Top 10 powerful fruits :help pregnant skin say thankyou

In the first trimester of pregnancy, women may notice changes on their skin such as drier skin or more sensitive as a result of skin becoming oily and acne prone. Nutrition, especially using fruits is the best way to protect and repulse the bad skin. Fruits contain many antioxidant chemicals and vitamins that prevent acne or wrinkle formation and nourish for pregnant skin.

Why these fruits for the pregnant skin?



Avocados are one of super fruits that are very good for human health. In pregnant, avocados contribute in the development of baby by providing vitamin B, C, folic acid…that necessary for baby nervous system. Not only good for baby development, avocados are known as a ”skin protector” for mother. Avocados contain vitamin E which is the top vitamin in skin nourishment. They also contain vitamin B7 or biotin which promotes cell regeneration and growth.


High potassium in bananas helps women limit edema and dry skin during pregnancy by balancing moisture and skin hydration. They contain many skin healthy nutrients such as vitamin A, B, and E which maintain elasticity of skin, moisturize, prevent wrinkles and dark spots in pregnant.


best fruits during pregnancy
Known as “nature’s bleach”, lemons are a great addition to your beauty regimen by safely whiten and lighten skin. Hence, they protect skin and reduce acne marks and blemishes. Drinking a glass of honey and lemon water in the morning helps women skin beauty and weight gain controllable in pregnant. Besides, high level of vitamin C in lemons or citrus family will support the immune system for both mother and baby. They are also effective in pregnancy sick problems in the first trimester like vomiting or overeating in pregnancy women.


best fruits during pregnancy
Kiwi contains more than 80 healthy nutrients and known as “the gold fruit” for pregnant women. The highly folic acid in kiwi can prevent congenital diseases in baby and promote the baby’s immune system, reduce the risk of asthma and eczema after birth. Folic acid helps mother’s skin in preventing wrinkles. Also, highly of vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, boosts the immune system. It also keeps skin looking fresher and younger.


Not only contains vitamin C, apples are also known as the richest source of malic acid which is an alpha hydroxyl acid. Malic acid is more effective than other acids (such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid) in skin beauty treatments. Malic acid protects mother’s skin by regenerate skin cells without damaging the skin layer so that the skin looks more youthful, fresher and healthier. Apples also contain high level of fiber which promote the regular bowel movement and prevent constipation in mother so that promoting clear pimple-free skin. Apple cider vinegar is good for treating Staph infection as well.


Papaya contains various healthy nutrients such as vitamin A, C, calcium, iron… but it does not have starch, which not only provide enough nutrients for baby but also helps mother weight gain not too fast. In skin beauty industry, papaya is a main material to form beauty products by contains a high level of vitamin A (known as Beta Carotene) papain. Papain is an essential enzyme which breaks down inactive proteins. It also known as a strong antioxidant through regenerate’s skin cells so that helping heal damaged skin.


It is regrettable if pregnant women miss pineapple in the top 10 powerful fruits for pregnant skin. Pineapple provides 100% of essential vitamins and mineral to have a healthy pregnant. Pineapple contains bromelain, known as an anti- inflammatory enzyme. Bromelain helps clear off dead skin and reveal beautiful, glowing skin. Besides, pineapple limits free- radical damage by having some antioxidants. Hence, Skin can be protected by sunshine and heal skin damages. Eating pineapple or having a pineapple juice everyday will help pregnant women have a light skin.


We already know that, strawberries provide us a high level of vitamin C which supports our immune system. During pregnancy, vitamin C protects mother and baby avoid environmental diseases. Not only contain a high level of vitamin C, strawberries also contain an essential alpha hydroxyl acid that is salicylic acid. Acid salicylic is using as a kind of natural enzyme to treat acne and it helps in limiting oily so that prevented acnes. That is not all of strawberries; they also contain a powerful antioxidant which calls allergic acid. Allergic acid helps pregnant women in preventing wrinkle formation. Ellagic acid also protects skin by against UV damage in the sunshine.


It is true that pomegranate is considered the same qualities as green tea or blueberries. Pomegranate provides us a number of nutrients which improve both mother and baby immune system and protect body of the bacterial attack. But the most important benefit of pomegranate are protecting pregnant skin and preventing cracked skin. Pomegranate is considered as “the king of antioxidant fruit”. It is the best choice for pregnant because it packed a hug of antioxidants which reverse free- radical damage, promote supple, youthful skin. Why don’t you have a pomegranate juice every day to have a good health and a beautiful skin and be acquitted with pregnancy dos and donts.


It is the fact that constipation can cause acne. When we do not have regular bowel movements, the toxins can not remove out of body and they stay in our bloodstream. Then these toxins remove in another way that is skin. Pregnant women have a high risk of constipation so that it is easier for them to have acne. Plum contains fiber that improves the constipation during pregnancy.

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