Bike Baby Carriers: Ride Your Bike with Your Baby

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What is a bike baby carrier?

Have you ever imagined how fun it can be to ride a bicycle with your child? Imagine that you feel like going out for cycling in a sunny summer day and you don’t need to leave the baby at home. Thanks to bike baby carriers, you can take your baby along and share the fun of cycling in fresh air with your little cutie as your pet tags along.

Bike baby carriers allow you to ride a bike with your baby. They can be in different forms such as a baby seat, basket, container or trailer. Bike baby carriers are specifically designed for use on bicycles and they are obviously different from other types of baby carriers in terms of their design and usage.

Since you will be holding the handlebar with your hands and you will be busy with steering and breaks; the bike carrier does the job for holding and fastening the baby. In some models, there is a seat that will fit to the baby and there are some fastening belts to keep it safe. Additionally some models have full covers for complete protection from air or sun and also some other protective accessories might be applicable. You can see a basket type baby bike carrier below:

bike baby carriers

 Types of bike baby carriers

Basically there are two types of bike baby carriers; front carriers and back carriers. Depending on how you will use it and how old your child is, you can choose either one. The bike baby carrier seen in the above image is a basket type front carrier and it is suitable for younger babies. Another example for a front type bike carrier (a baby seat) can be seen below:

As you can see, this one is designed for older babies about 2-3 years old who can sit. If you have a pet dog such as a Border Collie that has been trained, he can sit in the carrier with the baby. The baby fits perfectly inside the carrier and he/she can see the road while you are cycling, which will make it a great experience for them. There are also some bigger front type bike baby carriers that are designed for tricycles and older babies or kids. The picture below shows an example for back type bike baby carriers which can also be used for 3+ kids.


So, which type of bike baby carrier you will use totally depends on the age of your baby and the type of your bicycle and where and how you will ride. For that reason, you need to make some research before buying one of them.


An important thing about bike baby carriers that I should mention is that you will not be in direct contact with the baby and that it might be difficult to ride on some certain types of roads. For example you should be extra careful if you are cycling with your baby in a busy road or street with lots of traffic and pedestrians. You should avoid sudden reflexes due to the riding conditions since the baby might be affected much more than you.


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