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Mom’s Pick: Best Bassinet Mattress

A bassinet mattress is a must-have for any new parent. Just like adults, sleep is important for babies especially in the first few months after birth. This is the period where they can sleep up to 12 hours a day. Therefore, having the best bassinet mattress in 2020 will make life easy for both baby and parents.

Settling for a good bassinet mattress can be a challenge especially if the bassinet you have might have been a gift or a used one. Finding a compatible bassinet mattress can indeed wear you down.

Why a Bassinet Mattress

As a new parent, there are reasons as to why you would prefer a bassinet to a crib;

You intend to co-sleep with your baby – A bassinet makes it easier as it can be pulled close to the bed and so you have your baby right next to you

You want to sleep with your baby in the same room but it’s too small to fit a crib in.  Most cribs are indeed large and if you have limited space, a bassinet might do the job in the first 3months of your baby’s life.

You intend to travel – With traveling and sleeping out of your home, a bassinet passes easily this is because it can be folded nicely and fit into almost any room- Unlike a crib that can be hectic and heavy.

You plan to have your baby around – With a bassinet, you can navigate easily with your baby in the room and complete your chores easily while keeping an eye on your baby.

Wound healing- If you’ve just had a c-section, then a bassinet will be useful. It will make work easy for you-watching your baby hence enabling quick healing. Additionally, you don’t need to keep your baby in your arms throughout.

There are various factors to consider when buying the best bassinet mattress in 2020 and that involves enough research in order to settle for the best.

5 Steps to getting your baby to sleep

1. Swaddling

Tight swaddling recreates the tight touch and warmth that the baby now misses from the Mother’s womb.

2. Side/Stomach Position

Place your baby, while still holding her, either on her left side to help digestion, or on her stomach for support. Once she is asleep you can safely place her into her crib on her back to prevent SIDS.

3. Shushing Sounds

These white noise sounds are reminiscent of the sounds heard within the womb, which is a whooshing sound caused by the blood flowing through the arteries near the womb. A vacuum cleaner, hairdryer and fan can reenact the sound, or you can purchase his white noise CD.

4. Swinging

Baby was used to the swinging stimulation of the womb, and to be removed from it is a shock to the baby’s system.

5. Sucking

The sucking that a baby does has effects on the nervous system. It triggers a calming reflex and releases natural chemicals to the brain. Sucking can be done with a bottle, pacifier, finger or breast.

Factors to consider when buying a bassinet mattress

  • Standard bassinet mattress size

Knowing the size of your bassinet is crucial as this gives you the guideline on what size of a bassinet mattress to settle for.

Currently, there are no distinct standard measurements of bassinets neither for the bassinet mattresses. Although there is a range of the length of about 26-31inches and depth of around an inch.

  • Shape of the bassinet mattress

Bassinets come in different shapes depending on one’s taste although most are either oval or square-shaped. Thus when you choosing a bassinet mattress, settle with one that fits the bassinet and vice versa.

  • A firm bassinet mattress

This can never be stressed enough. A firm mattress is the best for any bassinet. This has shown to reduce incidences of SIDS in babies.

ASTM has set its standards that the mattress should be firm and less than 1inch in thickness.

  • The material of the mattress

Having your baby’s mattress made of 100% organic is important. Materials like cotton are the best although quite costly. But any parent would go to any length to ensure their baby is safe.

It is recommended to know the exact material your baby’s mattress is made of in order to avoid inhalation of toxins.

  • Durability

Every parent wishes to buy an item that can last their babies up to the desired age. A bassinet mattress is no different. Therefore get a quality mattress even if it means to stretch your finances and be grateful in the long run.

It might look cost effective buying a cheap mattress but what benefit will it have if you go back to buy another one in less than 2 months?

With that said, there are various bassinet mattresses and below is a compilation of top 5 best bassinet mattresses;

1 of 5.Big Oshi Waterproof Oval Baby Bassinet Mattress with Waterproof Exterior



best bassinet mattress 2020

Your baby is ensured of a goodnight sleep with this round bassinet mattress because not only is it firm but gives maximum comfort


  • Has thick and soft foam
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • High-density foam
  • Measures 15 x 30 x 4 Inch
  • Weighs 1.4 pounds, hence light to carry around
  • Comes in a perfect oval shape to fit bassinets


  • The round-shaped edges cannot fit a rectangular-shaped bassinet

2 of 5. Babydoll Bedding Bassinet Mattress, 13″ x 29″ 

Best bassinet mattress 2020

This oval bassinet pad comes with stylish features that are just suitable for any parent looking for one. The nice rose pattern on it is just a sight to behold


  • Made of urethane foam
  • Has a beautiful rose pattern on the surface
  • Its edges are round and comes in a nice oval shape
  • Measures 12inches by 29inches by 2inches


  • Compatible with oval-shaped bassinets only

3 of 5 Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Mattress Pad Waterproof Polyester, White 

best Bassinet mattress 2020

This bassinet mattress is made of 100% certified cotton


  • 100% cotton
  • Waterproof cover that is easy to clean
  • Non-toxic, No PVC,
  • Hypoallergenic /dust mite barrier
  • Ecofriendly foam


  • Designed for the HALLO Bassinets swivel sleeper


4 of 5. Baby Doll Bedding White Bassinet Mattress, 16X32 

Best bassinet mattress 2020

This is by far the best bassinet mattress in the market. Not only is it cost-effective but it gives comfort to your baby.


  • Waterproof surface that can be easily wiped
  • Meets fire safety requirements
  • Waterproof vinyl cover
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 inches thickness


  • It comes with rectangular and round edges that might not be compatible with your bassinet. Hence ensure it fits well


5 of 5.Big Oshi Contoured Baby Changing Pad – Waterproof Cover



best bassinet mattress 2020

This bassinet mattress is another great product that will ensure good sleep for your baby


  • Comes in a rectangle and oval shape to suit any of the bassinets
  • Waterproof quilt cover that ensures it’s dry and lasts long
  • Comes with dimensions of 13inchesby 27inches with a depth of 2inches
  • Easy to clean


  • The different shapes might not fit your bassinet or the bassinet mattress cover. Hence pick depending with your bassinet’s shape and size


The above are the top best bassinet mattresses in 2020 that will ensure your baby has a peaceful night and give you that peace of mind as a new parent.



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