealing, and definitely more so than most other baby carriers.

Peanut Shell Baby Sling Review

Resulting from the design, and its focus on comfort, it is important to purchase the correct size for the wearer. Therefore it may not be possible sometimes to change between parents for instance, but this isn’t that big a deal as the price range isn’t too expensive for the product quality, and how it works in regards keeping your baby content is definitely worth it. It also allows one to keep their hands constantly free in order to carry out other tasks, like scratching those areas that always itch whilst carrying an infant, or mashing some baby food.

The main point again is that this sling is extremely comfortable and manageable, and especially that the comfort levels for the child are so high, when worn correctly, they should sleep soundly and safely the majority of the time. The cost of purchase is pretty reasonable when compared to other baby carrying devices of a similar kind, and the fact that they are reversible makes it more versatile. Definitely a good idea for keeping both you and your child inside your physical comfort areas while on the move, and allows for a more mobile post pregnancy period too.


Checklist for Choosing the Best Baby Sling

New moms should surely select the best baby sling that is both comfortable for the baby and convenient for the mom to carry about. You need to look at a lot of features while selecting the best sling in which to carry your newborn or infant. The best sling should make it easy for you to put the baby in as well as take it out. You should also look out for safety features, so that the infant remains safe in the sling and there is no chance of slipping out and falling.

The parents also need some back support, in order to reduce the strain on the shoulders. You need to select one that fits both the parents, so that any one of them can be carrying it about. Some of the slings have a lot of adjustments, but some people do not have the time for all these adjustments and feel that the best baby sling needs to be something simple and easy to use, providing just the basic adjustments.

It is better to choose slings that are easy for cleaning. The best baby sling is one that can be washed in the machine. Of course, you also have those that can be sponge cleaned only and these are also quite convenient. This is a very important aspect, because an infant is most likely to vomit or dribble at some time or the other.

You also have many models of the best baby sling that has a dribble bib attached to it. These are very useful when you are going out or travelling with a young infant. Some also come with a flannel or muslin attached at the place where the baby’s chin is placed. There are some models that also have a soother pouch.

You can select the best baby sling from two options, namely the front carriers and the back carriers. The front slings can be used to advantage, as it is possible to even breastfeed and bond better with your baby. However, such slings have a very short lifespan and you can’t use it when the baby grows beyond a few months, as the bigger babies will not be suitable for carrying in front of you.

There are the best back carriers, which is the easiest and most comfortable way of carrying your baby. You can use these even when your child is two o three years old, so long as you have the ability to carry him or her. However, these cannot be used for very small infants in the first few months. The baby should be able to sit upright in order to put him or her in such slings. The best baby sling would be one that has multiple carrying positions, so that you can use it at all stages of the infant’s growth.

Try not to select one that has too many buckles and zips or poppers, as it can be very confusing. You should feel comfortable with the fastening devices and the adjustments and finally find one that fits properly. Many of the shops selling the best baby sling also put in a weighted teddy bear, so that you will get an idea of the feel of a baby in it.

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