Ways Of Getting Rid Pf Fleas

14 Powerful Ways How to Get Rid of Fleas

Are you being vexed by the problem of flea bites? Or you are possibly looking for the powerful ways how to get rid of fleas in your house, yard and on your lovely pets like cats and dogs.

This posting seems to be the most right answer for your fleas’ problem. So, keep on reading because I will show you the best way how to get rid of fleas quickly and safe.

Before talking further about the powerful ways, you should keep in mind that to make you free from flea bites, you need to tackle the overall fleas’ problem. It is not only in the house but also on your lovely pets like cats and dogs. It seems to be useless if you just clean your house from fleas’ disturbance, but you still have a close contact to your cats or dogs whose fleas as well.

To give you more option about the ways how to get rid of fleas, I divide the ways into two sections, natural flea killer ways and conventional ones.


How to Get Rid of Fleas by Using Conventional Ways

1. Using Vacuum Cleaner

This is an old way that many people use. Even vacuum cleaner is claimed as the number one weapons to kill fleas.

The steps are vacuum your entire house including each corner of the house, dark crevices, under furniture and beds, pets’ bedding, carpets, rugs, etc.

How vacuum cleaner can kill the fleas? The fleas will die due to the vibrations of the machine and the used insecticide.

2. Flea Spray with Insecticide

Flea Control at Home

There are a lot of products of flea spray in the market. You can take one of them to get rid of fleas from your house. If you suspect fleas on your yard you can use outdoor flea yard spray. However, make sure you have read all the instruction of the product and what are their side effects because they contains chemicals, so they can danger your health in long term.

3. Regular Washing

To make your house free from fleas’ disturbance, you can wash weekly all of the dirty cloth, every single piece of your blanket, sheet, towel, and the portable furniture covers. The key point of this way is keeping your house clean.

4. How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs And Cats: Treat Your Pets Properly

The common way how to get rid of fleas on dogs or cats is using flea control products which are usually in the form of powders, flea collars and dips. However, they seem to be out of date because there have been so many flea treatment products in the form of op-spots or tablets which are considered the safer for human and pets.

The other ways to get rid of fleas in the house or on your dogs and cats are using organic ways. Besides inexpensive, they are also environmentally friendly and safe to apply.


How to Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally By Using Home Remedies for Fleas

1. Using Homemade Flea Trap with Dish-washing Liquid

To kill fleas on your pets, cats and dogs, can be done through using dish-washing liquid. However, to make your house free from the fleas’ disturbance, it is not only enough with the washing liquid. You need flea trap. How to make homemade flea trap? Here are the ways!


  • Dish washing liquid
  • Plates or bowls
  • Tea candles
  • And warm water

How to do the homemade flea trap?

  • Place a plate or a bowl that you have prepared before on the floor of in each of your rooms at night, it is suggested to place them in the middle of the room.
  • If you have been ready with the first step, now fill the plate or bowl with warm water. The dose is half for the bowl and overflow for the plate.
  • Afterwards, add sufficiently the dishwashing liquid into the plate or bowl in which has filled with warn water.
  • In the center of plate, place one tea candle. But, if you are using bowl, place the candle near the bowl, not inside.
  • Then, you can light the candles.
  • The fleas are usually attracted with the lights. Therefore, they will come closely toward the trap. And finally, they will be trapped in the high viscosity of the liquid with soap and eventually they will die by themselves
  • You can clean the trapped fleas in the morning.
  • However, if your house has been badly infected by the fleas, you can do this way for 3-4 nights.

Warning: Keep your flea trap out of reach of your children and your pet, so that you and your family will be free from the dangers of fire.


2. Using Homemade Flea Spray

Some of us may be allergic with the chemical of flea spray, so the best way to get rid of fleas is by using homemade flea spray. How to make it? The followings are the ways!


  • Take Vinegar- 1 gallon, suggested a little less than 4 liters.
  • Water- ½ gallon, recommended a little less than 2 liters
  • Lemon juice- 16 oz, preferably a little less than 500 ml
  • Witch hazel- 8 oz, not less than 250 ml
  • Fresh 1 vacuum bag
  • 1 Home and Garden Sprayer which can hold at least 6-7 liters at a time.

Take Action:

  • Before doing this way, you have to collect all of your stuffs which cannot be vacuumed and then wash them with the hottest setting of your washer. It is purposed to kill the fleas and their larvae or eggs.
  • After that you can vacuum correctly each corner, mattress, and also cervices. Do not forget to always use the fresh bag of vacuum! This is aimed to ensure the air flow not limited because the rubbles from early vacuum can obstruct the air flow.
  • Well, if two steps above have been completed, now you can mix vinegar, water, lemon juice and witch hazel as what I have mentioned in the preparation above.
  • Now, you can fill the liquid mix above into the garden sprayer.
  • After all the liquid mix have been filled into the sprayer, now you can spray onto your stuffs such as carpets, furniture, pet cage, floors, and of course every nook of your house.
  • In order to gain the best result, try to do this for 2-7 days depending upon how your house has been badly infected by the fleas.
  • Last but not least, try to spray with a heavy spray.


3. Getting Rid of Fleas Using Salt

Some of us may not believe that salt can kill the fleas. However, it really works and it is of course environmentally friendly. So, how to kill fleas by using salt? Here is the way.


  • Take the sea salts or any salts
  • Big spice bottle with a shaker top

The technical:

  • Firstly, make sure that your salts have been finely ground
  • Take your spice bottle then fill it with the salts which have been finely ground!
  • Afterwards, try to shake the bottle then sprinkle the salt from the bottle on to the nest ticks or where fleas live.
  • You can also sow the salt over the carpets in which fleas live. Try to sprinkle the salts evenly over the areas where fleas live.
  • If you have done well accordingly the technical above, then leave for 12 to 48 hours.
  • After one to two days, you can clean the room or carpets by using vacuum cleaner.


4. Using Boric Acid to Kill Fleas

The other inexpensive way to get rid of fleas is by using Boric acid. You may wonder how it can kill the ticks. Yeah, Boric acid acts as a desiccant which can make fleas severe dehydration which can cause them die slowly. Then, how to repel ticks with Boric Acid? Here is the technical!

  • Take Boric Acid and an empty container with plastic lid with a shaker (you can do it by yourself). Then, make a little hole in the plastic lid
  • Afterwards, put some gravels into the container. It is aimed to prevent caking of boric acid when it is stored away.
  • The next step before you use this way is that make sure you have put 2/3 of boric acid into the container, then shake with your homemade shaker.
  • Finally, you are ready to get rid of fleas using boric acid by spreading it over the carpets, upholstery, and each corner of your room in which fleas live or nested. However, before you spread it, make sure you have stored all the objects such as bags, toys, shoes, etc from the scene.
  • Do not forget to put a label on the container with “BORIC ACID” as a warning.
  • After having sprinkled boric acid, leave for 12-48 hours. Afterwards, you can clean the dirty using vacuum cleaner.

Note: Although boric acid is low in toxicity for you, your family, and pets as well, but it should be used carefully. It is suggested that you keep your kids, pets, and foods away from this boric acid.

5. Killing Fleas by Using Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth or it is well known as DE is the microscopic remains of fossilized algae, diatoms. DE is non-chemical pesticide, so it is of course safe to be used. If you are still wondering about DE, you can see the picture below!

Well, how to utilize DE to get rid of fleas? Here are the steps.

  • Brush all your carpets and clean them using vacuum cleaner thoroughly. Do not forget to wash all the stuffs which cannot be cleaned by your vacuum cleaner using hot water in your washing machine.
  • Now find the fleas nest or where the fleas live, then sow the DE in thin layers. It is safe to sow DE on the carpets, pets beddings, and on other your stuffs.
  • After you have sprinkled DE accordingly the needs, leave DE for 12-48 hours to work. Fleas usually will start to die 4-6 hours after the Diatomaceous earth have been sprinkled.
  • After you thought that the DE has worked well, you can clean the powder by using vacuum cleaner. But, do not ever use your vacuum bags anymore. It means that you have to discard it.

Note: However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that though the DE is non toxic, but you have to keep your eyes or throath from the irritatation due to this Diatomaceous earth.


6. Repelling Fleas By Using Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal has several kinds such as European pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) and American pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegiodes). But, remember that pennyroyal that belongs to the mint family can be dangerous for you, your family and your pets. This pennyroyal is usually used for abortion.

The Technical of Using Pennyroyal to Get Rid Of Fleas

  • Plant the pennyroyal plants around the yard of your house exactly where your dogs usually are staying.
  • For the indoor, you can take a handful of fresh pennyroyal leaves, then pastel them till they release oil and aroma. Tie the pounded pennyroyal leaves in cheesecloth and place it in your rooms or in other areas of your house which have been infested by fleas. Make sure the bond was free from the reach of your family members, especially children. Or at least make them know about the stuff.
  • If you want to use this way for your dogs or cats, pour 1-3 drops of pennyroyal essential oil onto the dog’s collar or your cat’s body.


7. Using Rosemary to Get Rid of fleas


Take the rosemary, rue, wormwood, fennel, peppermint, coffee grinder or mortar and pestle.

The Way to Make Flea Powder with Rosemary

  • Grinding all the needs as mentioned in preparation above until they become powder
  • After they become fine powder, sow them on your carpets, furniture, pets’ beddings, window sills or everywhere else fleas live.
  • However, it has to be remembered that this is just the way to get rid of fleas, not to kill them.


8. Homemade Flea Spray

There are many fleas spray in the market, but most of them use chemicals which can danger your health in a long term. Therefore, the best option for natural flea killer is using spray which is environmentally friendly is a homemade. Here I will share how to make homemade flea spray which is safe being used.


  • Take lemons then slice them thinly into 6 parts.
  • A handful of sprigs of Rosemary leaves
  • 1 Liter of Boiling water
  • 3-4 drops of geranium essential oil
  • And a spraying bottle

The way to make it:

  • Take your large bowl and then put lemon slices into the bowl
  • After that, take off the rosemary leaves from sprigs then chop them. Mix the chopped rosemary leaves with the lemons in the bowl.
  • Afterwards, add enough boiling water into the bowl.
  • Do not forget to add the geranium oil
  • Then cover the bowl and leave the mixing ingredients overnight.
  • In the morning, you can strain the water then fill it into the sprayer that you have prepared. And finally your homemade flea spray is ready to use.
  • Since it is not harmful, so you can use this flea spray for your pets.


9. How To Get Rid Of Fleas Using Citronella Essential Oil

Our ancestors actually have used Citronella oil to get rid of fleas or even kill fleas in their home. However, in line with the progress of time this way began to be forgotten because there are so many flea repellent products that we do not know the level of safety for our health. So let’s go back to organic by applying what has been exemplified by our ancestors.

How to make this organic flea repellent, here is the complete guides for you.


  • 20 drops of Citronella oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops of Lemongrass oil
  • 5 drops of Geranium oil
  • 1 gallon of warm water

What Will We Do With the Ingredients?

  • Clean your entire house and then do not over save the vacuum bag after being used
  • Mix all the essential oils with warm water
  • Afterwards, you can use the mixing oil essentials for mopping your house floors.
  • For the first few days, it may not show the result, so go on to use this way. But, after a few days later you will see that fleas or even mosquitoes are going far away from your house.


10. How To Get Rid Of Fleas Using Horse Apples

Horse Apples or it is best known as osage orange is the other organic fruit to get rid of fleas in your house. How to make it works? Let’s see the following guide!

  • Take the horse apples or osage orange, then cut them into sections.
  • Put them all each corner of your house or where the fleas live.
  • If this fruit are put in inside the house with air-conditioned, it will last for more than two months.
  • To get the best result, use the green ones and let them till they dry out.


Final Verdict

Whatever the ways you use for flea control, they must be environmentally friendly and do not danger your health. The 14 powerful Ways How to Get Rid of Fleas above seems to be the best option for you who are seeking the right way how to keep your house and pets from fleas. Hopefully, they can be useful for you all.