sleep disturbance in toddlers

Sleep Disturbance In Toddlers- What To Do

Among children, the toddlers together with the infants are the most sleep deprived. Many parents complain that their toddlers do not fall asleep easily at night and that they cannot fall asleep on their own. Another common problem, according to parents, is the frequent sleep interruption that occurs in the middle of the night at the peak of the toddlers’ sleep.

Toddler sleep disorders are detrimental to the health of the children as well as the general wellness of the parents. When the child wakes up in the middle of the night and cries, the parents go to their rescue thereby losing hours of sleep themselves. This is why it is really important to address these sleep issues among children and remedy them as early as possible.

Causes of sleep disturbance in toddlers

sleep disturbance in toddlers

Experts have tried to identify the reasons for sleep disturbance in toddlers in order to understand the phenomenon more deeply. Studies have shown that the child’s diet could be one of the reasons.

Indigestion could sometimes lead to discomfort during sleep. It is therefore important to watch what your child eats especially at night. Try observing which foods give your child a good night’s sleep and avoid foods that seem to give discomfort to your child during sleep. Some experts recommend drinking milk at night at least an hour before going to bed.

Some toddlers have trouble sleeping at night because of bad dreams and scary thoughts. Try developing a form of assurance for your child to avoid thinking that there may be monsters that are going to take them in the middle of their sleep. Leave them with happy thoughts by telling them bedtime stories or teach them a kind of prayer that will give them peace in their sleep.

Try developing a bedtime routine for your toddler that will help them sleep by themselves. Some parents give their child a hot bath before putting them to bed. Repeating this every night will help them identify the routine with sleeping. Also, it would help if these series of activities could be done at approximately the same time every night.

It is very important to develop good sleeping habits among children at their youngest age to prevent unwanted toddler sleep disorders. The parents’ role in establishing good sleeping patterns among toddlers is crucial because it will, later on, affect the overall health of the other members of the family.

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