Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Really Work

Could You Be Pregnant?

Early pregnancy signs are often misinterpreted by those that experience them.  Many times, women may think that they are experiencing them when they are not.  That is because most of the early pregnancy signs are very minor and could be due to other conditions or just a woman’s natural cycle.

Yet, if you are trying to get pregnant, these early symptoms can begin to show themselves just a few weeks after you have become pregnant.  If you are noticing changes in your body, it is essential that you consider the possibility of pregnancy and talk to your doctor about it.
Here are some of the most common early pregnancy signs that you may have.  Because each woman’s body is unique, you may experience all, some or none of these symptoms in various degrees.  What’s more, your body may change in the symptoms it shows from one pregnancy to the next.

Extreme, Unexplained Fatigue

For most women, being tired is a normal part of life.  They feel tired due to the things that they are accomplishing throughout the day and little sleep.  Yet, one of the early pregnancy signs is when your body is fatigued beyond the normal range or more so than normal without a really obvious reason.  Fatigue is often prolonged exhaustion that does not seem to subside when you have gotten a full nights rest.  This could be a sign that something is happening inside your body.

best homemade pregnancy tests that really work

In fact, if you are experiencing this early pregnancy sign, chances are good that a lot is happening in your body that is causing you to become tired and worn.  The main culprit behind this type of fatigue is hormones.

Once your body becomes aware that you are pregnant, it kicks in with various hormones that work to provide a suitable environment for the baby including developing your uterus into a womb.

The influx of this great amount of hormones causes your body to become exhausted.  The good news is that this early pregnancy sign is one that will fade away or minimize throughout the pregnancy the more that your body becomes accustomed to the added hormones.

Spotting And Cramping, Before Your Period, Should Start

Perhaps one of the most frightening of all of the early pregnancy signs is the spotting and cramping that happens.  For those women that are carefully trying to get pregnant, this can seem like a very worrisome event, but it

In fact, many people mistakenly think that they are not pregnant because of this, or often think that their period is early.  It is normal for women to have spotting which are light amounts of blood about ten days to two weeks after conception happens.  This spotting is called implantation bleeding and is completely normal and to be expected.

best homemade pregnancy tests that really work

Implantation bleeding is generally very light and often has bright red blood.  It will not be as dark as your normal period, nor should it last as long or be as much.  For most people, it is just a small trace and goes unnoticed.

The condition happens as the egg is fertilized and then later attaches itself to the lining of your uterus.  In addition to the bleeding, many women also face cramping.  This amount of cramping is much lighter than that of a menstruation period and should be much less intense.  Many do not realize that they are having this pain, or it is a very mild occurrence.

If either of these early pregnancy signs is intense, it could be that you are not pregnant and are experiencing an early period.  It could be something more.  In serious pain situations, do contact your doctor as soon as possible to talk about what is happening.  He will be able to offer advice and information to help you.

Painful Breasts

For many women, an early pregnancy sign is that of having tender, painful breasts.  The breasts may be swollen.  This is one of the first and the most commonly experienced early pregnancy signs.

It can be just what you need to see to know that you are pregnant.  In some situations, the breasts become very tender to the point of pain when they are touched.  This usually happens in as short as two weeks after you have conceived.

Tender and swollen breasts are caused by hormone changes.  These changes will happen over the next months but the breasts are not likely to remain this painful throughout your pregnancy.

Symptoms here may include the feel of having heavier breasts, having a tingling feeling or even having sore breasts.  In some women, this is the only symptom in pregnancy that they will have prior to missing their first period.

Nausea and Vomiting

This early sign is in fact morning sickness.  Most women will not experience it until several weeks into their pregnancy, but for some, it can happen just a few weeks into it.

Usually, this feels like the flu but it does not go away.  The vomiting may happen at any time of the day, though most people feel better after they have thrown up.  For some, it can be the feeling of nausea throughout the day that does not subside.


Another telling sign of early pregnancy, the amount of hormones in your system is causing your mood to swing.  You may feel good only to find yourself feeling as if you need to cry.  There may be things that trigger this reaction to you or they may be completely unexplained.

Headaches, Dizziness, Faint

All of these are early pregnancy signs.  Again, all are caused by the influx of hormones during early pregnancy.  If you are experiencing them, it is important for you to talk to your doctor especially if they become severe.

Early pregnancy signs can be frustrating because of how often they mimic everyday events.  Yet, when in combination, or in severity, or even in unexplained conditions, these signs are something you may want to react to.

Deciding to use the best homemade pregnancy test

There are times when you might have a reason to want to use a homemade pregnancy test. Some women are not comfortable visiting a doctor for something this intimate and prefer to find out the results in the privacy of their own home.

There are several safe methods, but none of these can be used to confirm pregnancy, and the positive results should be verified by a competent medical professional as soon as possible. However, in practice, such pregnancy tests could be used as a pretty certain sign you will give birth in a while  if they are positive;

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

In the moments of doubt if you would like to find out if you are pregnant you could try using a homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste. There are numerous different tests that aren’t as accurate but this is one of the best homemade pregnancy tests that work. An additional benefit is that is is almost free –  as the toothpaste is something that individuals utilize every day.

This particular test is a very popular old wives’ tale.  It is said that you will want to use toothpaste that is white in color.  It is not really known why to use white toothpaste.


2 tbsp of white toothpaste apply it onto a plate or into a cup.

Pour some urine over it.

Wait for 5-10 minutes

Negative Result: No reaction

Positive Result: Toothpaste turns  blue  with froth

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test

A homemade pregnancy test with pine sol is very accurate which is the reason why it has been used by numerous women for years.  You will want to make sure that the pine sol you are using doesn’t contain additives or any type of fragrances.  As you will find out that there are numerous women that have used this test first before they have gone to their doctor to confirm their pregnancy. The result they get at home usually matches the results at the doctor’s office which confirms this test does work very well.

Pine-sol is a common cleaning product.  You can use this product in helping you determine if you are pregnant.  This particular way of doing a pregnancy test is quite easy to do.


Put some pine sol into a clean container.

Add a sample of urine and add it to the pine sol which is in a container.

Wait for about 5-10 minutes

Negative Result: No reaction

Positive Result: Color change of the urine associated with froth


Bleach Homemade Pregnancy Test

When you are using bleach to make the best homemade pregnancy test, you will definitely want to perform it outside as this is a chemical that could be unpleasant to inhale.  There have been numerous women who have used this homemade pregnancy test and tested positive.  When they went to their doctor it was then confirmed that they were actually pregnant.  You will definitely want to go to your doctor after the test to make sure if you truly are pregnant.


Pour bleach in a cup

Put urine about 1/4 on another cup

Add urine to the cup with bleach

Negative result: A fizzy reaction not vigorous

Positive result: Frothy beer like urine


For individuals who would like a quick test at home bleach pregnancy test is an excellent choice. As with other ones this particular test is much easier to do in the comfort of your home as it will save on time and gas, and you won’t have to drive to the store or see a doctor. But if the results are positive make sure to confirm with your gynecologist.

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