Baby Food Processor

What’s The Best Food Processor For Baby Food?

When you use a food processor, you can guarantee that what you give your infant is natural, purified, and emulsified.  You can control what goes into the food that your infant will eat.  This is unlike processed food where ingredients include chemicals and substances that are not beneficial to one’s health.

The food processor gives you the freedom to go as natural or as organic as possible in processing the food that you will give your infant.  You can choose to give your infant foods that are loaded with nutrients and vitamins to ensure their good health.

Here are some of the precious uses of the baby food processor that will allow your infant to enjoy its many healthy benefits:

  • The food processor can purify food that is similar to the bottled food  you would normally purchase from retail stores.  This way, you are able to skip the preservatives that may have been added to the bottled food.
  • You can also blend fruits or vegetables or both and  purify them to give your infant a combination of nutrients that his body needs.  This is a healthier option than those that you buy at the retail store.
  • A processed food that is readily available at retail stores may have been kept there for a long time and even if the expiry says that it is valid and safe, you never know if the food has been tainted by the chemicals that may have leaked from the containers.
  • With the food processor, you can control the amount of food that is exact for what your infant needs at the time.  This way, you can ensure that every time you feed your infant, you are giving your child fresh and nutritious food that will help your child grow healthy.

These are some of the healthy benefits of using a food processor to prepare the food of your child.  Certainly there are other benefits such as convenience.  You can prepare healthy nutritious food wherever you and your child are as this appliance comes in handy.

There are also some models that will not only process the food but also allows you to do more like cooking, warming or heating, or defrosting the foods that have been previously prepared and stored in your refrigerator.

For one of the most important activities in your life as well as your infant’s life, it is crucial that you give your child the best.  When it comes to food, nothing can beat healthy foods that are natural and at its purest form.  You can give your child exactly this kind of food with the help of the baby food processor reviews.

Top Rated Baby Food Processor

Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

When dealing with small kitchen appliances, the safest bet is to get a high quality product. It will last longer and give you less grief than a cheap gadget. The sticker shock of the Baby Brezza may overwhelm you at first, but it’s a wonderful machine that can save you time and money in the long run.

The beauty of the Baby Brezza is that food can be steamed and pureed in the same bowl, without having to move food between steamer and blender. The four settings (steam only, blend only, blend and steam, and reheat and defrost) allow you to use this machine in a variety of ways.

The bowl holds approximately 2 ½ cups. It can steam vegetables, fruits, and even ground meats. Just set the timer and walk away. Once the food is cooked, you can blend as little or as much as you need to achieve the desired consistency. The dishwasher safe parts make cleanup easy and hassle free.

The Baby Brezza has a small footprint and doesn’t take up much counter space. It is great for those who want to use it everyday and not have to worry about freezing large quantities of baby food. For those who like to have extra baby food in the freezer, the Baby Brezza is great because the bowl is large enough to hold several meals worth of food. All in all, as someone who tried (and failed) multiple times to make my own baby food, I really wish I had had this machine when my kids were little.

Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System

From the makers of the popular Magic Bullet blender, comes the new Baby Bullet baby food system. This system is like a mini blender so you can puree, chop, and mill your own baby food. It comes with a large, 32 oz batch bowl to make multiple servings of baby food. Also included are two short cups that hold approximately 12 oz each. There are six single serving (2 oz) storage cups that have a dial to mark the date, so you always know the food’s freshness.

The two blades that are included are the milling blade and the blending blade. The milling blade lets you grind whole grains to make your own 100% whole grain cereals. This is a fantastic option as whole grains are incredibly healthy, much more so than their processed counterparts. The blending blade lets you chop and puree cooked fruits, vegetables, and meats.

The Baby Bullet system comes with an amazing book that informs parents about when to introduce certain foods to baby and includes lots of wonderful, wholesome recipes.

All the cups, bowls, lids, and storage trays are dishwasher safe and are BPA and Phthalate free. The cups and containers are made out of a non-toxic, high impact plastic that won’t shatter if dropped.

Kidco Babystep Electric Food Mill

This food mill is a cost effective way for parents to enter the world of baby food making. At about $30, there’s not a huge investment or risk. The best thing about this machine is its simplicity. It works similar to the Baby Bullet but doesn’t come with the storage containers or books. Just put the cooked food into the 2 cup bowl, place the motor on top and press down to start blending. There’s a turbo button that you can use for a finer blend or to pulsate the blades.

With a smaller bowl than many other baby food processors, it’s not as easy to make leftovers if you want to freeze them. The small amounts means that it’s easier to control the consistency and get a smoother result. All the parts except the motor are dishwasher safe and easy to clean if you wish to use this multiple times a day.

What is great about this mill is its easy portability. If you travel a lot, you can easily take it with you and still give your baby fresh foods without a hassle. The processor is very powerful and does a thorough job.

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

One of the most popular baby food makers on the market, this Babycook machine does it all: it steams, it purees, and it defrosts and reheats. Yes, it is possible to make baby food using a steam basket, a pot, a strainer, a blender and some ice cube trays, but believe me, it is a major pain. And since it’s a major pain, it doesn’t get done as often as it should.

Since the Babycook does all the work for you in one small, easy to clean container, you’ll be sure to use it often. It is so easy to prepare a week’s worth of food and freeze it.

Some things to note: please make sure you leave the water reservoir open and allow it to air dry. There have been some reports of mold growing in it, which it what happens when you leave water in a contained, dark environment. Also, the user manual and directions aren’t very clear and can be somewhat intimidating. Rest assured that you will figure it out and it will be very easy once you do. The biggest drawback to this product is its price. It’s the most expensive mill on the market.


Munchkin Baby Food Grinder

This handcrank mill is inexpensive and fun to use. Made of plastic that is free of Phthalate, BPA, Nitrosamine, Latex, and PVC, you can rest assured it won’t be leaching toxins into your baby’s food. Keep in mind that this mill is only about $10 and oftentimes, you get what you pay for. Remember to turn the mill clockwise or else all the pieces will come apart. The multiple pieces are difficult to clean. It will probably leak, so make sure to use in the sink.

This mill is supposed to work with cooked foods. It won’t do a good job of grinding hard fruits and vegetables. If the food is cooked, it will grind the food into a nice puree in baby sized quantities. For the price, it does the job well.