Dad’s Guide to Labor and Delivery

In the lead of baby birth, the mother is rightly the center of attention throughout the pregnancy, and most of the maternity appointments, family visits or even strangers in the street revolve around the mom-to-be. In the last few weeks of pregnancy this can become even more pronounced. As a dad to be you’re probably … Read more

How To Write A Birth Plan

birth plan

Every pregnant woman needs to create a birth plan. They’re a great tool for effective communication and  will allow you to convey your needs and wishes to the medical team that will be with you during the birth and labor process. They will be aware of your expectations prior to your arrival and can refer … Read more

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

What is Prenatal Yoga? Well, Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed for pregnant women in all three trimesters to connect with this transformational journey into becoming a mother. Basically, connecting to the mother within the growing body and the growing baby. Through Prenatal Yoga you’ll learn tools and techniques to relieve aches and pains that come … Read more

Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Really Work

Could You Be Pregnant? Early pregnancy signs are often misinterpreted by those that experience them.  Many times, women may think that they are experiencing them when they are not.  That is because most of the early pregnancy signs are very minor and could be due to other conditions or just a woman’s natural cycle. Yet, … Read more

Cloudy Urine In Early Pregnancy : Should I Be Worried?

Why is my urine cloudy? Once you’ve confirmed you’re pregnant, you’ll notice cloudy urine. Cloudy urine is very common among women in early pregnancy. This is due to certain hormonal changes occurring inside the body during this phase. However, medical experts consider this condition to be absolutely normal and not a cause for concern. On … Read more

How to Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

What are Stretchmarks in Pregnancy You’re in your first trimester and  anxious to know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. After all, your mom and sisters are all victims of those unsightly lines and it’s inevitable you’re worried. Are your genes stacked against you? Are you doomed to live with those stretch marks while … Read more

Early Pregnancy Cramping| When To Worry

While in pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes. Some changes might be completely unfamiliar and new, while you may have experienced other things before, but not in context of pregnancy. Some of these may seem frightening, and strange, rest assured they are normal aspects of pregnancy. Early pregnancy cramping is an absolutely normal … Read more

Nutrition Needs In Pregnancy| What Do I Need

Finding more ways to live a healthy life while pregnant is one of the most important tasks a woman must face in her life. However, managing this can be easier than you have expected! Maintaining your health while you are pregnant does seem daunting, but these simple tips can make a significant impact! Keep reading … Read more

Ovulation Signs and Symptoms

There are a number of definite symptoms of ovulation, although some of them can at times be rather subtle, and you may have to look hard for them. Not all women experience all of these symptoms, and one woman may experience a given symptom more strongly than the next woman does. Usually though, one or … Read more

What is a Sonogram in Baby Imaging?

Ultrasounds are standard medical protocol for anyone who is pregnant. Not only does a 2D Ultrasound allow a medical professional to take a much-needed look at the developing baby, it allows parents-to-be a first glimpse of the expected bundle of joy, making it as exciting as it is necessary. The 2d standard ultrasounds rely on … Read more