Baby bassinet

Best Bassinets for Your Baby

Bassinet refers to the baby first bed hence the importance of choosing the right one. A bassinet is a warm cozy and safe cocoon for your baby in his first 4-6 months as babies spend most of their time sleeping.

There are innumerable types and different styles of baby bassinet so you have to decide your requirements before you purchase your bassinet. Each mother has a different life style and needs and there is the right bassinet style for your baby, you have to pay special care to the bassinet mattress which we will talk about in more details later on.  You also need to choose suitable bedding and bassinet sheets.

Before we venture into the world of bassinets – especially if you are a new mum, you have to know this; how a baby sleep is equally important to where she sleeps. Studies have shown that the best and safest position for your baby is the prone position which is flat on his back and also proved that baby mortality rate in the first 4 months have been reduced with this position. Still some babies find it hard to sleep on their back, in such case if your baby sleep on his tummy make sure the sheet is flat  with no frills ,no folds, no pillows or soft toy  around in his bassinet.

Now when it comes to where your baby sleep, a bassinet or a cradle is very important so the baby does not sleep in your bed which might be a little dangerous. As adults we loose consciousness when we sleep and having a tiny baby around can be fatal. So get a separate safe bassinet next to your bed where your baby is safe and still close to you all night .

Then come the safety of the bassinet itself which has to be sturdy to take your baby weight with no sharp edges that can cause any injury to your baby.

The unique quality of a bassinet or a moses basket is it being light weight and portable so you can carry it with you to monitor your baby where ever you are in the house and for some styles even outdoors.

Here is a note of warning : If you have any pets or older babies you may think twice before getting a bassinet as it is tiny size and lightweight make it vulnerable to be dragged endangering your infant ,in such case you may need to opt for a different  and more sturdy baby bed.


Different Types of Bassinet

Portable Bassinet

Portable Bassinet for babyPortable bassinets are a must for any new mother who loves to be on the go. It’s nice to have a sleeping area or bedroom for your child, however in our first few months they will need a place to rest and if you are like me you need to get things done around the house at the same time. That is why I needed my bassinet to be portable – it allowed me to escort my infant around the house as I did chores during the day.

There are several features that you must look for if you are in the market for a portable bassinet. Because it’s going to be portable you want to ensure that the safety and construction is top notch. The last thing you need is a flimsy bassinet that is bound to break or even worse harm your newborn. Make sure that the bassinet has a strong and sturdy base, and that it has handles or another mechanism for easy gripping to move around without much effort. It’s also very important to check the maximum weight capacity so you know when you need to upgrade your child’s bed situation. Don’t be afraid to test out the bassinet with a weight or some other object to see with your own eyes that it will be safe for your baby.

Some varieties come with retractable or removable wheels so that you may wheel it around if you are only transporting the bassinet at a short distance. This will definitely come in handy if you keep the bassinet in your bedroom. What I found is that throughout the night you may wheel the bassinet over to your bed if you need to tend to your infant. However if you are looking for a more lightweight portable bassinet than the ones with the wheels may be too bulky for your taste.

Another nice feature is the storage capability of certain bassinet models. Several varieties have the storage underneath the bassinet so that even when your baby outgrows it, it can still be put to good use instead of collecting dust. It is great to store toys or sheets and blankets for the crib.

Don’t confuse a portable bassinet with a travel bassinet though. Portable bassinets are great for the home however they are not meant for the car as they do not have the slots to be fastened it with a safety belt.

If you cannot choose a room for a larger bassinet, don’t hesitate to go with a smaller portable bassinet — you will not be disappointed and it’s the perfect way to introduce your baby into the home.

Bassinet Stroller

Bassinet strollers can greatly vary in price, style and overall design so you must look into several different varieties to find what suits your needs. Most designs are made so that you can remove the bassinet from the stroller which is perfect if you need to leave the stroller somewhere and take your baby elsewhere, whether it be up a set of stairs or onto the bench while watching a ballgame.

Other varieties feature a multiple position bassinet insert that can be used for infants as well as toddlers that are a few years old. You may adjust the bedding so that your child is either lying down or can swing his legs if they are a bit older. I’ve even seen a few models that feature a swivel bassinet so that you can swing it around and have a look at your child during the walk. This feature definitely goes over well with young children because they find it fun to swivel while they are in the stroller.

If you want even more convenience you can find a bassinet stroller that easily folds and can be transported along with you when you travel. This is where reviews come in handy because sometimes a bassinet stroller may be made for breaking down, however the process is painstaking and not even worth it. The directions may be overly complicated and it’s good to hear from another mother who says that it’s very easy to pack up without too much trouble.

Many mothers decide to buy multiple strollers, especially if they have more than one kid, so don’t fret if you think that there is something better out there. Most online stores have a robust refund policy so feel free to buy a bassinet stroller with confidence and if you must return it for a new one you can do so without hassle.

Rocking Bassinet

Sometimes a baby just needs a little bit of motion in order to soothe them and quiet their cries. As a new mother one of the handiest pieces of furniture you can have is a rocking bassinet, because it will allow you to comfort your infant as he or she lays snugly tucked under the blanket.

One of the first features that I like to look out for when purchasing a rocking bassinet is the base; as it is going to be moving back and forth you will want to ensure that the structure is very sturdy. Don’t be afraid to test it out a bit beforehand so you don’t have any surprises with your kid in there. If it is a very shoddily constructed bassinet, it may be prone to tipping over with a little bit extra force. You obviously want something stronger that is built to last even if it does cost a few more dollars.

Several newer models of modern rocking bassinets come equipped with the motor necessary to rock back and forth without your assistance. You can choose the speed setting of your choice and let the baby bassinet do the work for you – just make sure you keep an eye on your child!

Other bassinets are made from a wood base and must be manually pushed. It is a little old-fashioned but at the same time these offer a classic style that can’t be replicated with more modernized materials. Custom handcrafted wooden bassinets are a time-honored tradition, and depending on the craftsmanship it may be complete with wheels that allow it to be moved around very easily. If your children outgrow it you can pass it along to a family member or friend for use.

If the bassinet has the electronics necessary to power the rocker, it may also come with a radio or some other type of music device to further soothe your infant as they snooze away during a nap. I’ve even seen some models with a night-light attachment that gives enough accent brightness to calm the fears of any newborn in a dark room.

Another cool feature is a hood on the bassinet with stars or miniature stuffed animals that are dangling above as your infant looks up at them. They will want to reach up and touch them and this will keep them occupied and focused instead of irritated and crying.

Overall there are plenty of positives when buying a rocking bassinet, most notably the soothing effect that it will have on your baby as they sleep. You must decide whether you want a modern style or old-style bassinet, but either way you go you will be getting a high quality piece of furniture.

Wicker Bassinets

If you are into a cheap solution to escorting your newborn or keeping , a wicker bassinet might be for you. Wicker bassinets feature interwoven fibers that can be constructed from natural plant material, or from man-made plastics. While the latter is an affordable option, natural wicker can be extremely durable and comfortable, though you will have to put in a little time here and there for upkeep. The most notable type of wicker bassinet is a Moses basket.

There are several features that you must look for when purchasing a wicker baby bassinet. The first and most important is the stability of the basket. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your baby’s weight does not exceed the limits, because most bassinets are made to hold 25 pounds or less. The general rule of thumb is that if your baby has the ability to roll over easily, they are too large and it becomes a safety concern.

You can be certain that your infant is snug in his bed if you have the correct bassinet liner. Nearly all wicker bassinets come equipped with sage gingham liner, but if you need to buy this separately there is no need to worry. The key factor is making sure there isn’t any space between the bedding and the edges – you want a tight fit. For a higher level of comfort, line the basket with a soft fabric sheet that is also hypoallergenic.

For a portable bassinet, I advise that you buy one that has a set of handles. These should be out of reach of your baby, but easy to use when moving him/her around from room to room. The advantage to this is that you can keep an eye on your child away from the crib while they take a nap, but still have the convenience of getting daily tasks done simultaneously.

There is no better option than a moses basket wicker bassinet if you want all the advantages of the expensive ones for a much lower price tag. Read a few reviews before you buy and you can feel good knowing that your baby will be in a safe place for its first few months.

Co-Sleeping Bassinet

One of the most popular bassinets around today is the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinet series. Their patented design allows the parents to slide their baby directly next to their own bed. Every new mother will tell you that during the initial months it is critical to be by your infant’s side around the clock, and co-sleeper bassinets provide easy access regardless of whether you are laying down or preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Co-sleeper bassinets are not only recommended by moms, but some of the top pediatricians and experts in the field of sleep research have advocated their use. It is well known that you should never let your baby sleep in your bed, because there is a much higher risk of suffocation. However, the infant needs to be close to the parents as much as possible during it’s first few months.

Research has hinted that babies should not sleep in their own room, but with their mother and father so that they feel that ‘closeness’ that cannot be simulated in any other way. The Arm’s Reach brand has created a uniquely constructed crib that follows this mantra and increases the positive interactions you have with your infant throughout the night.

They offer several sizes, models and colors, so you are sure to find something that will match your interior decor. I highly recommend their use, as doctors and new mothers have spoken out loud about the benefits of a co-sleeper bassinet. Every parent should experience how great it feels to know that your little one is safe by your side during its most important time of development.

Bassinet Mattress Pads

If you are in search of a baby bassinet mattress, look no further. Whether you simply want an extra bassinet pad for your convenience, or your infant made a mess and ruined another one, you are sure to find a cheap mattress within your budget.

You may be asking yourself, what do I need review before buying a bassinet mattress? Well, there are several things that are important. First and foremost, you want the pad to be waterproof so that any spills or messes can be cleaned up easily – and be warned that this will likely happen! Having a moisture resistant cover can make all the difference in the world if you are put into this situation.

The next feature to look for is non-allergenic and non-toxic fabric or material. Most bassinet pads consist of a vinyl like outer material or even water proof cotton, but double check to ensure that it is a safe and soft material since your baby will be spending a lot of time there over the next few months. If you want the most natural fabric, your best bet will be organic cotton. Organic cotton is completely pure and free of any chemicals that might cause allergy problems. Another positive attribute is the ability to machine wash the cover of the mattress. Separating the cover from the pad makes it much easier to handle and clean so that your baby is free of germs or bacteria.

Now that we’ve discussed the cover, let’s think about the material of the pad itself. This must be sturdy enough, but you surely want some cushion so that your baby is comfortable. Many mattresses consist of a polyurethane foam which is both plush and luxurious. While polyurethane is chemically inert, and thus safe for your child, it is also combustible so it goes without saying that you must be careful.

Hopefully this small guide puts you on the right track to selecting the perfect bassinet mattress for you and your infant. To summarize, make sure it’s safe, water-resistant, comfortable and fits snugly into your bassinet. If you read a few reviews, you can get a good feeling on which option is right for you and purchase with confidence.

Bassinet Bedding And Covers

Many baby bassinets come equipped with their own bedding or covers, but upgrading is an option that you might want to look into. The majority of bassinets put their money into the construction of the crib itself, and they do not opt for the nicest bedding sets available.

An upgraded bedding set will usually have a much more luxurious and plush feel. They are often thicker than your standard flannel sheets, which will keep your infant warmer and cozier. In fact you may be looking to get yourself a plush sheet set after you feel the comfort that your infant enjoys while napping.

One important item to note is that depending on the type of fabric used, you may not be able to machine wash or dry your covers. A few varieties are specially sized to fit over specific bassinet mattresses, and drying can actually shrink the bedding. If the bedding set does not tightly fit over the mattress pad, this can become a safety issue or you may have to continuously readjust it for the correct placement. If you must use a dryer, be sure to put it on the lowest heat and most gentle setting.

If you have pets in your home such as cats, you might consider adding a more comfortable bassinet with cover for cats. The options provided here should give you a few ideas on getting started with your purchase. Don’t be afraid to upgrade if you do not like the fabric cover provided with your crib. You and your baby will be glad that you did.


Choosing Your Bassinet

There are a number of reasons why you might want a baby bassinet as a new mother. For one, you will want your newborn by your side as often as possible because there is a good chance they will keep you up throughout most of the day. When those times come at night where you find a minute or two to catch a nap, you can put your baby in a portable bassinet and bring her next to your bed.

Bassinets serve as a wonderful transition to a full sized cribs or a cradle. If you’ve chosen the right baby bassinet, you can rest assured that your child will be snug and safe while both of you rest. There may come a time where you want to check on your baby’s breathing during the night, and your baby will be right within arm’s reach.

Style: When it comes to the style of the bassinet, this depends on your price range, tastes, among various other factors. One must consider the main use of the bedding, whether they want to be able to carry it around or place it at a specific spot within their home.

There are several families who like to use traditional wicker bassinets, reminiscent of the moses basket where tiny baby Jesus was miraculously born all those years ago. This wood based design provides a rustic feel, but it also lightweight and durable if constructed properly. If you put sheets and a pillow or comforter in there, it will protect your baby quite well.

However many of us like to take a more modern approach to an age old tradition. Given the improvements in production, it would be unwise to not consider well crafted baby bassinets for sale. This might include a co-sleeper design where you can actually attach a fabric bassinet to the foot of your bed. This provides a great way to keep tabs on your newborn all throughout the night. These types of bassinets should consist of a steel support system so you are positive they are durable and were built to last.

If you have a little more money to spend, you may want a more elegant design, perhaps even a mahogany bassinet. It will cost a pretty penny but some interior designs consist solely of wooden furniture – and why ruin the look of a room if you don’t have to?

When it comes to brands, don’t get too caught up with designer vs. off name, but do pay attention to the quality and stability of the furniture. This is much more important as it pertains to portable bassinets that you might travel with. Chances are that you are pretty safe if you are going to leave your favorite bassinet in the corner of your bedroom or living room.


Needless to say, there are more then plenty of options available when you are looking to buy baby bassinets. Don’t limit yourself to shopping in the store, and I encourage people to buy online with confidence, because often times you can get free shipping and save a lot of money with great deals and discounts. If you go this route, make sure that you find quality baby bassinet reviews beforehand because you do not want to purchase something online unless there are several people who have great things to say about a product. Buy a cheap baby bassinet with confidence today, and give your baby the comfortable start to life that it deserves!