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How to stop Breastfeeding your baby

Tips on How to stop Breastfeeding your toddler

How to stop breastfeeding has been a classic problem for almost all moms in the world. Although you have made your decision that you are going to stop breastfeeding, the question remains how to stop breastfeeding and how to introduce weaning to your baby?

It is important to note that;

Extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting are personal choices and are not right for everyone. Choosing to breastfeed a child until a certain age is as valid a parenting choice as choosing to stop nursing at six months, or to bottle-feed, for that matter. When it comes down to it, parents have to decide what works for them and their families. Moms who never planned to co-sleep might end up sharing a bed with their baby because they’re just too tired to get up in the middle of the night. Moms who were dead-set on co-sleeping might find they just can’t do it.

Being “mom enough” means figuring out how to be the best mom you can be to your baby. If wearing your baby gives you a back-ache so you can’t pick her up when she cries, don’t wear her. If she’s allergic to your breast milk, for goodness sake, don’t breastfeed her! Be “mom enough” to do what you need to do so you can be there for your baby

I say, everyday that extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting are not right for everyone – but no one should be judged for making a choice that they feel is right for their family.

While the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding children until age two “or beyond,” less than 25% of most moms breastfeed their babies past their first birthdays. However, according to breastfeeding advocacy group Best for Babes, the natural weaning age for humans worldwide is between two and seven years old. The longer a woman breastfeeds, the greater the decrease in her risk of breast cancer. And all the while she is providing her child with natural antibodies to keep him healthy, too.

It is also good to know that before you learn the various ways on how to stop breastfeeding your baby, there are tips that will indicate that it is indeed time for this transition. Below is a list of:

Top 5 tips to indicate you are ready to stop breastfeeding;

  1. Your baby signals that he/she has finished breastfeeding by using their brand new teeth to bite your nipple-I know its not a pleasant feeling at all.
  2. Your baby refuses to breastfeed nomatter how much you try to give the breast-others just play on the breast.
  3. Your nipples transform from those soft and nice ones to looking like tractor tires with increased sensitivity.
  4. Your once pre-pregnant bras now start fitting you well.
  5. You can be able to breastfeeding your baby comfortably lying in bed on your back!!!

The time you need How To Stop Breastfeeding from breastfeeding to wean depends on the pace your baby wants it. Surely, it will be different from one person to another. However, how to stop breastfeeding will finally come from you given that you are the person who knows the right time to do it.

Some of your friends or relatives may suggest to you some old ways on how to stop breastfeeding – some work well and some may possibly bring effect to both of your baby emotionally and you physically.

Top Tip:Opposing to what the public may say, these are few things on how to stop breastfeeding you should not do:

1. When asking elder people how to stop breastfeeding, they may recommend you to do a separation weaning for about a week for the goodness of the baby. When you return, your baby will totally fail to remember about breastfeeding. Well, actually, it is something you should not do in how to stop breastfeeding – it is something definitely might be harmful for your baby given that it can trigger a negative impact emotionally; your baby may consider you abandoned him/her. And, the truth is a baby still remembers breastfeeding; it is going to cause more complicated things to deal with; if you come back, your baby may be likely to become clingy as he/she is believing that his/her mommy may abandon him/her again.
2. The most frequent old way on how to stop breastfeeding may be to put something on your nipple (something sour or herb, something bitter, or chili pepper) – this is like sabotaging breast milk. The idea is to make baby not withstand the taste of your nipple; therefore, weaning will be much easier for the baby. But again, this is not one of the ways in how to stop breastfeeding that is recommended because it will not only have an effect on your baby emotionally, but also it possibly will trigger severe stomach upset given that he/she is getting strong substances that should not be introduced to a baby at that very early age.
3. Some people may advise you to take medication to quickly reduce your milk production. You should use other better ways in how to stop breastfeeding because these medications may have possible unpleasant effects like inhibit you from producing milk for good. These medications may also lead to breast inflammation (mastitis) as they may block the milk ducts and cause the remaining milk in the duct to harden that give you moderate to severe pain. Hence, it is better to find ways in how to stop breastfeeding without pain.
4. Binding your breasts is also other old way in how to stop breastfeeding, and it was said that it could help stop milk production – but again, it could also put you at risk for clogged milk ducts and getting mastitis. Trapped milk calcifies and would as well cause you severe pain.

#Things You Should Do On How To Stop Breastfeeding

The following are several practical ways to do on how to stop breastfeeding your baby:
1. You can move your baby from breast to bottle gradually by cutting one feeding at a time. If done gradually, your milk production will slowly decrease and giving much time for your body to respond to the reducing milk need.
2. If formula milk is rejected by your baby, you can try to combine the product with your milk. Smoothly, your newborn will accept it while you also reduce your milk production over time.
3. If your breasts are feeling a little pain from this gradual process, try to take hot shower or put cold compress on your breasts.
It seriously needs time and effort in how to stop breastfeeding and remember that it is not an overnight process. Therefore, i hope the above tips will help you and your baby transition well.


2 thoughts on “How to stop Breastfeeding your baby”

  1. My little man is 3.5. And he only nurses at night. I got him out of my bed last week and every night he climbs back in for “BooBoo”. I don’t think he will ever stop! What more can I do?

    • Hello Cindra Bowman, thank you for your question. I have some suggestions that have been proven to work. First i must say that patience is of essence in this process since your baby was used to breastfeeding. Ideally WHO recommends breastfeeding upto 2yrs or beyond-of which most moms dont make to reach there. First you could try distracting him whenever he cries for it replace it with cuddles and talks. Secondly,ensure he is well feed and full before he goes to bed- although not feeding and immediately heading to bed and you could also try involve your partner that when he is awake he can be checked by your partner and not you. Lastly you could prepare a no breastfeeding party during his birthday to gently reward him for growing up and not breastfeeding anymore..That way he will forget gradually. Hope this helps and kindly let me know how it goes.


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