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Baby Pram Reviews and Buyers Guide

The transportation of infants and designs implemented by varying cultures can be seen throughout history. Most of history shows various types of sling being used as a method of carrying the child close to the body, the pram, short for perambulator, was a quite new design when it was introduced.

The pram for babies has been in use in the west since the Victorian era as a form of transport for children. The simple design evolved throughout the years and the pram developed into several different versions such as the carrycot which is detachable and the buggy or stroller

Choosing transport for your new born baby can appear to be a minefield! Especially if it is your first. Here are some of the best baby prams we’ve reviewed to make it easy for you when selecting a baby pram for your little one.


Types of Baby Pram


    Inglesina Baby Pram

baby pram

This is a baby pram of one of its kind. With its elegant style and detailed engineering, this baby pram has won the hearts of millions. It is designed in such a way that it provides much comfort and safety than any other pram.

It’s quality finish and English technique design is what that has been dominating today’s market. In order to make it eco-friendly it has been designed from wood. Contrived with the best quality materials available and handcrafted with style is what that makes this baby pram so special.

A statistical verification unveiled that there are thousands of parents discovered to have been using the Inglesina baby pram and they are quite happy with the quality and the safety which the product provides.

These prams are considered as the best among the rest. They come in varied designs and unique elegant colors. The pram has even got the facility for further add-ons, such as an additional stroller or an additional seat.

It is of utmost recommendation to all parents to choose the best baby pram for their baby, simply because your baby deserves the best.


Dolls Pram

baby pram

Why does your kid need a dolls pram? When your kid starts walking the one thing they want to do always is imitating you. She has seen you all the time when he waited to be picked up in somebody’s lap. So, when he can walk, she tries to become another you. That’s how children learn to do things, right? While imitating so many things she also tries to push around her pram as if she is actually moving around a baby.

Has your baby started doing the same? If not with all my description you may have visualized already. It’s time for your baby to have her own pram which she can painlessly push around and become you! I am talking about a dolls pram. Your kid can easily push around these prams and carry her toys inside it. You can put a baby doll inside the pram to make it look like a smaller version of your kid in a pram.

The prams come in various styles and colors and are absolutely stylish for your cute kid’s cute dolls. They are equipped with harnesses just like real prams for the doll to get strapped in. This helps so that if mishandled the doll doesn’t fall off. So next time your baby goes out with you walking with her dolls pram she can feel the joy of walking around stylishly.

If you are worrying about consumption of space at your place these prams are exactly like your baby’s pram – foldable. Hence storing and carrying will not be much of a problem. The pram will not just be a pram for carrying his doll, but it’ll be another plaything for him. Every time your kid walks with the dolls pram she takes a step of satisfaction that she is doing what you do.


Pram Stroller Review


baby pram

Are you looking forward to have a baby pram stroller just like the ones which celebrities stroll with their baby in it? Well, then Bugaboo Chameleon is the just the one which fits your desire. If you are a magazine freak, then you’ll often come across Bugaboo products being used by a number of celebrities.

Now, let’s face it, after all it’s a baby pram stroller and it will remain as such, irrespective of it being used by any big fish of the world. However, we love being stopped and admired about our choices be it anything. So, when it comes to a pram stroller it’s obvious that we would love being admired and would feel proud about it as well.

The bugaboo chameleon pram stroller is not only admired based on its class and showy looks, but is also admired based on its quality too. After all, it’s something used by most of the celebrities, so there must be something in it, which won hearts of a million. Bugaboo products are best known for its quality and elegance. The worth of this product won’t be understood unless you use it.

Why choose this Pram Stroller

It comes with a lot of functions and quite a number of instructions. Initially, like the other strollers, parents might find it a bit tricky to use, but it becomes simple once you get a grip on it.

This stroller comes with an adjustable handle in order to make parents comfortable while strolling the 4-wheeled product. The rest place where the baby will lie is made out of air and foam matrices to make it comfortable for the baby to rest.

A lot considers bugaboo chameleon to be very heavy and complicated. But most mothers’ feedback reveals that so far it has been their best purchase of their life. These prams are light weight and portable as well.

Easy to dismantle and takes least amount of space if compared to other strollers. However, since it’s a product that gets advertised via magazines, so it’s obvious that they come a bit expensive than the others. This is probably the only drawback it has.


Double Prams Review

baby pram

Double pram is emerging as a very convenient way of carrying babies around. Two babies in the family mean double the joy for parents but practically speaking double the trouble as well. Do you often feel fatigued trying to carry your two babies in your arms or pushing their separate strollers? Now you can breathe a bit easy thanks to double prams. Let us see if it is indeed a viable option.

There’s no end to the odd jobs that we have to do all day like going to the market or may be just a walk in the neighborhood. A good double pram definitely makes these jobs much easier and comfortable. Yet I do understand that for a parent comfort is secondary to the child’s safety.

You should always check for rough edges, which may hurt your child, and whether the safety harnesses are adequate and meet the specified standards. How easily and effortlessly you can push the pram also needs to be checked. I have seen parents buying fancy prams and then having a strenuous workout pushing wheels that refuse to budge with the weight of two babies.

Double prams are mainly of two models, one in which babies sit one behind the other at different levels so that the view is not blocked and the other in which they sit side by side. The latter variety may be wider and difficult to move through doors so check the measurements before buying.

Most double prams are on the bulkier side but now with the space crunch in all our modern homes they come in adjustable forms where one can dismantle or fold them for effective storage.


Silver Cross Pram Review

baby pram

There is no need to choose between style and safety. One very exciting phase of becoming parents is buying stuff for your little one, and a pram is one very important thing in your shopping list. It is very likely that you will be spoilt for choice while buying strollers.

If you are looking for a high-end pram to pamper your kid with then Silver Cross pram is a great option. They have a variety of choices available and in some families these prams are used over and over again, almost attaining the status of an inherited and albeit cherished gift! So, what makes it so special? Perhaps it is a perfect blend of style and strength.

Which one to choose?

It really depends upon which one you need and your lifestyle. They have a great variety of prams that you can choose from. There are Silver Cross pushchairs, sleepovers, buggies, car seats and so on. Some of them, which are favored by parents, would include the Linear Sleepover, the Wayfarer and the 3D pushchair.

The Linear Sleepover allows your baby to lie flat and also allows it to sit up when a little bit older. It is easy to maneuver and your baby can be seated either in front facing or in rear facing manner. However, one complaint against it is that it is a bit bulky and difficult to manage in buses.

The wayfarer consists of a carrycot and a pushchair and is strongly built. The 3D pushchair is also quite sturdy and the padding makes it very comfortable for babies but most parents seem to have a complaint about its rain cover.

The pricing:

A Silver Cross Pram is one of the best things in life, which certainly does not come cheap! The money is however well spent and most users do not regret the purchase. The pushchairs and strollers can cost anywhere between 350 to 560 pounds while the car seats will set you back by 115-260 pounds, you can choose from a variety of accessories as well.

They also have a very good customer care service, which is very prompt. Thus, there is absolutely no reason why you should wait to get your baby a Silver Cross pram, it is stylish and the safety measures should satisfy even the most finicky of parents!


Silver Cross Dolls Pram Review


baby pram

Silver cross Doll prams come in a variety of names. In case you are searching, at some point of time you will across the name Silver Cross. Some of you might have thought that buying a pram for your child has solved your worries. But you know children and their nature. They hear and see what you do.

Designed ever so originally, it is a tiny lady’s pleasure to take her doll out for a stroll. A must to be seen for every one for its all-round suspension and luxurious upholstery, lever operated brake system, chrome spoked wheels and classic body design.

Whether your child chooses a chrome shopping tray or baby Balmoral you can guarantee yourself of easy cleaning features and attachments. Why chose for a low grade one? Think about what happens in case you little one tortures you for a better one. After all babies don’t reason in what they say, do they?

How to get the exact one for your doll’s doll? That’s easy. Silver cross doll prams present to you doll prams in the same replica as that of your child. It has retractable hood, rubber tires, silver handle, and pillows to keep your doll cozy. It also comprises removable wheels and a concrete braking system.

When you have a silver cross doll pram next to your baby pram, you may be perplexed for a moment or two. Don’t be taken aback if at a very tender age your doll gets acquainted to using silver cross doll pram and guide you to maneuver the real one accurately


How to Choose the Best Baby Pram

Most of the people easily get attracted to the baby prams that have a catchy look. Though there is nothing wrong with that, you need to keep in mind, the most important reason for buying a baby pram or stroller is because of your child’s safety. So along with the catchy look, you need to check on certain parameters so that maximum safety is guaranteed. Here is a compiled list of things that help you choose the best baby strollers or prams.


Harness is the most important feature of the baby prams. Before buying, decide on the type of harness that suits your need. If you want to jog along with the baby or most of the road is rough, then it is better to go for 5-point adjustable safety harness otherwise 3-point is enough.


Again, if you are jogging type of person, then it is better to choose baby prams with large air-filled tires for the smooth ride over the bumpy surfaces.


Look for the baby prams with adjustable handle. This comes handy especially if you are tall or if someone who is tall is going to handle the pram or stroller. Generally, most strollers are designed for average height person.


The size of the stroller matters a lot sometimes. Usually the baby prams will be of wider wheel base to give stability. However, it can also mean that the pram is limited to fit through the check-out at the local shopping mall or at the crowded market. Also make sure that the pram can fit nicely into your car when folded.


Make sure it has a reasonable area of shade and also a view window so that you can check on the baby from behind while moving.


Some accessory might come handy like, net insect protection cover, diaper bags, drink holder and so on. Though you need not look for the Swiss-army baby prams as accessories can be bought separately later.


The frame of the strollers can be made of aluminum, steel, plastic or any combination. So choose the one that is suitable for you. If you are looking for the more stable and durability then go for steel or aluminum. If you are looking for the light-weight baby pram, then probably you have to go for plastic or any other light material.


Also look for the weight of the pram while choosing the material if there are frequent lifting and fitting it into the back of the car or carrying it up-stairs.


Pram should have a sun protection cover or reversible handle so that the exposure of babys sensitive skin and eyes can be avoided.


Cost can be another thing that you need to consider. Are you looking for all-in-one baby pram or is it enough to have a little cheaper baby prams with all the basic features included.

Double Check

After you select the baby pram, it’s time to roll your eyes all over. Make sure it has a proper brake mechanism and lock mechanism for folding and unfolding the pram. Cross check by pressing the seat of the pram when it is unfolded. Also make sure there is no damage in the frame which would hurt the baby.

Take a ride

Finally, try before buy. Take the baby pram around with baby in it (if you have one already) or with some weight in it and check if it is comfortable and the baby too is enjoying the ride.


Safety Precautions when using Baby Prams or Strollers


There are certainly number of safety precautions that you must consider if you are using baby prams or strollers for the first time. Also, applicable if you are planning to buy a new baby pram because you don’t want to regret later finding that one of the most useful accessory is missing.

If you are planning to buy a baby pram, you should probably check this post. Even though you take a lot of care when there is a baby in the pram, there may be times when a little negligence would cause a lot of trouble. Better safe than a sorry. Here is a list of things you must keep in mind while using baby prams.

  • The most important feature of baby prams is its harness. Always use the safety leash or harness which keeps back the baby in position and thus prevents from accidental tipping.
  • Before using the baby prams, check the brakes and make sure that it has a good locking system and easy to operate and set. Also get into the practice of setting the brakes whenever you are not moving.
  • If you bought a new baby pram, do not forget to complete and send your warranty card to the manufacturer. When you do this, you’re telling the manufacturer that you own one of their baby prams or strollers.
  • Make sure that it has a good locking mechanism for folding so that it will not get folded or unfolded unexpectedly.
  • Make sure that you don’t put any extra weight on any side of the baby prams. If you are shopping, then be extra careful to not to put any weight on one side of the prams. This reduces the chances of tipping especially in the uneven or steep incline area.
  • Keep the baby away at the time of folding and unfolding. Don’t let the baby hop into the baby pram or stroller until you are absolutely sure that it is properly locked. A good way to check this is to press down the seat firmly. Also look out for your fingers while folding as it might pinch and cause injury.
  • Don’t forget to attach the umbrella to the baby pram especially if there is a chance of rain or if it is too sunny outside.
  • Most of the baby prams may lose its smoothness in a long term. So make sure the wheels are good enough to have a smooth ride. Because not only you but your baby too will be feeling lot of discomfort with a tough ride.
  • Always make sure that the baby prams that you are using are in good condition before using. Check if there is any broken piece in the prams.
  • Avoid using pillow or folded blanket as a mattress as they might cause the baby to suffocate. Instead use the pram insert or stroller insert which are specifically made to fit in there and make baby as comfort as possible.

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