7 of the best calcium supplement for kids

Calcium supplements are a must have in any household with kids. Shopping for a good calcium supplements for kids can be a challenge if you do not know the best.

It is important to always do your research and settle for the best that there is. That said, below is a review on the 7 best calcium supplements for kids.

1. L’il Critters Calcium Gummy Bears with Vitamin D3, 150 Count


This calcium supplement is the best for your kid because it comes in an attractive container, amazing chewable bears that are fun to chew and 2 bears is equivalent to 5 oz of milk. Has added vitamin D to the calcium and has a variety of pleasant taste ranging from orange to strawberry

2. Child Life Liquid Calcium/Magnesium


For Ages this calcium supplement for kids has been in use and preferred by many.

It comes in a palatable orange flavor that even a choosy baby can identify with. Additionally, has a combination of both Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium that is important for the absorption of calcium.

The above mentioned minerals are important to your kid’s bone and teeth development.

3. Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Chewable Tablets



This calcium supplement for kids is among the best i know so far. it comes with a variety of useful ingredients apart from calcium parse.

Do you know that one serving of this calcium supplement gives you a whooping 250 mg of calcium and 50 mg of magnesium? How cool is that!!

Has no additives or preservatives hence completely safe for you kid.

Has other additives like vanilla, spinach and broccoli. Additionally for kids with sensitivity, it is good to note that it has traces of casein and soy.

4. Yum V’s Calcium Plus D White Chocolate – 40 Bears


This calcium supplement comes in 300 mg of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D. The package is attractive and no kid can resist it.

Its best for kids with gluten intolerance, free from yeast and has no preservatives or coloring.

The calcium is made in form of a bear that is attractive to the baby.

Free from yeast or gluten therefore safe to kids with allergies.

5.Gummy Cuties Calcium and Vitamin D Gummy Vitamins, 60 Count


This calcium supplements for kids is among the best so far. It has other supplements including vitamin D.

Contains 200 mg of calcium and 200 IU of vitamin D.

The available vitamin D is important as it is helps in absorption of calcium.

Has Natural flavor that is safe for kids.

Attractive container that does not instill fear to the kids.

6.Yummi Bears Vegetarian Calcium + Vitamin D3 Supplement for Kids, 90 Gummy Bears


Has amazing bears that make kids love this calcium supplements as most of the kids identify with such animals. Has an additional vitamin D for maximum calcium absorption.

Promotes healthy bones and shiny teeth for you kids, definitely the best for your kids!

Has a natural orange flavor that is palatable to kids of all ages.

Dairy , allergen and gluten free. Contains 600 IU of vitamin D

7. Solgar – U-Cubes Children’s Calcium With D3 Gummies


This amazing calcium supplements has the recommended doses by the renown pediatricians as it has 600 IU of vitamin D that enhances absorption of calcium.

The gummies are palatable to kids  and are wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, artificial flavor and preservatives free.

Having  a good calcium supplement for kids is one thing that every parent should consider. Therefore, the above supplements are among the best and I hope you get to pick the best for your little one.

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