Early Pregnancy Cramping| When To Worry

While in pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes. Some changes might be completely unfamiliar and new, while you may have experienced other things before, but not in context of pregnancy. Some of these may seem frightening, and strange, rest assured they are normal aspects of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy cramping-when to worry

Early pregnancy cramping is an absolutely normal symptom and you may not worry. It just means your body is preparing for the 9 months of pregnancy. Cramps being one of the first symptoms of pregnancy can be familiar. This is because of the fact that they are a part of regular menstrual cycle. In a pregnancy one might experience two types of cramps. Cramps may occur eight to ten days after conception. There can be mild or severe cramping, but they feel like menstrual cramping initially you will not feel the difference.

What are the signs of Early Pregnancy Cramps?

Early pregnancy cramps are not to be alarmed by, but should be monitored for their severity and frequency. Cramps normally come and go but cramps that come suddenly and are severe can be a cause of concern. If cramps are worse than that you had expected you may inform your doctor.

Early pregnancy cramping is considered normal only when there are light colored spots in your underwear. Your body temperature must be normal and there should not be flowing of blood like it does in your monthly menstrual cycle. The pain should be bearable. It should not make you wither and shiver in pain. Do not try to treat yourself with painkillers or any other kind of over the counter drugs as it can result in harming your unborn child. Go to a doctor and let the doctor prescribe the treatment

Early pregnancy cramps are quite common especially in the early stages of pregnancy. They frequently occur along other aspect of pregnancy, like diarrhea and nausea, morning sickness. In pregnancy the digestive system decreases the rate at which it functions, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed into your bloodstream. As your digestive system behaves a bit differently it causes early pregnancy cramping.

Pregnancy cramps occur in the early stages of pregnancy and slowly subside in severity and frequency as your body starts adjusting to the changes. Some women are experiencing cramping during their whole pregnancy. If you experience severe and sharp cramps then it might be a complex problem. It is advisable for you to consult with a doctor if it feels worse than before

Early pregnancy cramping can be unpleasant but it’s a normal part of healthy pregnancies. They can be reduced in severity by doing some mild exercises. Exercising helps in relaxing your muscles, and this makes the cramping less painful. In addition you can follow a high fiber and nutrient diet which makes your body respond favorably by easily digesting food. You should drink plenty of water as it is also helpful. A lot of water enters your bloodstream helping in nourishing the fetus. You may always want to remind yourself that it may not feel all that great but in the end it will all be finished soon, and you will soon be forgetting about the unpleasantness once your baby is born

Early pregnancy cramping and back pain can combine for those who are newly pregnant. There are many hormonal changes that come with being pregnant and those are just some of them to be on the lookout for. It can be puzzling to a woman because the cramping they experience early on in pregnancy are the same type that come with having their period on a monthly basis. This is why people may be actually experiencing pregnancy cramps, but will not be aware that they are pregnant.

Once well to tell the difference between normal cramping and cramping that comes as a result of pregnancy is the fact that the spotting will be lighter as opposed to a normal cycle. Where early pregnancy cramping and back pain come into play is during a very specific set of circumstances. When is this? Is someone is pregnant and is subject to long periods where they do not move that much it can cause back pain, some of which may be severe in nature.

The thing you want to carefully on the lookout for is if the early pregnancy cramping and back pain is accompanied by lower stomach pain as well. This could mean that there is problems with the pregnancy. This is why you want to be sure to visit your doctor as soon as any cramping or other pain starts. For a lot of us we get into trouble when we try to play doctor when going to a qualified professional is actually the most responsible route we can take.

When to Worry

People panic when they realize that they are going through early pregnancy cramping. Thought there is a little to worry about, it’s important to have knowledge about why it occurs and what can be done to reduce the pain. The main reason for early pregnancy cramping is uterus enlargement. This enlargement adds pressure on the walls of the body because of which you experience cramping. The embryo embedding into the uterus is another reason. This phenomenon is called implantation. The stretching of the ligaments present in the belly can be the cause of pregnancy cramping. This kind of pain can be experienced while coughing or getting up from a chair, bed or a bathtub .This kind of pain should not be worried about. It should be present only for a short period of time.

If you experience cramping with lot of bleeding, then you must go to a doctor as soon as possible. Profuse bleeding can mean that it might be a miscarriage. The reason for which may be genetic or mutagenic substances, radiation, viral infections or use of some medicines. Even fever, faintness, vaginal discharge and chills with severe cramping are also bad signs in case you have any of the above symptoms you need to visit your doctor

How to relieve Early Pregnancy Cramping

Doing Gentle Leg Exercises

The cramping can be relieved by, putting your legs up and relaxing. When you are comfortable the pain slowly fades away. You can also place a hot water pad on your belly while relaxing or a heating pad. Warm water baths also help in easing of the pain. Avoiding quick movements is preferred as quick movements might strain your muscles. Fluid intake should be increased.

Having Rest Periods

As your body is changing and is under a lot of stress you need to have enough rest periods in the day as the fetus grows you need to take more care of your body than before. This might be harder for someone who has small children who needed to be taken care of, for this you can hire a help or ask a friend to help you out by taking care of them giving you time to relax

Regular Oil Massage

Early pregnancy cramping can be avoided by stretching your legs and rotating your ankles whenever you remember to do so, regular oil massage of muscles, do not stand or sit for a long time try changing positions. Diet is a very important and integral part in keeping early pregnancy cramping at bay you need to have a healthy and a balanced diet. The fetus presses the GI tract blocking it and causing you to suffer from heartburn. It is better to avoid spicy food and take a lot of fluids especially water.

Gently Massaging the Cramped Area

It also helps in relieving from early pregnancy cramps. You can hire a masseuse or learn the technique of massaging yourself. Be cautious while learning the procedure yourself because certain areas are to be avoided which if massaged can harm the baby. Hot and cold compresses with prenatal massage is very effective

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