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You may not know this but colic can easily be addressed with home remedies. It is fortunate to know that there are many mommies out there who have tried and tested home remedies for colic. You can do this to soothe your baby from crying a lot. Let me share to you some tips on how to remedy colic at home.

Tried-and-tested Home Remedies for Colic

Motion. All babies like to moved, rocked a lot as they can get totally bored in just one corner. You can do this by carrying them as you sit on a rocking chair. Movements like riding inside a moving car can calm your baby down. Other moms even try to put their baby on top of a running dryer while in a safety seat. But of course, you don’t want to leave them unattended.

Put the baby to sleep. Whenever your baby starts to cry a seemingly endless cry, do not panic. Instead, put him down to his crib and let it cry. Walk away from the baby and leave it alone for a few minutes. If the baby does not stop crying, try checking for signs of fever with a temperature, check the time if the baby needs to be fed, maybe the baby needs to be burped, a diaper change or simple cuddling.

If crying seems unstoppable, put the baby down once again and walk away. Chances her he/she will settle down and go to sleep.

Stay calm. Having colic is normal and it should not put you into so much worry. Be patient with the thought in mind that this colicky situation will pass. Colic is a phase every baby goes into and it can be soothed by your tender, loving care.

Quit cow’s milk. Research has revealed that cow’s milk can be linked to causing colic. In fact, most moms have changed the infant formula they give to their baby and resort to soy-based formulas. However, if crying still persists after two weeks, it is advisable to discuss this problem with your paediatrician.

Fiber. Fiber helps in your baby’s metabolism and digestion. In some cases, adding a certain amount of fiber to their formula may improve your infant’s condition.

Comfort your baby patiently. Babies can have all sorts of comfort items. You can take a bottle and fill it with warm water then wrap it with a towel. Now, rub this to your baby’s tummy or back. The warm sensation will make your baby feel relaxed and it sometimes helps in taking excess gas out from its little tummy.  Other babies prefer having a pacifier, a blanket to hold, a pillow or a stuffed toy to hug and gentle repetitious sounds like baby music or the noise of other household items.

Bond with your baby. Direct contact with your baby is very important. Gestures like cuddling, touching, holding and massaging your baby gives them the message that they are being cared for. Nothing beats the magic of touch therapy and it works best for babies. Even pediatricians recommend this to most moms. This can differ from one baby to another as not all babies are the same. Some will prefer to be left alone, while some can come down whenever they are carried.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the best advice is just to hang on there. Do not worry about it so much. Take a warn shower whenever you feel discouraged about not being able to calm your baby down. That does not make you a bad parent at all and colic never makes your baby abnormal. Source out emotional support from your pediatrician who can give you the best advises, assurances and experiences to share on other home remedies for colic.

Learn How to Soothe Colicky Babies

soothing a colic babyMost of us parents hope that our baby is colic-free. But colic is normal to all babies. All we can do is find ways how to ease the situation and bring back the peaceful mood and ambiance in your home.

Colic happens when your baby starts to cry without any explainable reason. It can stretch for about 3 hours each time and occurs when baby is in between two and six weeks old. This situation is actually explainable to any pediatrician.

A baby with colic can be pretty irritating for the whole family and it can even consume your patience! This colicky situation will only stop when baby reaches three months old. But did you know that breastfed babies are not that colicky? However, some nursed babies will still have colic sometimes when the baby feels hungry or uneasiness. For experts, a colic baby might have an immature nervous system as it is the last organ of the body to develop. But still, it is explainable.

As a mom, you want to do something about it. You need to comfort your baby as soon as you can and be sure you don’t stress it out. Babies tend to be very sensitive on how their mother feels and it can only result to more crying. You ask your partner to assist you and take turns on calming the baby down. But if you are alone with the baby, try to put the baby in the crib gently and step of out the room. Stay away from the baby for just a few minutes while peeking at what he/she does. Did the baby stop crying? If not, go back inside and play soft musical sounds from a CD to help soothe the baby.

How about giving your little one a soft blanket, a pacifier or a stuffed animal toy? Maybe the baby is just hungry, why not give a bottle of milk? It could be a lot of things! It is very important to be patient while soothing a colicky baby. It is never you fault if this is happening and this doesn’t make you a bad parent either. If nothing seems to work, carry your baby and hug him/her close to you. Walk back and forth the room or sit with him on a rocking chair. This will remind your baby how it feels like when he was still in your womb, and it can soothe him.

You can also make funny noises that will divert his attention from crying. Some babies enjoy the sound of the dryer, the vacuum, or the fan. You can mimic these sounds and observe how he reacts to it. A massage also helps colicky babies calm down. With a mild massage oil, rub your palms gently onto the legs while moving them towards the stomach. This will serve as a good exercise and can help emit any gas in its tummy.

Give your baby a relaxing massage. Work the colic out with some of your loving touch therapies. It certainly works and your baby can even fall asleep while having it. For other moms, a warm bottle of water placed on the stomach can also help in releasing excess gas. Be sure it is warm and nice, not too hot for the baby to handle.

A colicky situation usually happens with a pattern. Snuggle your baby before it starts and give him a diversion. Hold your child gently and caress the skin with your touch. However, if crying seems to persist no matter how much you do to relieve it, contact your pediatrician to share your concerns.

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