Which are the best baby walkers to buy (reviews)

Best 7 Baby Walkers – Reviews

Using a baby walker for your baby can be such fun and entertaining to the baby. However, shopping for a good one can be an uphill task. I remember when my girls were around 4 months, i had already clicked like on many sites to fish out the best. It is in this process that i got a chance to visit good sites that had nice baby walker reviews that  made my shopping easy. I must say over time i have developed a habit of getting reviews of a certain product  before buying it, this has saved me a lot of time and made me end up with a quality product. I know there are various emotions around on whether these baby walkers are safe for baby’s development or how long should a baby be on a walker and how safe are they in terms of causing falls to babies who are learning how to walk.

In this blog, am going to give 7 of the best baby walker reviews and what factors to consider before buying one. Although its essential to know that every baby is different and choosing a tailored baby walker would go a long way.

Shopping Tips

Safety – A good baby walker should be safe to everyone who is handling it. Be it the baby whose using it on any type of floor or you who is trying to fold it for storage.

Price – Quality should always march price and for a good baby walker, the price should fit your pocket

Features – A good baby walker should have the desired features that suit your baby

# 1 V Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


This is one of the best selling baby walkers on sites like Amazon. It plays a major role in helping your baby transition from being a crawler to a walker. V Tech comes in handy as a play and a useful toy to your child because it has entertaining features that make the first few steps of your baby fun. Below is a list of features that makes this baby walker amazing;

  • Removable play panel  and the free frustration pack comes in a brown paper
  • The play panel has 5 piano simulating keys that trigger creativity in your baby
  • Attractive 2 spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters and 3 light up buttons

Whats fun about this baby walker

V Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an easy baby walker than can enable the baby transition quickly

Its fun for the baby to push around like a shopping cart

The play panel is supper awesome with the piano, thrilling lights and buttons it makes play time easy and enables your baby to be more creative

It has sturdy wheels that can be used on almost any floor!!

Such a durable baby walker

What’s not so good about this baby walker

Some of the parents i talked to mentioned that it can be a challenge using it especially on hard wood floors. This they pointed out that it tends ti loose momentum and might make the baby’s movement quick and unsteady, leading to falls

Some of the play panel buttons spoil on even short period usage

#2 Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker


This is one of the most entertaining walker as it has some of my favorite disney characters that most babies identify with. It is therefore an amazing walker to have around. Its amazing features include;

  • Removable play trays that are equally easy to assemble
  • Whats even lovely about this baby walker is that its height can be adjusted upto 3 levels…how amazing!
  • Sturdy wheels that can be used on any floor; be it wood,tile or even carpet

What’s good about this walker

Easy to fold up. With the removable panel, its easy to fold it up whenever you want to store or transport it

The padded seat is just something else…it gives comfort to your little one

The play panel leaves your baby entertained through out

Whats not so good about this baby walker

# 3 Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari


This amazing baby walker gives the best walking experience to your tod as it comes with a myriad of fun little things on the play panel that engage your baby’s mind

What’s fun about this walker

  • Easy to dismantle the play arena with a removable electronic toy
  • Various melody buttons that are just fun for the baby
  • Nicely padded seat that gives ultimate comfort to your little one
  • Adjustable height to upto 3heights…how fun can this get
  • Wheels that are firm on different types of floor
  • Comes in attractive colors in which you can choose to fit your baby’s theme. These include;  Roaming safari, Juneberry Delight and Green

#4 Baby Trend Walker, Kiku


download (1)

This walker comes in handy if you are looking to give your baby fun as they learn to walk. For every parent, its worth a look at.

What’s fun about this walker

  • Easy to fold hence you can tag it along whenever your baby is travelling
  • The play tray is big enough to accomodate various toys for your baby
  • Padded seat that offers support and comfort to your baby
  • Multifunctional wheels that enables your baby to explore the surrounding environment
  • Adjustable height upto 3 heights
  • Wide base that provides stability for your baby

#5 Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker

Well, this is an awesome baby walker and when i came across it i was sure it will fit most of the parent’s needs. It can help your baby develop walking skills better as it can be converted into a walk behind as the baby grows.

What’s fun about this baby walker

  • Easy to fold flat so you can carry it around and easy to store as it cuts down on space
  • As mentioned earlier, it can be converted into a walk behind as the baby grows hence it can be used for a longer period
  • It is durable and that means you dont have to worry about buying another one soon after you have purchased it
  • It can easily be washed by machine
  • The height can be adjusted as the baby grows
  • Has incredible toys that stimulate your baby’s motor skills
  • Front wheels that can be locked or left free

#6 Joovy Spoon Walker



This walker comes with nice features that suit your baby’s walking skills

What’s fun about it

  • Adjustable height to suit your baby
  • Wide base that provides stability to your baby
  • Wide play tray that can accomodate various toys
  • Padded seat that is comfortable to the baby
  • Sturdy wheels
  • PVC and BPA free
#7 Baby Einstein Baby Walker Ocean Explorer
Such an amazing walker for every baby. With the beautiful and attractive colors, it stimulates your baby’s motor skills
What’s fun about it
  • Fun toy tray that has buttons that make ocean sounds and this tray can be removed to give room to other toys for the baby
  • Sturdy wheels suitable for various floors like tile and wood
  • High back sit that provides maximum support to the baby
  • Adjustable height as the baby grows
  • Durable frame that gives quality service

With the above best baby walker reviews, you can be able to choose the most suitable walker for your baby and make walking easy and fun for them. Let those little first step be done in a memorable way!!!!

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