6 of the best baby monitors

Having a baby sleeping in the next room can be a nightmare especially to first time mothers but now understanding more what they go through, baby monitors can go a long way in making life easy.
No worry now you can afford sleep in even in a different room from your baby, even on a different floor and still take care of them as if they were in the same room courtesy of  a baby monitor that alerts you when the baby cries. Better still there are monitors that not only have the audio but the video and night vision.
Here are some of the 6-best baby monitors that are cost effective and serve the purpose adequately.
Infant optics Dxr-5 A video baby monitor with night vision


A basic, simple, reliable, affordable and easy to operate baby monitor.

Has a high quality and very sensitive microphone. Has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and has a range of 150 feet indoors and 800 feet outdoors. Its audio is crystal clear and has no interference with other wireless devices like phones. Video quality is excellent; at 30 frames/second and is full of color during the day Uses FHSS technology which means it is next to impossible for anyone to spy on the camera. Uses either batteries or plug in AC adapter.




An audio baby monitor that is so clear and is two way meaning you can talk back to your baby still from another room. It is wireless thus next to impossible to spy on it. It covers around 1000 feet. It uses rechargeable batteries that run for 18 hours. The parents unit is light and has a belt clip hence easy to move around with and keep in touch with the baby. It also has the silent mode where it flashes with red light and vibrates to alert you on baby’s noise. You still can have two parent units if you want.


Motorola MBP365

Good for twins as it has a remote control that lets you tilt, pan and zoom the camera. Also has night vision and crystal clear audio that even if camera is not in the right direction, you will still hear them cry and tilt the camera to see them. The parent unit is wireless and has arrange of 600 feet and will always alert you when you go out of range. Also comes with a rechargeable battery and will always alert you when battery is low. The display is large and clear that even if you want a single video for two babies in a single room or different rooms. The Motorola MBP365 has extra cameras and one can have two if need be to watch over your two babies in separate rooms and receive their images on one screen in split mode or in a cycle. And more still can use your remote to tilt pan or zoom the either of the cameras.
Nest Cam best wifi video camera baby monitor


Can monitor your baby from almost anywhere with your smart phone or tablet! All you require is wifi monitors and fast high speed internet connections and wifi signals should be strong. The video quality is unquestionable as it is clear but image size depended on your smart phone/tablet screen and the sound quality superb. You can have as many cameras as you wish and place them in various places and the various images of your baby will be synced. It also has a long battery life. So long as you are not put off by more high tech requirements and you know to connect the complex wifi monitors, it is the best wifi video camera.

Icontrol Networks Piper nv



Has a unique security camera that doubles as a home automation hub. Intergrets with z wave devices. Has a more robust camera sensor and a fast processor. You can tilt, zoom and pan the camera.Has two way audio and you can talk back to your baby. Has a sharp night vision. Although it cannot download and record a video, you can download clips to your photo gallery.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor


Can watch your baby from your smart phone/tablet with images having high resolution video as it has a wide angle,3-megapixel camera. It is motion free and has automatic night vision. You can navigate through the room by tilting, zooming or pan the camera by a touch on your smart phone screen. Has a clear, uninterrupted sound and immediately your baby cries, you are alerted. You are also alerted when there are changes in temperature, humidity, movement or noise in the baby’s room and you can be at par with your baby’s comfort. All these made possible even when far from your baby; maybe at home or have traveled.

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