Type of Grants For Autistic Children

, Type of Grants For Autistic Children

Types Of Grants To Help Autistic Children And Their Family

, Type of Grants For Autistic Children

As a grant writer I am asked a lot about grants for Autistic children. Good news is that there are lots of organizations, foundations and groups that help parents and children with an autism spectrum diagnosis. They help families pay for costs of medical care and medication expenses. Grants can also be found to help parents take care of there autistic child such as pay for a home aid, pay for a special preschool, cover costs to make the home safe for the child and help pay for things that will help the child learn or live a full life.

Bad new is that funding is low and once funds are gone for the years the grants can no longer be given out until the grant finds more funding. Because the grants are operated on low funding most grants only pay for parts of a expense and require parents or guardian to pay for the rest. There are few grants that can give cash grants directly to families most grants are awarded the service or good being directly paid for.


Safety Equipment Grants For Autistic Children

Special Need Grants For Autistic Children

, Type of Grants For Autistic ChildrenWe already covered grants to help keep a child safe with technology equipment with trackers but there are also expenses that may occur with other safety features, like building a fence, putting up gates, straps for heavy furniture and adding door charms to all doors that open outside. Money may also be given to by specialty car seats, strollers, head gear and other equipment that will help improve a child’s safety.

There are also mini grants to help pay for buying safety equipment for community places serving children with autism. To find assistance with these programs talk to your local Family Services center to check if they have any funds available.

The ASCONN mini grant program gives grants to help improve the safety and improve the life of an individual that has Autism. They award several grants of up to $1,000 each annually.

Technology Grants For Autistic Children

Assistive Technology Grants

, Type of Grants For Autistic Children

There has been a lot of research for technology that has helps aid a autistic child. Some technical devices have really shown to be a great tool for kids with autism and their families but sadly not all who could benefit from the technology can afford it.

That is where assistive technology grants help. They are founded by local group, national organizations and even government agencies. Grants for technical devices that help an autistic child learn like an iPad or a touch screen computer. They can also pay for technology for a personal tracking system that may keep a autistic child keep safe that has a habit of wondering.

When searching for grants to pay for technical devices, you do not just have to search under technology grants. Look for grants for autistic children that gives “quality of life” grants and grants to improve safety. Look for foundations that have previously granted funds that you are looking for such as: Hannah and Friends, ACT Today and Danny’s Wish.



How To Improve An Autistic Childs Independance Through Technology

, Type of Grants For Autistic Children

Autism And Computers: Maximizing Independence Through Technology


Home Therapy Intervention Programs

In home or at pre-school therapy can be provided to children with a autistic diagnosis from the age three to five. To find out more information and how your child can qualify contact your local Early Childhood Intervention Center.

If you are unaware as to where your center is or how to contact them contact your local school, they will have the information available.

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