These like bikes are also know as “run bikes”.

So when it comes to buying your child their first you should consider a balance bike. Balance bikes for kids have become the first choice with many parents due to its safety and ease for the child to learn.

Learning how to ride a toddler tricycle can be quite difficult for many young riders and not to mention very stressful. When it comes time to take off those training wheels it becomes very daunting for both the child and parent.

As parents we tend to be more receptive and open to letting our child ride more on their own but in essence are they really ready to take on this task of operating the brake, wobbling down the road with plenty of obstacles’  in their way? Bikes can be dangerous if the child is not well trained in keeping the bike straight, stopping when they need to on a dime if necessary and being able to turn the bike.

Balance Bikes For Bikes-Why is it the best bike For A Child

For toddlers, a tricycle can be dangerous too because they can tip over very easily and they do not have much of a turn ratio.

So this is why a balance bike is a great first time bike for children because these bikes do not have brakes or chains on them. The child stands straight up on them with both feet touching the ground.

When the child first starts off they walk and run with the bike. As they get comfortable they raise their feet and place them on the foot pegs. When it comes time to stop they put down both feet and stop. By being able to put both feet down on the ground they are able to stop on a dime. When your kid grows you might consider buying him another bike for kids and ofcourse with bicycle knee pads to protect his knees.

These balance bikes for kids make it much easier and less stressful for the child to learn and parents are less stressed knowing that their child is safer while riding.

These balancing bikes/run bikes come in different Brands and Models of your choice.