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Top 6 Tips To Reduce Newborn Expenses

 How To Reduce Newborn Expenses

newborn expensesChoosing to have a child is a huge decision, and the thought of handling the newborn expenses can be overwhelming. You have most likely factored financial considerations in to that decision.

Newborns are extremely expensive. Even when you put money aside to have a baby, you are going to be shocked at just how quickly that money is gone. As your newborn grows, they will bring more and more costs with them.

If you can quickly learn the ropes about what it takes to raise a newborn, you’ll be better prepared for the types of expenses to expect. Then, you can make a plan for how to pay for it, and how to cut down on costs while still providing your little one with everything they need.

Below are  few tips you can use to help reduce the cost of having a baby and let you focus on the joys of being a new parent.

Pay Attention to Hospital Charges

One of the best ways to save money when having a baby starts at the hospital. Pass on having a private room.

The fees for these rooms vary a lot, but they are extremely expensive and usually not worth it. Also, give up on other extras such as a TV. The hospital usually does not tell you this, but most charge nearly $10 a day for TV.

It’s important to know what you will be charged for upfront so that you don’t spend a few days in the hospital racking up bills for things you did not really need.

Therefore, a good research on various hospital would be a plus and know the available packages with their estimated costs both Vaginal delivery and Cesarean section.

TIP: Always compare prices of different hospitals and what their delivery package entails in order to reduce the newborn expenses

Breastfeed your newborn

newborn expenses

Studies show that breastfeeding is healthier for babies than using formula hence its among the list that will help you cut on the newborn expenses.

On top of that, breastfeeding will save you close to $1,500 during the first year your baby is alive. That’s right, formula is expensive, and you have to buy lots of it! Not only will breastfeeding save you money, but the benefits it provides for your baby’s health will be well worth it.

Embrace the Baby Shower

newborn expenses

If this is your first child, a baby shower will save you hundreds of dollars in newborn expenses especially on essentials you may not have even realized you need.

If friends or family offer to throw you a baby shower, don’t be modest—accept the offer. The whole point of a baby shower is for you to stock up on things that you are going to need for your baby.

Your friends will buy you clothing, diapers, and other necessities that will help you be prepared for your first baby. This will save you money in the long run because when you have your next child, you’ll be able to re-use the crib, baby carrier, clothing, changing table, and other presents you got at your first baby shower.

Don’t Over-buy Baby Clothes

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It is easy to go a little overboard when buying clothes for your little one—it can be tough to resist those adorable oneness and precious baby booties.

However, newborns grow extremely fast and most of them will outgrow their baby clothes before they ever get a chance to wear all of the outfits bought for them.

You’ll most likely get enough clothes as gifts or from your baby shower to last your baby through the newborn stage.

You might have to do a little extra laundry since newborns are messy, but you’re better off not spending a fortune on clothes that will be outgrown in a matter of weeks.

Skip on Shoes

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Sure, you can go to the store and spend $20 to $40 on baby footwear that your newborn will never use. However, studies show that babies learn to walk faster if they are barefooted.

Thus, not buying shoes during the early years will help cut on these newborn expenses and help your baby learn to walk quicker.

Once again, it can be tough to resist those precious little shoes on the shelf that are just screaming “buy me, I’m adorable!” But if you can resist the urge to invest in dozens of tiny shoes, you’ll soon realize that you’re saving a bundle since your little one never wears shoes anyway.

Buy Diapers in Bulk

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While you may be able to cut costs in some areas, you simply can’t cut down on diaper use—it’s an unavoidable cost. This is one area where you simply cannot buy enough.

Buying the small packages of diapers is going to cost you more money in the long run. So visit wholesale clubs, and buy your diapers in bulk. It will end up saving you nearly $200 a year.

Just pay close attention because diapers can start to become too small. At that point, it might be time to move up to the next size. If you notice your baby  growing, it may be a good idea to buy smaller packages for a week or two so you don’t end up with a bunch of extra diapers that don’t fit and in these way you will have reduced these newborn expenses entirely!!

Cloth diapers are anothet alternative that can held reduce newborn expenses. However, you need to be careful as the might need to be changed frequently to avoid skin sores.

Top tip: Always check out for any adverse reactions on your baby from any diaper brand

Having kids is no small expense, but after a few weeks of being a parent, you will soon learn that the experience is truly priceless.

Although you want the best for your child, you don’t have to break the bank on every expense related to the baby. The money that you save can be put towards your child’s future! Learning to budget and cut on costs early on in your child’s life will allow you the luxury of having savings for the future, that will give your child a stable and secure childhood.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the costs that a newborn brings with it—take everything one expense at a time, and look for areas where you can save a little here or there.

With the above tips, you are now able to budget early enough whether you are a first time or second or third parent to be and give priority where necessary.


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  1. So many great tips! I am currently pregnant with our fourth child and I totally agree with all of these ideas! Baby shoes are so ironic…LOL! They can’t even walk, but they ARE so cute! 😉 I had a hart time embracing my showers (and sprinkles for my other children) but it’s helpful for me to think that my friends and family want to help us welcome our new child into our family! 🙂

  2. Great tips! Mine are now 6 and 2.5 yrs old; it’s so funny when I was a brand new parents I wanted to spend so much money on random things which I didn’t even end up using.

    Babies really don’t need much clothing, as they will grow out of those so quick and people will keep gifting all that cute stuff anyway! I totally agree about the shoes. We only had some winter shoes for winters in Alaska, other than that, no need and their little feet will be big too soon. Also, Once Upon A Child saved us so much money, especially that we were able to sell everything after they outgrew it.

  3. but baby shoes are so adorable, how can any parent resist buying all of them! but i’ve also heard (not sure if they’re old wives’ tales) that babies shouldn’t be wearing shoes until they’ve fully learnt how to walk at the age of 2. apparently, wearing shoes hinder their learning process and might cause them to develop improper walking posture.

    • I know right? Oh well, every parent has that temptation. However, according to American Academy of Pediatrics babies should wear shoes once they have started walking and not before as shoes do not in anyway help babies walk any faster…

  4. There are some really helpful tips here.

    In Australia its pretty common to have private health cover (several reasons for this that I won’t go into :)) so its worth finding out what level of cover you had. With my hospital cover it didn’t cost me much at all to go to a private hospital or have my own room.

    Whenever there was a good sale on nappies, I bought a couple packets in the current size plus a couple in the next size up.

    2nd hand baby clothes are great too. some of them are practically new because they grow out of them so fast.


  5. Really helpful tips I feel very lucky that we have the NHS in the UK and do not have to pay for the hospital its such a shame that you don’t have free healthcare as that would help a lot with cutting the costs. #GlobalBlogging

  6. Ah these are some really good tips! I think breastfeeding saved me LOADS of money. Luckily I didn’t buy many clothes, my family and friends gave me so many onsies we didn’t even use all of them lol. Baby shower is really interesting I’d never heard this before, will have to do it next time! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

  7. Loved this! We get so caught up in wanting all the little gadgets don’t we. I went all crazy on shoes. Still have many of them in packages. Breastfeeding does help a lot! Boy is formula expensive! Thanks for linking up! #GlobalBlogging

  8. Love this! We get so caught up in wanting all the little gadgets don’t we. I went all crazy on shoes. Still have many of them in packages. Breastfeeding does help a lot! Boy is formula expensive! Thanks for linking up! #GlobalBlogging

  9. I came across the article as I’m doing a project about baby clothing. There are also many companies that provide a “leasing system” for baby clothes, or sell clothes that “grow” with your baby, like Vigga, Nula, and Grasshopper by Wild Carrots just to name a few. Thought it might help some people 🙂


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