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7 Fun Cardio Activities for Kids

It’s tough getting kids up and moving nowadays, what with all the television, video games and access to computers.  It’s one major reason childhood obesity has become more widespread.  Persuading your children to exercise doesn’t have to be a battle; all you have to do is find hobbies they enjoy and are healthy and fun.  Here are some activities you might want to consider encouraging them to take up:


If your kids doesn’t enjoy traditional team sports, then tennis could be a great option.  It gives good cardio exercise while developing hand-eye coordination and working multiple muscle groups.  And, although they aren’t part of a team it still encourages them to meet and play with other children.


I took dance lessons from the age of 3 until I was 16 and loved every second of it, but you don’t have to enroll your kids in classes. It’s just as much fun to turn on the music a couple times a week and make up silly dances.  This encourages movement, balance, and coordination, it raises the heart rate and it encourages your children to be more imaginative.

Video games

OK, we were blaming video games for the rise in obesity but they’ve come a long way in recent years especially with the launch of the Wii.  Now there are hundreds of “games” that encourage movement.  Children can play sports like tennis and golf, go ten pin bowling, dance, ski and even hula hoop.  These are fun and entertaining ways for your children to get exercise and still play video games.  And, believe me, these are just as addictive as their other video games.


If your kids enjoys team activities, soccer is a great way for them to get their heart pumping, improve their coordination, learn teamwork, and have fun at the same time.  If you’re worried about the problem of the competition taking away some of that fun, there are many teams for children who play in leagues that don’t keep score.


kids love to go swimming and doing laps is excellent exercise for them, without causing wear and tear on their growing bones and joints.  It’s increases endurance and stamina, plus it’s a skill that could save their life (speaking from experience).  The pool is a great place for children to hang out with their friends and play. Just make sure they do some swimming in between the cannonballs and splashing.

Hacky sack

This is a wonderfully simple and cheap activity to get your kids moving.  It teaches coordination and balance, and helps your kids work as part of a group and socialize at the same time.  And, unlike many group games, there are no teams so children are only attempting to beat their own score and not trying to win.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope can be a great workout whichever version your kids are doing.  It really gets their hearts working and improves coordination, agility and endurance skills.  It’s also cheap and easy to get started. Most children don’t even think of jumping rope as exercise because it’s such fun.

These ideas are just a few of the activities you can try to get your child involved in exercise. Making some of these activities a family affair will encourage the children further and help you all to keep fit and active.

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