Cloudy Urine In Early Pregnancy : Should I Be Worried?

Why is my urine cloudy?

Once you’ve confirmed you’re pregnant, you’ll notice cloudy urine. Cloudy urine is very common among women in early pregnancy. This is due to certain hormonal changes occurring inside the body during this phase. However, medical experts consider this condition to be absolutely normal and not a cause for concern.

On the other hand, if the condition persists for more than a couple of days; then it is essential to consult a medical practitioner to check for any incidence of infection in the urinary tract or other diseases.

If the pregnant woman experiences changes in urine colour, along with odour, for more than a few days then it is advisable to seek medical consultation.

Causes of cloudy urine early pregnancy period


Hormonal Changes

cloudy urine early pregnancy

There are a number of factors that lead to cloudy urine during pregnancy. Apart from hormonal changes taking part in the body while the embryo grows, certain other changes also trigger this phenomenon.

Diet during Pregnancy

cloudy urine in early pregnancy

Dietary changes are a major cause that results in this condition among women. Several types of food have a direct impact and even an adverse effect upon the body. Dairy products, in particular, may trigger an allergic reaction and even other chemical reactions resulting in the formation of cloudy urine.

Under normal conditions, cloudy urine can take place in pregnant women who have a very large meal before going to sleep. As a result, phosphate crystals are generated in the urine samples the following day.

Protein Accumulation in Pregnancy

Cloudy urine can also take place due to protein build-up within the body during pregnancy. The condition is called proteinuria. However, these results can have grave medical implications and may even result in preeclampsia.

Excessive accumulation of protein in urine would eventually appear to be cloudy, as well as, foamy. If the condition persists for more than a couple of days, it is possible that the pregnant lady would require serious medical intervention. A thorough analysis of urine would help to initiate effective treatment.

Infections when Pregnant

Various pregnancy-related diseases may also trigger cloudy urine during pregnancyTransmission of sexual diseases at the time of pregnancy is a very serious threat to you and even your unborn baby.

Cloudy urination, along with burning sensation while urinating, is common symptoms of such a terrible condition. Consultation with a doctor is highly recommended if any such case arises.

Not only sexual diseases, but cloudy and painful urination may also take place due to infection of the urinary tract. Such conditions require immediate medical attention.

Although infection of urinary tract among women is very common during pregnancy, effective treatment is urgently necessary. Otherwise, there is a high chance of damaging the kidneys and urinary bladder, resulting in a life-threatening condition.

Odorless vaginal discharge also leads to cloudy urine. In many circumstances, pregnant women tend to discharge contaminated fluid along with urine. While discharging odorless matter is considered to be a healthy signal, discolored vaginal discharge having a strong odor is certainly a cause for concern. In most cases, it is found that excessive protein leads to such a condition during the latter part of the pregnancy period.

Hydration Levels

In some instances, it is found that urine can be rather dark. Such a condition readily reflects a dehydrated state during pregnancy, which can usually be alleviated by drinking water. These are not only pregnancy conditions, but healthy adults may also show such symptoms.

Steps for checking cloudy urine condition during pregnancy

The first and foremost step in such instances is to get confirmed that the pregnant woman is not affected with any type of sexually transmitted disease. Getting a thorough checkup done is a pre-requisite.

You should also undertake a number of check-ups to confirm that no infection of the urinary tract has taken place. Consult your physician for this purpose.

After getting all these confirmations, try to adjust your dietary and exercise patterns. However, if the problem regarding cloudy urine during pregnancy condition persists for more than two days, it is essential to go for tests.

Many infections of the urinary tract are easily treated with simple medications. However, in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, the treatment may require a longer duration. Effective treatment is necessary under this condition to protect both the mother and the child.

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