Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag Review and Buying Guides

Between daycare and the grocery store, play dates with other toddling tots and sipping coffee with their moms, parents today have a lot weighing on their minds.Weighing even more heavily on their shoulders, however, outdated are diaper bags crusted over with spilt milk and sporting a style best left in the 1980s.
Thankfully, innovative companies have set out to make that staple baby necessity, the diaper bag, more a thing of the present.
Take, for instance, the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, in the uber-popular chevron print.

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Why Duo Signature Diaper Bag?

What buyers love about this bag in particular is that Skip Hop truly listened to criticisms and suggestions made a whole host of new features in the updated Duo design.
This bag features a lot of storage without seeming too bulky, and among the exciting new characteristics of the Skip Hop Duo is its ability to hold mom and dad’s high tech gear, even laptops or tablets up to fifteen inches.
Duo Signature Best Backpack Diaper Bag comes with comfortable shoulder straps.
One of the key phrases used by buyers has been usability and durability. In this day and age of planned obsolescence, in our society of consumption, products are designed to be used and thrown away in a short span of time as we make way for the “next best thing”.
However, as parents on a budget know, child-rearing is costly, and in order to get the best out of your precious dollars, it’s necessary to invest in items that can last. Some imitation bags will disappoint quite quickly, with shoddy stitching and poor overall quality.
The Skip Hop Duo Signature, however, according to its buyers, can last you not only throughout your child’s infancy, but can even last for when kiddo number two rolls around.
Another nice amenity this stylish diaper bag boasts is its capacious inner compartment and the extra pockets for storing additional items. According to one mom, she was able to fit in numerous diapers, burp rags, wet bag, binkies, diaper ointment, a change of clothes, wipes, and more, including her own personal items!
In spite of all of this, buyers still boast that the Skip Duo Signature is still a medium-sized bag, making it the Golidilocks of diaper bags: not too big, not too small, but just right.
You can easily attach the Signature baby bag to your stroller.
Buyers love the Skip Hop Duo Signature for being an ‘all day’ bag, in other words, the sort of diaper bag that lasts from the frenzied packing before you leave the door all the way until you finally kick off your shoes at the end of a long day.
Aside from the generous storage space, the bag also makes its name as an all-day bag from its versatility. The bag can be worn in a variety of different ways, even coming with its own matching shoulder straps for when it’s time to throw it over your shoulder and chase after your little ones.
With a smart set of clips, you can attach the Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag right onto your stroller, or even your shopping cart for when it’s time to pick up more applesauce and finger foods.
is sure to ooh and aah the other moms and dads at the park

Any Complaints About This Baby Bag?

Some mamas and dads were a little less than impressed with the Skip Hop Duo Signature, but as they say, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Some thing to consider, however, among the chief complaints is that the bag actually is not capacious enough.
One can translate this into meaning that, if you have multiples or other reasons to need a lot of extra storage capacity, a bigger diaper bag will probably suit you better.
Another complaint that some parents brought up in regard to this almost ubiquitously loved bag is that it is not machine washable, meaning you can’t simply throw it into the washing machine with a load of whites without destroying or greatly reducing the functionality of the bag.
In order to keep this bag clean, you’ll need to break out a gentle detergent and spot clean spills and dirt with good old fashioned elbow grease. Some customers also complained that the slot included matching diaper pad is too small.
This makes it difficult to get the diaper changing pad back into its place in the diaper bag, which can especially be a bummer when you’re in a hurry and on the go.

Is The Skip Hop Duo Signature Baby Bag For You?

If we were to sum up the Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag, we would have to say that the good reviews are actually quite stellar, and they by far outweigh the criticisms.
World-class craftsmanship and beautiful design meet functionality with this diaper bag, offering a wealth of space and organizational capabilities for parents new to the game and experienced players.
Keep in mind that it may not be big enough to suit every family’s needs, and you may want to check out the provided size dimensions to make sure that it will be large enough, or perhaps not too large.

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