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Can’t get to sleep? Awaken at 3 AM by the cries of your little baby? Did you just put the baby down for sleep, but he’s just not having it? You may be scrambling around looking, and saying to yourself,

 “Where is the baby’s pacifier?”  

Baby pacifiers are a great way to soothe your crying baby, and help give you the rest you’ve been desperately needing. But depending on what your preference as a parent, you either love baby pacifiers or you hate them, but there is no denying some of the benefits to owning one.

To whom is it necessary?

The answer is obvious, to us mothers! To have the opportunity at least to feel a little free from the kid. And the baby needs a mother’s breast with milk and warmly mother’s body.

After all it is much easier to suck milk from a small bottle, than to extract it from a mother’s breast. Feeding comes to an end very quickly (about 5-10 minutes, instead of 30-40 natural feedings). The kid during this time does not even manage to understand that he gorged on. Sense of fullness comes approximately in fifteen minutes after the beginning of meal. In this case the baby’s dummy is simply necessary. But besides, no violence!

The nature took care of everything and if the baby needs a baby’s dummy, he will suck it, without any shifts of you.

The following are ten of the best baby pacifiers you can ever have:

11 of the Best Baby pacifiers

  1.  Vanilla Scent Soothie Newborn Pacifiers – 2 Pack

Vanilla Flavored (Scented) Pacifiers are a baby must-have. They are soothing with the soothed shaped binky, and relaxing with its slight-sweet scent of vanilla. These Vanilla Pacifiers are great for your baby, or as a baby shower gift.

Vanilla Scent Soothie is made from medical-grade silicon which is a one-piece design for less germs. it is suitably made for newborn and babies which gives them the best satisfaction ever!

2.  The First Years GumDrop Pacifier – Blue/Green – 6 – 18 Months

Gumdrop pacifiers have traditionally been used for newborns in hospitals everywhere. It’s one of the most popular, commonly used baby pacifiers. What’s nice about the gumdrop pacifiers is that they are available in a wide variety of colors such as blue,green and others.

One of the many benefits to owning a gumdrop baby pacifier is that it’s safe to use for babies.

Due to it’s soft top pacifier, it’s perfectly designed to fit your baby’s face. In addition, the gumdrop baby pacifier sits comfortably on your baby’s delicate skin and it’s as well durable hence more preferable.

The gumdrop baby pacifiers are made in the USA, and are designed using Medical grade silicone. Also, these pacifiers are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and latex-free, convenient two-pack so don’t worry you have a spare!

3.  MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Unisex, 0-6 Months, 2-Count

This awesome MAM Orthodontic pacifier has a glowing effect in the dark making it easy to be found at night.

The nipple is made of a clear skin- soft silicone and a good anti-slide surface which is durable and keep the pacifier in baby’s mouth without sliding or making the baby’s uncomfortable.

This pacifier also has a larger base than 0-6 months’ size to make it adjustable when the baby is growing, and also has reasonable air holes inside surface to allow the baby’s skin breath.

4.  Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifier, Orthodontic, 12 Months and above

Natursutten baby pacifiers are 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis, which is softer than silicon hence more comfort, making it the best choice for your baby. It is pure rubber with no BPA, PVC or artificial coloring. Also, it’s more hygienic due to its one- piece design with no joints where dirt or germs can cumulate. It is butterfly rounded to comfortably suit baby’s mouth, designed for babies between 6-12 months.




5. Philips AVENT Soothie Bear Shape Pacifier, Green/Blue, 0-3 Months, 2 Count
Phillips Avent Soothie Bear shape pacifier is the choice of many hospitals in the US designed for infants between 0-3 months. It contains no BPA and is latex-free silicon hence durable and ensures comfort for the baby. Its bare shape soothes and make the baby calm, and it is dishwasher safe and can be sterilized as well. It is one-piece designed perfectly shaped to suit the baby’s little mouth without interfering with its normal growth. They’re transparent, no artificial color, and odorless making it perfect choice for the baby.

6. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Everyday Pacifier, Blue, 0-6 Months, 2 Count


Tommee Tippee pacifiers have been approved to be one of the best pacifiers for babies since they are more calm and soothing.

Its symmetrical orthodontic nipple is designed to give baby the satisfaction and more comfort so there won’t be much screams and cries. The nipple shape is familiar to bottle nipple hence the baby will not feel much difference.

They are BPA-free hence safe for the baby.


7. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, Blue, 0-3 Months, 2 Count

The Philips Avent Soothie baby pacifier is widely used nationwide in hospitals by medical professionals to sooth new born babies. They are designed for newborn babies upto three months old and they are much safe since they are BPA-free and latex free silicon.

It’s made of hospital-grade silicon which is strong for durability, perfectly shaped and sized for the baby’s mouth hence more comfort for the baby

This soothie pacifier can be sterilized and dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.


8. Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier 2 Pack, 3 Months and Older (Colors May Vary)

Avent soothie baby pacifier is guaranteed BPA-free designed for breastfed newborn babies with no teeth.

Its widely used in hospitals in the US to calm babies. Its latex free and is one-piece construction which is strong and durable hence last long.

This pacifier is dishwasher safe and can be as well be sterilized hence easy for cleaning.


9.  NUK Newborn 100% Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-3 Months (2 count)

NUK Newborn orthodontic baby pacifiers are designed for newborn babies between 0-3months old and come in assorted colours.

It is silicon made, BPA-free  hence safe and are made in the USA hence widely used nationwide known for its soothing qualities.

The orthodontic shape nipple is symmetrical to help promote healthy oral development providing more comfort to the baby.

10.  Chicco Pacifier Soft Silicone, Blue, 0 Months Plus

Chicco silicon baby pacifiers are extra soft hence preferable for your little one due to its soothing capabilities.

It’s perfectly sized and shaped to suit the baby’s little mouth without any discomfort hence your baby will like it much. It gives much support during specific stages in child’s oral development.

The pack comes with two pacifiers in a sterilized case available for newborns up to 12 months and above, in different colors such as pink, blue and clear hence more attractive for the baby.


11.  Munchkin Latch Lightweight Infant Orthodontic Pacifier, Blue/Green, 3+ Months, 2 Count

Muchkin Latch lightweight baby pacifiers designed by pedriatic dentists and moms for best satisfaction and calm your baby comfortably.

Its light in weight hence more comfortable and can stay long enough in the baby’s mouth. This pacifier is assured to be BPA-free ensuring baby’s safety.

The orthodontic pacifier has a thin stem which is designed for the baby’s growing mouth while keeping germs out and it will always be soothing keeping your baby happy all time long.


 benefits of baby pacifiers  

  1. Sleep.A pacifier may help soothe your baby and help him fall asleep faster. Let’s face it, the faster he gets to sleep, you now have time to rest Mom, or perform your other duties at home.
  2. May help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).According to researchers, there is a connection between using a pacifier to help get your baby to sleep, and it may help reduce the risk of SIDS.
  3. Baby pacifiers are disposable. When it’s time to wean your child off from using baby pacifiers, you can throw them away.
  4. Convenience.When you’re out doing your grocery shopping and your baby starts crying, keep the pacifier on hand, because it can certainly be a lifesaver.
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