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What’s the best baby Food Maker?

The most tedious work for a mother is to prepare food for their children and if you are new mom then you are going to face a lot more issues and there comes the Baby Food Maker to your rescue. A baby food maker is a machine which helps you prepare your baby food easily and more conveniently.

What you can do with the Food Maker:-

You can use them to steam, blend, puree, warm and even defrost food for the baby.This device will allow you to make food on the spot or you can prepare a lot and store some for the week. It may work out easier that way for you especially if you do not have much help. Failing that you can always prepare it the old fashioned way. Cook the food then use a blender to make the puree. The excess food that you make can be stored plastic covered ice cube trays to harden and then transferred to Ziploc bags until they are needed.

Tips to choose the best baby food maker :-

Tip 1. You want to get a unit that has all of it’s controls in one place. You don’t want switches, dials and toggles to be in different places on the machine. centrally located makes using the machine much easier to operate.

baby food makerTip 2. It is a good idea to consider what is a good amount of food can be prepared in the baby food maker you choose. 2 to 2 1/2 cups of food is excellent capacity. It allows you to prepare a meal and have left over to store for the next meal and the next and maybe still some left over the next day.

Tip 3. The machine you choose should give you total control of the texture of the food you make for your baby. Babies like varying textures for different types of foods and babies tastes change just as ours do. Some machines can limit how much control you have on the textures you can create.

Tip 4. The machine should be an all in one unit that will eliminate the need to use two or more pots or appliances to make the food.

Tip 5. The baby food maker you buy should be able to cook meat, chick and yes even fish. Babies need protein as they grow. Good quality lean protein that can be mixed with other puree’s that you have made.

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker Review

If you are looking for a more efficient baby food maker with consistent performance and easy to handle then Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer is the perfect product for you. If you will follow the directions exactly in terms of water amount and the size of the diced food to put in to be steamed, then the resulting puree will be  perfectly consistent. you will  also love the efficiency of having all the steaming and pureeing in one bowl — just turning a 3-position dial couldn’t be easier. You will like the size – it’s about the size of a small coffee maker, like you might find in a hotel room. It has a small footprint and is unimposing on the counter top.

You might find the containers of other baby food makers to be small enough in comparison to this one. If you have to make more than once in other food makers the certainly your baby food will be prepared in one step using this baby food maker as it can hold up to four cups in one time.. The food will be  perfectly puréed and ready for your baby. And cleaning can not be more easier as you have to clean just one container. Filling/emptying the reservoir is easy, and the dial has just three options- steam, chop and off

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker Review

baby food maker

When it comes to choosing the best baby food maker then the Beaba Brand is a well known name . They are producing quality baby food makers since years and the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker
is no exception to this. It comes with a French made blender , steamer, defroster and re heater all integrated in to one part. If you prepare food and freeze them in batches you will check the ultimate power of the de foster .It has the option to steam vegetables which will help in retaining the essential vitamins of the vegetables. All the materials which will come in contact with the food are PVC free materials for top hygienic and your safety. It can steam the vegetables , fruits and meat in as low as 15 minutes afterwards it blends them to the appropriate consistency. Then if you want you can de frost them or even can re heat them after some time when you require.

Some of the major features of this baby food maker are it includes 2½ – cup capacity bowl, cooking basket, spatula and recipe booklet , Bowl is unbreakable Polysulfone (PSU) and the cooking basket is polypropylene (PP). Bowl and basket are top rack dishwasher safe.

Finally if you are a moody mom like you cook when you wish and you juice when you wish then this is the baby food maker for you as it won’t take much time to clean up. It will fit any where in your kitchen due to it’s compact size. Gives good food , preserves vitamin, easy after clean up and the winner of JPMA Innovation Award what else any body wants.Go for it – it worth the price.

NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker Review

If you consider the price to the quality then NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker is one of the best baby food maker  available in the market. It is worth more than the price you pay for it. Comes with twenty pieces consisting of one blender and blender bowl, one sippy cup and six stackable cups for everything you need to prepare baby food and storage. The durable sippy cup and blender bowl are made of durable tritan plastic to withstand ice crushing force of the 250 watt blender base from #1 blending brand Oster. You can prepare the baby food in two different ways one by blending the food in the blender and the other by blending smoothies directly in the durable sippy cup. The sippy cup is specially designed for smoothies. The best part of this baby food maker is that it’s dual purpose blender grows as your child grows and can even server your entire family. You can blend and puree fresh baby foods in seconds and can store them in the storage cups with lids. The blender also features a convinent one touch blending action. No complicated buttons, just press one single button and blending starts, quite easy if you are new to the baby food maker. The powerful ice-crushing 250 watt motor is powered by Oster, America’s #1 blender brand so you know it’s built for superior quality and lasting durability. About afterwards cleaning all parts except the blender base are dishwasher safe. All the storage containers are dishwasher safe , microwave safe and freezer safe. About the durability am using it since last 1.5 years and it’s running smooth till now without any issues.

I would suggest this to every new parents looking for baby food maker.

NUK Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker Review

baby food makerNUK Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Makercomes with a dual action function which helps you to either cook or blend and prepare delicious food easily and in real quick time. The cooking procedure is completely steam based so that no vitamins and nutrients are lost during cooking. It’s extra large bowl helps you prepare four meal at a time ultimately saving your precious time. It also has a double steamer basket to separate food and in turn preserving the true flavors of food. With this Cook-n-Blend baby Food Maker you can create fast and nutritious meals from start to finish in two easy steps!. About cleaning it is super easy as all parts are dishwasher safe . It also comes with a smoothie blade and a recipe booklet to get you started.

I bought this last year for my 8 months old daughter and since then it is working fine and I am getting a lot of time to do other works. Generally it’s a tedious task to prepare food at home and when it comes to preparing good organic food with vitamins and nutrients preserved then it become much harder for a new mother. But this product definitely helped me a lot to overcome this and am quite happy with it’s functioning and features. It also takes a small space in my kitchen and very easy to clean up. I generally prefer fresh food in comparison to stored foods in the freezer. So I use to prepare food daily and this baby food maker is operated everyday since I bought it and have never shown any issues. You must go for it – it’s really worth the money.